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Railroad switch list program -- neat if you like RRs.
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Railroad switch list program — neat if you like RRs.
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Contents of the README file

Switchlist version 4 Please register this product; just send a disk.

Print the HELPFILE.TXT file (A:\>print helpfile.txt). This file
demonstrates how to setup Switchlist for an example model railroad. Fill out
the Make Orders Information form, and then run the MAKEORD2.EXE program
(answer 'y' to the first two questions) to create the three database files
(*.DAT) necessary to run Switchlist. You only need to do this once (if you
get it right) so take your time and do it right the first time. If you do
not want to specify individual trains for the moves, just make your whole
railroad one "District" and use one "Train" with a large capacity. After you
have finished MAKEORD2.EXE, run the SLIST.BAT file by typing SLIST.
The database files (*.DAT) are ASCII text files and can be edited with
an ASCII text editor. You may want to do this to delete an improbable order,
these industries may get hoppers, but most likely they would only receive
loaded hoppers. So it would be improbable to send and emptied hopper from
the POWER PLANT to HARRY'S COAL AND LUMBER. If you do edit these files, be
careful to maintain the columns, etc. and save it as an ASCII/DOS file. If
you use WordPerfect, note that the default margins may cause some lines to
wrap. If this occurs, set your paper width and margins so that there is at
least 9.5" between the margins. This will provide enough space to edit any
of the text files. Now you can edit and save as DOS text.
Switchlist produces three output files (*.LST). These files are ASCII
text files also. They include: LOCATION.LST, WAYBILLS.LST, and TRAIN.LST.
LOCATION.LST can be printed before running switchlist to make sure all
the cars are where the program thinks there are. To print it before running
the program, press 'ENTER' or 'y' when prompted.
WAYBILLS.LST is a file of the individual waybills. When entering your
information into MAKEORD2.EXE you will be asked for the number of columns of
waybills for printing. This will determine how many waybills will appear
across a page. If you have a standard 10 cpi (characters per inch) printer,
set the number of columns to 2. This will provide two waybills (40
characters wide each) across a page, resulting in 8 inches. If you can set
your printer to a larger cpi (i.e. a smaller font), you can increase the
number of columns. Be careful when using proportionally spaced fonts; this
will upset the spacing. Each waybill is 11 lines high so you can usually fit
6 rows per page. Note: laser printers may only allow 60 lines per page.
You can also import the text files into a word processor and set all the
format options you desire and then print them (hint: add the word processor
to the batch file and make a macro).
TRAIN.LST is a listing of all the cars that each train will handle. You
may notice that some cars will appear on more than one list. This is because
you have indicated that these moves require an interchange, and therefore
will be on two or more trains.

The files used by Switchlist:
README this file
HELPFILE.TXT example RR and form, and a blank form
SLIST.BAT batch file to run program and print output
ASK.COM utility used by SLIST.BAT
SLIST4.EXE the Switchlist program
MAKEORD2.EXE program to create the databases
RRNAME.DAT names database, created with MAKEORD2.EXE
RRORDERS.DAT orders database, created with MAKEORD2.EXE
CARINFO.DAT car information database, created with MAKEORD2.EXE
CARINFO.BK1 backup of previous CARINFO.DAT file
CARINFO.BK2 backup of the next previous CARINFO.DAT file
CARINFO.BK3 backup of the third previous CARINFO.DAT file
WAYBILLS.LST output file of waybills
TRAIN.LST output file of train lists
LOCATION.LST output file of current location of each car

If you have any questions/comments, or are registering please call/write to:
Thomas Cook (703) 451-2035
5822 Hall Street
Burke, VA 22015

Registering Switchlist will grant you a version without the annoying "please
register Switchlist" messages. It will also put you on the list to be
informed and granted free (you supply the disk) updates. To register
Switchlist send either $2 or a blank diskette (any size) with return postage,
along with your name & address to the address above. I would like some
feedback on this release. This is the main reason why I ask you to register

I wrote a small printer utility program that sets all the fonts and line
spacing. I then incorporated this program into the SLIST.BAT batch file. If
you can change your printer line spacing, try 8 lines per inch. This allows
you to fit 8 rows of waybills per page, and each waybill will be narrow
enough to rest on top of your HO scale cars. If you cannot change your
printer settings directly, use a word processor to change the line spacing
and cpi. I use 8 lines per inch and 15 cpi. This produces 8 rows and 3
columns, or 24 waybills per page. Please do not hesitate to call if you have
any trouble.

Distribute Switchlist freely. Include all the original files and do not
charge more than any duplicating costs.

All software is presented as is, and I am not liable for any problems
that might occur.

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