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Timo Kauppinen 12/93

Slicks'n' Slide 1.26

þ VGA/MCGA 256 colours
þ 1-4 players
þ Adlib-compatible sound effects
þ SoundBlaster-MOD -music
þ 386sx-processor recommended for four players
þ Enough of base memory (about 500kB)

The idea of the game is to drive a car around a track as fast as
you can. The game works in all machines, but the faster it is,
the faster the car(s) move.


Startup parameters:
SLICKS -? Instructions.

-r Checks the speed again.

-p Sets the directory for the tracks.

-q MOD-music not played.

-c Covox/ D/A-converter/ Disney SS -music.
Set frequency manually.

-m Sets manually the playing frequency of the MOD
(4000-22000 Hz); abt. 6000 for
286-12, 10000 for 386-25 and 22000 for 486.
The game conclude the right speed from
speed factor.

You can also use '/' as a switch char, like this:

The game saves settings to SLICKS.CFG.


³ Defaults: º
³ Player 1 : Q A Z X º
³ Player 2 : 1 0 3 ENTER (NumP)º
³ Player 3 :R.SHIFT CTRL ; ' º
³ Player 4 : I B 6 7 º
³ º
³ F1: Help screen º
³ F2: Speed configuration º
³ F3: Sounds on/off º
³ F4: Key configuration º
³ F5: Player bumps ON/OFF º
³ F6: Skid marks ON/OFF º
³ F9: Pause º
³ F10: Quits the race º
³ F12: "Boss Key" º
³ ESC: Next track º

Keys in main screen:
ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ--ùùúú + and - Number of laps
ESC Quits the game
T Shows the Top-Ten of the
track and the maker of it.
-> D clears the Top-Ten
-> DEL deletes the track.
R Randomize the track order
SPACE Selects track/changes configuration
ENTER Begins the race/changes
 Arrow movement (can be more easily
done with mouse)

þ Settings in main screen:

þ Number of the laps: 1-999.

þ (Un)Select all tracks

þ Players:
The player's name is asked in the name bar.
The last button is used to change the cars. Currently
there are three alternatives.

þ Settings -menu:

þ Sounds: no sounds, PC-speaker, Adlib, Soundblaster

þ Scores:
-Winner gets 1st scores, 2nd gets 2nd scores etc.
-The fastest driver gets extra scores.

þ Bump backward
- The car bump backward if it hit to barrier.

þ Skid marks:
- Cars burn rubber.

þ Bumps:
- Cars bump with each other.

þ Show Top-Ten
- Top-Ten will be showed always after a race.

º MOD-routine allways fills the stack (this leads to a crash) if º
º music is played in the wrong speed. º
º Some mouses don't work in Slicks. I will fix it to Slicks 1.27 º
º All key combinations don't work well in all machines, so if you º
º problems try other keys (SLICKHLP)... º



SLICKHLP = Keyboard tester
SLICKHLP = Joins Top-Tens (don't use TOP-suffix)




1.0 -> 1.1

þ The bug in the startup menu is fixed
þ Cars don't jam in the obstacles anymore
þ Keys can be configured

1.1 -> 1.15

þ Top-ten -lists
þ CUP-game
þ Small fixes (new font, new key buffer emptying, times can be
compared, etc.)

1.15 -> 1.16

þ New startup picture (by Jate/AFC)
þ Player names will be remembered
þ Bonus point for the driver of the fastest lap
þ Lower jumps (but not shorter)
þ Bugs in the tracks were removed

1.16 -> 1.17

þ Cars bump to each other
þ Key interrupt works!!! (old routine still in some 1.17 -versions)

1.17 -> 1.20

þ Skid marks
þ Finish picture
þ SB-MOD- music piece
þ Reverse gear available again
þ Faster jumps
þ Some kind of compression in pictures (packs for abt. 50%)
þ A couple of new track pieces
þ New startup menu
þ The names of the registrator and the maker of the track are shown

1.20 -> 1.21

þ Only new feature is the mouse support

1.21 -> 1.22

þ More realistic bumps
þ A name of the track will be shown during the race
þ Joystick-support

1.22 -> 1.23

þ The finish can be hide under sand/grass
þ Some new track blocks
þ Track blocks may be put above bridges

1.23 -> 1.24

þ Computer players (very stupid)
þ 'Thumb nail' -picture from tracks
þ SLICKHLP -tool
þ Traction without acceleration
þ Randomized starting grid
þ Start lights

1.24 -> 1.25

þ The speed factor works better
þ Lap times are right after changing the speed factor
þ More intelligence computer cars
þ Joystick: stick/ button -acceleration
þ You can remove Top-Tens/ tracks during the game

1.25 -> 1.26

þ New cars
þ Language: english/ finnish


þ SB-samples
þ More cars
þ More track blocks
þ Improved tyre marks (water splashes, sand spreads...)
þ Other improvements also possible.


þ Adjustable cars
þ A totally new game ?!?!? (What kind?)
þ More pictures
þ Bugs removed
þ Whatever you want!




þ Computer players.


þ The protection has been changed.
þ The drawing has been fixed a little (works maybe with QEMM).


þ The newest version of the game is available in Hilima BBS

³ The makers of the tracks can be shown with 'T' -key ³
³ ³
³ The startup picture is drawn by Jarno Leikas ³
³ ³
³ The finish picture has parts of Antero P„„rni's pictures ³
³ (a security man and a track). ³

The game is Shareware, so if it has shown to be good/interesting,
you 'must' pay the registration fee (30 FIM/$15 USD), when
you will receive:
þ Instructions, hints and other advices
þ TRACK EDITOR (mouse is likely needed, but not required).
þ Newest version of the game. New version will be released about
once in month, depending on new ideas and the
necessary of a new version.
þ More tracks (currently abt. 100).

Registration is done by sending SLICKS.FRM (filled).
You can print it like that way: COPY SLICKS.FRM PRN

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Archive   : SLICK.ZIP
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