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Solitile version 2.7 - Like Mahjongg but allows you to create different layouts. Mouseable, VGA.
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Solitile version 2.7 – Like Mahjongg but allows you to create different layouts. Mouseable, VGA.
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Contents of the REGISTER.DOC file


SOLITILE rev 2.7 Copyright 1989, 1990 Everett Kaser. All rights reserved.
Registration Form

Please check one:

[ ] $10.00 US Registers the copy you already have. You will NOT
receive a new copy of the program.

[ ] $15.00 US You will receive a shiny, new, official copy of the
latest revision of SOLITILE.
[ ] Check here if (should 2.7 be the most recent version)
you wish for me to wait (however long it takes) for
the next revision before sending you your update.
[ ] $35.00 US You will receive the COMPLETE sources to the latest
version of SOLITILE. They are written mostly in
Microsoft C 5.1, with a little bit of assembly lang-
uage. These sources are for YOUR use only, they are
NOT shareware, and are NOT to be re-distributed in
any fashion; nor may any version of SOLITILE modified
by you be distributed in any fashion.

Diskette type? (circle one) [ 5.25" ] [ 3.5" ]

Mail this form along with your check or money order (in US funds) to:

Everett Kaser Phone: (503) 928-5259
Solitile Please limit phone calls to these hours:
35405 Spruce St Weekdays: 5:30pm to 9:30pm (Pacific
Albany, OR 97321 Weekends: 8:30am to 9:30pm Time Zone)

The following is optional. If you would take the time to provide this inform-
ation, it will help me in better adapting my programs to your equipment.

Where did you get SOLITILE? (if BBS/software-house, name and phone, please)


Computer manufacturer/model and speed/CPU (ie, KompuKludge AT clone 8Mhz 286)


Computer memory size (256K, 512K, 640K, etc) ______________________________

Video card manufacturer, model, and memory size ___________________________

Mouse manufacturer and model (if present) _________________________________

Joystick? (circle one) [ yes ] [ no ]

Please use the space below and/or on the back of this page for any comments
or suggestions, and thank you for your registration.

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