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Produces beep, alert, takeoff sounds.
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Produces beep, alert, takeoff sounds.
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Contents of the SOUND.DOC file

SOUND - A utility to control the speaker.

Programmed by Ken Goosens, November 15, 1983. Public domain software.

Three options are available:

BEEP - A short beep. Signifies a noteworthy event, such as error, or
end of processing.

ALERT - Series of pulsing, insistent sounds patterned after Star Trek
red alert. Use for serious warnings of major dangers.

TAKEOFF - Long, rising pitch, like a falling bomb or rocket takeoff.
Signifies build to a climactic event.

Invoked at DOS level by typing "SOUND [option]", e.g.


Case is not significant, and only first letter of the option is necessary.

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