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Cryptogram puzzler. Three skill levels, lots of fun.
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Cryptogram puzzler. Three skill levels, lots of fun.
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Contents of the CRYPTO.DOC file

SL-CRYPTO (C) 1989 By Steve Leisy -- SL-EASY Software

To start the game just type CRYPTO and press ENTER. You will be given a
chance to read the instructions at this point. I would suggest that until
you play a few times that you use Skill Level 1. Here is a definition of
the three skill levels:

Level 1: EASIEST -- This Level Cryptogram will use on Letters.

Level 2: TOUGH -- A combination of Letters and Symbols

Level 3: ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE -- Uses only Symbols

After selecting the skill level you will be shown the Cryptogram.
You may then request a hint or as many hints as you want.
Each hint, however, will cost you 5 points and there is no guarantee that
the hint will even help. The Hints are selected at random and you may be
given the same one more than once or you may even be given a letter that
is not contained in the cryptogram. Each Cryptogram is worth a possible
50 points.

When you are done taking hints it will ask you if you want a printout.
This is recommended if you have a printer. If you have a Daisy Wheel or
a printer that cannot print the IBM Extended graphics characters you
should stay with the LEVEL 1 or you will not get a printout.
The printout will show the Cryptogram and your list of hints and the
amount of points that it is worth, if you can decipher the cryptogram..

Good luck and Have fun!

You are encouraged to pass this program around to your friends or other
Bulletin Boards as long as the Documentation or Program remains unchanged.
You may however change the list of Cryptograms using a standard Ascii
word processor. Each Cryptogram must be NO longer than 78 characters.
Punctuation is allowed and it should be on one line.

If you enjoy this program and plan to use it alot a donation of $5 or more
would be greatly appreciated. You will be placed on my mailing list for
news of other usefull programs and games that I develope..A donation of $10
or more I will send you a disk with the latest version of SL-CRYPT along with
more Cryptograms and some other games that I have written...Send Money order
or check to: Make it Payable to Steve Leisy

Steve Leisy
SL-EASY Software
P.O.Box 3
Navarre, Ohio 44662

Thank you

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