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Tetris game which incorporates all the original plus 5 additional shapes.
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Tetris game which incorporates all the original plus 5 additional shapes.
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Contents of the SOVIET.DOC file

A U.S.E.D. Software Presentation
Make sure it's U.S.E.D. before you use it!

Game and Instructions by Robert Konigsberg

I) Preface:
A) Apologies go out to:

1) Alexi Paszitnov for ruining his good idea with this
shamble of a parody.
2) Jonathan Payne - Where ever you may be - for reasons that
should be obvious to those familiar with JOVE.

B) Thanks go out to:

1) Mom. Of course.
2) Everyone at "The Pod" for putting up with my attitude.
3) The Coca Cola Company.
4) Anyone who thinks this game is shareware and sends money.

C) Dedication:

I dedicate this game in the name of my brother, Joel and
his wife, Jane. Since Jane will not let my dear sibling
have a Nintendo, my next project is to re-write every single
Nintendo cartridge for the 80286. Not.

II) Introduction:

The SOVieT Block is a game of strategy and skill. Pieces fall
from in a pit from the top to the bottom. As pieces land on the
bottom, they eventually find a final resting place and a new
piece comes tunbling down. The object of the game is to keep
dropping blocks into the well.

"How can you do that?" you say. Well, you may eliminate
horizontal rows within the pit. If a horizontal row is filled
with bricks, it disappears, dropping all the blocks above down
one level. You have the ability to maneuver pieces by rotating
them and moving them to the left and right.
III) The Game

A) The Pieces

There are 12 pieces in all. The 7 standard "Tetris"
pieces and 5 "Extended Set" Pieces. Here they are in all
their glory:

Standard Extended

**** * ** *
** * ***
* *
*** **
* ** *
* *
* * ***
** ** *

B) The Main Menu

After a brief introduction, the Main Menu will appear.
The following keys will affect the main menu:

P: Play a round of The SOVieT Block
O: View and Change the Game Options
H: View the High Score Lists
X: Exit to DOS

C) P: Play a round of The SOVieT Block

The Default Keys for The SOVieT Block are:

4: Move piece left
6: Move piece right
5: Rotate Piece
Space Bar: Drop Piece
2: Lower Piece
N: Next View Toggle
S: Sound Toggle
ESC: Dos Shell (Boss Key)

These keys may be redefined in the Options Menu.
When a game ends and you are eligible for a high score,
the screen changes, showing the High Scores along with a
space to enter your name. Press ENTER when you have
finished doing so.

D) O: View and Change the Game Options

The following keys are active in the Options Menu:

L - Changes Skill Level

P - Changes Processor Speed

S - Toggles Game Sound

G - Toggles Game Piece Set between Standard and Extended

N - Toggles view for Next Piece

K - Redefines the Keyboard

E - Exit to main menu.

Of the above options, all except the Keyboard and the
starting Level are kept from game to game in a file called
SOVIET.PRM which is located on the default directory. You
may delete this file if you wish, but the program will
recreate it every time it enters the option menu.

E) H : View High Score List

The High Score list keeps a list of the top ten scores
along with the player's names, their scores, the level they
finished the game on and the number of lines eliminated.
The data is kept in an encrypted file called Soviet.HIS on
the default directory which may be deleted to reset the high

F) X : Exit to DOS. Nuff said?

IV) Notes:

If either SOVIET.PRM or SOVIET.HIS are on on the default drive,
they will be created there.

This game is for Public Domain. Please take it and have fun.
But, as a favor to the author, leave the introduction screens and
the exit screen alone for the sake of his effort.

If you have any comments or suggestions, they are welcome.
Send mail to:

U.S.E.D. SoftwareInternet:
590 Pinebrook [email protected]
New Rochelle, New York 10804
Att: Robert Konigsberg

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