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A PacMan clone. Well done, with SoundBlaster support. Sometimes, the response from the keyboard is slower than I expected.
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A PacMan clone. Well done, with SoundBlaster support. Sometimes, the response from the keyboard is slower than I expected.
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Contents of the SNACKMAN.DOC file

21st of september, 1993

VERSION : 1.00
Soundblaster & compatibles
CODE & GFX : Jeroen Koomen
E-mail (until juli 1994) : [email protected]
SOUND : Created and edited with S-EDIT, the most enhanced
sample-editor for DOS
CODED IN : 2 weeks
CODED WITH : Borland Pascal 7.0

If you have a soundblaster (compatible) soundcard installed, you
can change the interrupt-setting of SNACKMAN. Default is irq7,
to change this type :


where X is the correct interrupt number (this can be 2,3,5 or 7).

Finally, after a few weeks of coding, designing, testing and debugging
SNACKMAN is finished. The goal of the game is very simple : eat all
the pills avoiding the ghosts or honeybeys and try to beat the high-score.

OK, since I have nothing better to do, and I don't want to work on
S-EDIT right now, something about the game.

The goal of each level is to gain as much points as you can by eating
the ghosts and the pills. You can eat the ghosts when their color is
white. The ghosts become white when you eat the (easy to distinguish)
cornerpoints - the so called MEGA-pills.

You see, actually the ghosts aren't happy at all with YOU eating away
all their pills. I gave the ghosts in this game bad visual capabilities.
The pills on each level help them restore their view. You'll notice
that each level on their view gets better and they'll need less time
to find you in the maze.

The game counts 11 different levels. If the level number is even,
a bonus will appear somewhere on the screen. If you want to collect
it, be sure to be there before the ghosts do, because they eat the
bonus too ! A bonus can either give you extra points or it can give
you certain capabilities during that level.

Thanks :

Marcel Pennock : For the drawing of the border in the HALL OF FAME;
Marcel v/d Lem : For help in programming recursive algorithms (which
didn't quite work out as we wanted) - and
assistance in some of the level design;

Note from the author :

As you probably have noticed I didn't spend much time on cool graphics,
the gameplay had priority No. 1. After that was finished I wanted to
release it ASAP, because S-EDIT and 'STONE ZONE' are taking much time also.
Since this game didn't cost me much time at all and I had no commercial
plans for it, just spread it and play it. Maybe the next version will have
a dynamic maze with flipping walls etc.

I mentioned STONEZONE - this is a hot 320*400 pixel strategic game. The
first version is allmost finished. I'm working on this project together
with Eric Oostendorp from ULTRAFORCE. You'll just have to wait for a
couple of months to see the result though.

Have fun - Jeroen Koomen (SONIX 🙂

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