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SLUGS version 1.04 A. Arcade action game.
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SLUGS version 1.04 A. Arcade action game.
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Contents of the SLUGS.DOC file

Copyright 1992 Pat Roberts Software. all rights reserved.
Version 1.04 10-17-92
Uses Joystick #1, button #1 or Button #2 will fire the laser. The whole
game has speeded up at several users request. I've also added keyboard
support now ESC : quit game, ARROW LEFT : move left, ARROW RIGHT : move
right, ARROW DOWN : move to center of screen, ARROW UP : fire laser.
Shots fired are now displayed on the lower left corner and hits on
the lower right corner. This is my first game it was written in Turbo
Pascal with Fastgraph graphics library. Oh yea the important part it's
Shareware ! and registration is only $5. If you use it please register
this money will ONLY go towards developing new and better shareware games.
I can be contacted on the Dragon BBS at (513-987-2417) or Turbo Pascal
conference on Un'i-net. I'm also available voice at PRS (513-584-2188)
7:00am to 7:00pm.

Patrick Roberts

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