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Helpful info for playing Star Trek: 25th Anniv. game.
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Helpful info for playing Star Trek: 25th Anniv. game.
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Star Trek 25th game


Proceed to Ark 7 space station, beware of the Elasi pirates/Romulans
on the way.

Upon arriving & orbiting at the Ark 7 station, hail the station to
determine its status. You will find it has been seized by the Romulans.
Unfortunately, they are now the victims of a toxin, deadly to them,
which had been inadvertantly created/released into Ark 7's atmosphere.

It may be a good idea to talk to Spock and check the computer for any
available information. Then, when you are ready... beam over.

Upon arriving, you will be in a control area with the stations main
computer. A Romulan Bird of Prey is visible on the Main view screen.
Have both Spock and McCoy use the Main Computer and gain available
info. After reviewing log info, McCoy will have access to a medical
database within the computer with info on a variety of subjects.

You would be very wise to read ALL of these, but particularly the
info available on the virus.

From this room, you have access to two other areas of the station.

Through the secure door (whose access panel had been tampered with)
you may enter an area containing a medical "synthesizing" machine.
(Sorry, can't remember the exact name). This device can be used to
create substances by combining various gases, etc. You will notice
that there are two gas tanks hooked up, Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Spock can use (operate) the machine, perhaps McCoy too. Make sure
you have turned on the gas valves or it will not work. To do this,
you will need to find a socket wrench. The valve is near the top of

To the left of the room, there is a storage cabinet which contains
a "antigrav unit". This allows you to carry heavy objects around with
you (ie- inventory). More than one object can be attached to the unit.
(has the gas tanks come to mind???)

To the right, is an exit leading to a lab.

THE LAB contains many medical/scientific devices. Some will have no
use for you. There is a "Distillator", "rapid reproduction" device
and a neutrino accelerator among other equipment. Between the doors
on the left, is a storage cabinet containing samples of the virus in
petri dishes. These samples can be placed in a slot of the "rapid
reproduction" unit. When a substance is hooked up to the "anti-agent
nozzle" on the machine (and the machine is then turned on), it will
test the substance to see if there is any effect on the virus sample.
Use "Look" and your tricorder for more info on these devices, etc. You
may also notice that there is a ladder leading to another level. There
are also three doorways leading to the other areas.

Remember that you can manufacture substances in the room with the
"synthesizing" machine. These are the types of substances you can use
as possible "anti-agent" substances here on the "rapid repro." unit.

If one of these works, you will need to take the altered virus sample
(petri dish) back to the "synthesizer" room to give it an additional
dose of whatever "anti-agent" substance worked. Place the altered
sample into the dispensor slot of the machine, make sure you have the
right gas combination hooked up and turned on. Operate the machine...

This will then convert it into a usable cure for the virus. It will
be in the form of a re-usable hypo syringe.

Well, how do you make more then one substance with only two gas tanks?

Well, that leads me to a third room you can enter...

Within the lab, there is a door against the back wall, go through
there and you will be in the power unit for the station. It uses an
old "Cochrane 500 class fusion drive". There is a storage cabinet on
the right, it contains a Nitrogen tank. Use the wrench visible on the
floor to disconnect it and then use the antigrav device to put the tank
into your inventory.

With the wrench, the antigrav unit and the tanks you can now hook
up the tanks to the "synthesizer" machine in various combinations to
make various substances, such as...

Hydrogen + Oxygen = water
Nitrogen + Oxygen = nitrogen oxide
Nitrogen + Hydrogen = ammonia

Once you have found an "anti-agent" and created the cure, have McCoy
use it immediately on Spock who has been affected by the virus.

Back in the lab, you might try to go down the ladder to the next level.
If you get shot at, just wait a little while for the Romulans to
succumb to the virus.

Once you get to that next level, be humane and treat the unconscious
Romulans with your virus cure... and rescue poor Dr. Marcus...

Good luck!

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