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Card game spades for VGA.
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Card game spades for VGA.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
8X16.FNT 4108 1298 deflated
ANOT4.DRV 7946 2206 deflated
FILES.LST 696 405 deflated
GO.BAT 8 8 stored
GO2.BAT 27 24 deflated
PIC_1.PIC 46220 4008 deflated
PIC_2.PIC 46388 2667 deflated
README.1ST 2415 1136 deflated
SPADES.EXE 140120 52306 deflated
UNIVBE.EXE 44360 21144 deflated
XCARD3.PAL 768 264 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Spades v2.0 by Spaceways

You must have a 286 or better IBM-type computer
and a VGA card with at least 512k to play this game. You must
have all the files listed in FILES.LST. If you do not have these
things, the game will not run. If you find the game will not run,
and you already meet all these conditions, try starting it by
typing "Go2". This loads a universal VESA driver, and unloads it
when the program is finished.
We send updates as available to Genie, America Online and
Exec-PC, and zip files we have uploaded to those services will be
complete. We fervently hope that people who download our programs
will pass them along to other BBSes, and that they will pass along
the complete package, but naturally we cannot control what happens
when the programs leave our hands. If you download this game from
a local BBS and it doesn't have all its bits, please let your sysop
know, but don't bitch and moan too hard, because sysops have a rough
and thankless existence. Our complete line of games can be downloaded
from Entropy Tango BBS at 512-451-3512. (See why we know about the
life of a sysop?) After all this, if you have everything the game
needs and it still refuses to run, give our tech-line a call
between noon and 9 PM Central Current Time, at 512-451-8308.

P.S. Don't forget to REGISTER!!!

Game History:
Version 1.0
Released 8/28/1993.
Team Play.
Inidividual Play.
Fully Configurable Rules and Scoring.
Nillo, Blind Nillo, and Double Blind Nillo.
Load/Save Configuration.

Version 1.1
Released 9/22/1993.
Fixed known video bugs.
Added video drivers for Accelerator cards.
Added "show misdeal".
Reformatted picture files.

Version 1.3
Released 10/21/1993
Fixed "Spades-Tight" bug
Altered Explanatory Shareware Screens
Still Waiting for code for S3 chipset video driver -
due "soon" (so they say)
Added numerous options to Registered Version. See end screen.

Version 2.0
Released 11/6/1993
Added support for numerous graphic cards.
Added more options to Registered Version.

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