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The IBM Digitized Sound Package


John W. Ratcliff
June 27, 1990

What is the IBM Digitized Sound Package?
Imagine having your computer talk to you when you turn it on in the
morning, or being able to have a menu of choices spoken to you as you
make your selection. Imagine having a large collection of great sound
effects to add to your own programs or batch files. With the IBM
Digitized Sound Package you can do all of this and more!

The IBM Digitized Sound Package is a collection of tools which allow you
to explore the capabilities of your machine, sound board, and the
exciting uses of digitized sound. (Digitized sound is audio which is
recorded and stored using the same method as the sound on a compact
disk.) These tools will allow you to play sound effects that you may
have recorded yourself or collected elsewhere. You will also be able to
perform operations on these sounds such as digital mixing and audio
compression. You may include these sound effects inside your own
programs to make your computer come to life with sound.

The IBM Digitized Sound Package was written by John W. Ratcliff, an
expert in computer simulations and educational software products. John
is the author of 688 Attack Sub from Electronic Arts and the Milliken
Storyteller package from Milliken Publishing Company. Be sure and look
for 688 Attack Sub for an exciting simulation and gaming experience. If
you have little ones be sure and check out the Milliken Storyteller
which will entertain your children with brilliant VGA graphics and
stories told by a professional storyteller using these same digitized
sound drivers.

What sound support does this include?
The sound package will work on everyone's computer! In addition to
support for all of the sound boards on the market capable of digitized
sound you will be able to play your sound effects on the internal
speaker that is included in all IBM compatible computers. The package
includes sound drivers for the following hardware:

The Covox SpeechThing - From Covox.
The Covox VoiceMaster - From Covox.
The Covox SoundMaster - From Covox.
The SoundBlaster - From Creative Labs.
The Adlib Personal Music System - From Adlib.
Tandy 1000 EX/TX/SX/HX - From Tandy Computer.
Tandy 1000 SL/TL - From Tandy Computer.
Internal IBM Speaker - All IBM Compatibles.

What comes with it?
In addition to the digitized sound drivers themselves you will receive
a number of tools to make using digitized sound on your computer easier.
These tools include the following:

SOUNDS! Either two 360k disks or one 720k disk will be sent to
you filled with digitized sound samples which have been
compressed using BCOMP. Nearly two megabytes of sound
samples (sampled at 9khz) will be included. Sounds
come mostly from sound effects compact disks plus a few
other suprises as well.

WRIMAGE The OFFICIAL version of Wrimage which has a 3,000 word,
word list. It also includes many more fun and unique
sound effects than in the preview version provided here.

PLAY Play is a very small program which will allow you to
play digitized sound files. You may invoke the PLAY
program from a batch file or from within one of your
own computer programs. The PLAY program will play
either raw sound files or files which have been
compressed using the BCOMP utility. The PLAY program in
this demo package will play only the files included.
Sending your check for the complete digitized sound
package is a sure fire way to get the latest and
greatest utilities and sound effects available for your
computer. Don't be the only one around with a silent
machine, send for the complete package and turn your
computer system into a HAL 9000.

BCOMP BCOMP is an audio compression utility. It has been
optimized to compress human speech and will compress
speech files to as little as 20% their original size!
BCOMP also is very effective on any sound sample, even
music, achieving between 2:1 to 4:1 compression.

UNCOMP UNCOMP allows you to reconstruct the original 8 bit
sound sample from a BCOMP compressed file.

CSAMP CSAMP is the change sampling rate utility. This utility
will downsample or upsample a digitized sound file to
another frequency. Since most sound files available are
for the Macintosh computer and were recorded at 22khz or
11khz, you often will want to downsample these to a lower
frequency for the IBM. The digitized sound drivers,
especially the IBM internal speaker sound driver, have
optimum performance at 9khz.

MIX This is a little digital mixing utility which will allow
you to combine two different sound samples into one new one.
For example if you wanted to add a dog barking sound effect
onto a sound sample of someone talking the MIX utility would
allow you to do so. Simple specify the level (volume) that
you want the dog bark to be included and the file produced
would have a dog barking in the background as the person

SPLIT The split utility allows you to take a large sound sample
and split it into two pieces.

DIGPLAY Source code examples are included for software
developers who wish to use the digitized sound drivers
within their own software. A lot of time and effort
went into developing the complete digitized sound
support for such an array of audio devices. Software
developers can add support for this entire range of
hardware through an amazingly simple API (applications
programmer inteface) provided through the digitized
sound drivers. Software developers producing
commercial applications will be required to pay a
$250.00 liscensing fee for each product produced which
uses the set of digitized sound drivers. However the
digitized sound drivers can be used for private use on
your own computer using your own programs with no
liscensing fee necessary. All of the sound drivers
except for the IBM internal speaker sound driver, operate
in the background. That means that when you ask the sound
driver to play a sound the sound driver will immediatly
return. The sound will play in the background without
affecting the operation of your program. You will be
able to check the status of the sound driver by looking
at a simple semaphore in the sound structure or by
doing a software interupt, check status. The IBM digitized
sound driver has the same interface as all of the others,
however upon request to play a sound, it does not return
from the software interupt until the sound has completed.

How do I use this demo package?
Simply type DEMO which runs the DEMO.BAT batch file. Select the type
of sound hardware you have on your IBM PC compatible. If you do not
have an Adlib, Covox, SoundBlaster, Tandy, or any of the other sound
boards listed, simply type 'H' on the menu for the Internal IBM speaker
in your IBM compatible computer.

If you wish to run the digitized sound driver yourself simply do the following.
Install the digitized sound driver you want by typing it's name. For example
to install the ADLIB digitized sound driver, simply type ADLIB and press ENTER.
The ADLIB digitized sound driver is now installed. To remove a digitized sound
driver from memory when you are finished with it, simply type the sound driver
name followed by the letter 'U' for unload. Ex: 'ADLIB U' and press ENTER.

All of the files with the extension '.BIT' are sound files which have
been compressed with the BCOMP utility. Once a sound driver has been
installed you may play any of these sound samples by running the PLAY
program. Just type PLAY followed by the name of the sound file you want
to play. You may optionally specify the frequency you want the sound
played back at. WARNING!!! The play program defaults to 9khz, the
freqency of all of the sound files supplied. If you have an 8088 XT
type machine, do not play any sound files at a frequency higher than
9khz. Depending on the speed of your machine running the sound drivers
at higher frequencies could lock up your machine. Play sound files at
high frequencies only if you have a fast machine.

You may invoke the PLAY program from the DOS command line, from inside
a computer program, or from a batch file whenever you want to play a

Don't forget to send for the complete digitized sound package to receive
all of the digitized sound tools and the huge collection of digitized
sound samples that will bring your machine to life. Show your Macintosh
friends that your machine is fun too! If you spent money on a sound
board and want to get greater use out of it, or if you own a Tandy
computer, or you want to make your little IBM speaker come alive, be
sure to order now!

To receive the complete IBM digitized sound driver package,
just send a check or money order for $19.95 payable to John W. Ratcliff.

Don't forget to specify whether you want 5 1/4" disks or 3 1/2". If
you do not specify a preference, 5 1/4" disks will be sent to you.

The address is:

John W. Ratcliff
747 Napa Lane
St. Charles, MO 63303

Prodigy: VWMF76A

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