Category : A Collection of Games for DOS and Windows
Archive   : SPADES2.ZIP
Filename : FILES.LST

Output of file : FILES.LST contained in archive : SPADES2.ZIP

SPADES14.ZIP should contain the following files:

8x16.FNT Loadable Font File
ANOT4.DRV Video Drivers
DESC.SDI Short Game Description
FILE_ID.DIZ Long Game Description
GO.BAT Simple Way to Start the Game
GO2.BAT Another Simple Way to Start the Game
PIC_1.PIC Loadable Picture File
PIC_2.PIC Loadable Picture File
README.1ST Game History, Notes, and Instructions
SPADES.EXE Spades v1.3 by Spaceways, Playable Game
UNIVBE.EXE VESA standard video drivers for numerous cards
XCARD3.PAL Loadable Palette File

If any of these files are missing, your zip file is corrupt,
and you'll have to download again.