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Snappy v1.0 (C) 1992
Ed. T. Toton III, All Rights Reserved.


Snappy is a simple game. The idea is to collect all of the spheres, and
do it as quickly as possible without colliding with anything.

There are some general rules you should be aware of when playing Snappy.
There are certain colors you can ride through safely. You can always ride
over WHITE, BLACK, the background color (whatever it happens to be), and
the color of the spheres (whatever that happens to be also).

Sometimes Snappy will leave a 'dotted' trail. If this is the case, Snappy
can cross and retrace his path without coming to harm. If the trail is solid,
he can't cross or retrace gis path, because he will die. If the path is
dotted, but connected by thin lines, he can cross his path, but not retrace
it. If his trail is black or white or one of the other ride-through colors,
he can cross and retrace his paths.

Your score continues to go down, so it is very important to do things

There are only 10 levels included in the game. But the level data files
are relatively simplistic in design, and with a little effort you can quickly
design your own maps.

I think the rest of the game is self-explanitory, good luck!!


This program is being distributed on the "shareware" concept. It is by
no means completely free. If you think the program is of use to you, please
send a registration fee of $5. If you think that is rediculous, then send
less (or more for that matter). If you hate the program or found too many
bugs, write me and tell me, and include a graphic explanation (but don't
be too harsh!! Heheheh). In any event, write to:

Ed T. Toton III
7101 Talisman Lane
Columbia Md 21045

And WHY should you register it?
1. To support my continuing efforts to bring you some level of
functional programs. If I get no cash, you get no improvements
in these programs, and I won't be encouraged to make new and
better software!
2. To get that warm glow for knowing that you supported the author
of at least one of the many shareware programs you probably use.
3. To find out if there is a newer version. All you need to do is
ask! But letters with money take priority!
4. You could be sick and demented and thus register everything you
get your hands on.
5. To get anything else this program may entitle you to.
(some of my programs will have the source code available,
or additional data files to enhance your life).


This program is provided "AS IS" and I make no gauruntees about it's
performance. I will not be and can not be held responsible for any damages
incurred during it's use. It's on a "use at your own risk" basis. Nothing
at all should happen, the program is harmless, but I have to say it anyway.


This program may be freely distributed (which is actually encouraged)
AS IS. No one may modify this program in ANY way. ESPECIALLY where names
and credit is given, and INCLUDING all the documentation and data files.
It may NOT be used for comercial or profit-turning ventures of any kind,
including sale by disk vendors, without the written consent by ME, with
ONE exception. Disk vendors MAY sell it without my written consent ONLY
if they charge no more than $4 higher then the cost of the disk, AND they
register it first. NOTHING may be added to it either. NO BBS ads are
allowed EXCEPT as zip comments, or as a single SEPERATE text file.


I have made several programs that may be of interest to you. Here is
a list of some of them: (as of 10/21/92)

Ramble v1.0 : =Ramble combines all the elements of Nonsense and
Quick-Quotes into one full-color real-time
environment where you can set the priority and
influence each time of sentance generator has
on the output. Ramble is better than the sum
of it's parts (blab and Quick-Quotes)!

SourceGen v1.0 : =Generates silly source code based upon text
files you supply. Can generate gigabytes of
meaningless babble at the press of a key!

Nonsense v1.2 : =Generates silly text based upon text files you
supply. Can generate gigabytes of meaningless
babble at the press of a key!

Quick-Quotes 2.3 : =Generates silly random quotes and text. You can have
it do a "quote of the day" when you boot your computer,
or a quote for when someone logs onto your bbs, or
you can generate megs of nonsensical text.

PigLatin v1.0 : =Turns text into pig-latin!!!

Anti-Speller v1.0 : =Destroys your spelling. It is the opposite of a
spell-checker. I don't think it is humanly
possible to spell this badly, even on purpose!

Blaze v2.6 : =VGA screen-saver. Supports password security,
and a customization system (config file). Has
been known to travel quickly through BBS's.

CompWar v2.6 : =Latest release of CompWar, the on-line game for
use with WWIV BBS systems.

Date-Matcher v1.5 : =On-line match-maker program for BBS's that support
DOS interrupt driven door programs (such as WWIV).

Virus Farm : =On-line game. Players are viruses attempting
to take over the hard drive.

T-Robots v2.0 : =(one of my masterpeices) T-Robots is a system in
which you program robots to fight one another. It
uses a simple programming language, and you create
the programs with your favorite text-editor. Great
for competitions! Supports VGA, EGA, CGA, MCGA,
Hercules, and many more graphics devices.

AT-Robots v1.0 : =Advanced T-robots. Extremely similar to T-Robots 2.0
except the system has been improved. It supports most
graphics adapters in existance (CGA, EGA, VGA, MCGA,
Hercules, etc). In this one you program the robots
using ATR assembly (Advanced T-Robots Assembly). Now
you design your own subroutines, and access specific
device ports and memory locations. The ultimate in
competions of logical thought.

StratSys v2.1 : =A 2-player VGA combat strategy game. VERY flexible.
Comes with 4 game scenarios (Cival War, Naval Battle,
Robot Conquest, and a medieval scenario). Expansion
packs are available (at the moment one with 12
scenarios). Comes with an editor for the images and
maps, so you can make your own scenarios!

Dragon's Domain 1 : =A graphic adventure game. The first in the series.
Each sequal also brings improvements to the graphics
and the interface.

Dragon's Domain 2 : =The story continues, and the challenge gets more

Dragon's Domain 3 : =Yet another one!! Will it never end??

Dragon's Domain 4 : =Now it supports Adlib! Will wonders never cease??

My-Gags set 2.1 : =A set of small gag programs that I have made. They
are designed to be placed in the autoexec.bat file.
Over Half of them are TSR's, including one that
creates "line-noise" through the keyboard buffer,
one that beeps occasionally, and one that keeps
changing you caps-lock/numlock/scroll-lock.

Toton Utilities 1.0 =A set of 8 SMALL but potentially useful utilities.
Most are TSR's. Several of them make alternate
drive-lights out of other peripherals. You can make
a drive LED on your screen in the corner, or make
your scroll-lock act as a drive light. Included
is also a program to make clicking sounds as you
press keys, and a program to turn your num-lock
off during boot-up (for those of you that hate your
num-lock staying on after boot-up).


If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, criticisms, donations,
remarks, praise or opinions, please write! I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!
(the address is listed above).

Ed T. Toton III

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Archive   : SNAPPY10.ZIP
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