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Skull Quest I, The Cyan Sarcophagus
(C) 1993 Ed T. Toton III, All Rights Reserved.


Skull Quest I, The Cyan Sarcophagus was designed for use on computers
with VGA support, and of high performance speeds. The minimum recommended
processor would be a 386-33DX or a 486-25. The game includes a speed test
and will inform you if your computer runs too slowly.


This game uses the keyboard only! And because of the way it uses the
keys, and computer lacking a standard numeric keypad may experience

You may use both the cursor keys AND the numeric keys to control your
skeleton (ex- 7,8,9,up,pgup,home all jump).

Additional Keys:

R - Restore a saved game.
S - Save your game.
F - Fly (you need a certain item first)
Q - Quit
D - Die
[ENTER] - High jump
[SPACE] - Fire


Over two centuries ago you were one of the many followers of Lord
Trentarus. He was a fair and just leader, although slightly morbid.
To insure his continuing reign, and continued victory over enemies,
he ordered his best mages to create a powerful magical device for him.
He also ordered that it be a sarcophagus so that he may be buried in
it, and thus be one with it through eternity. Hence the Cyan Sarcophagus
was created. It was made out of pure wizidrium, the most magically
potent element known to mankind.

Lord Trentarus also ordered his followers to construct a large crypt,
and bury him and the sarcophagus in it upon his death. The order didn't
stop there, as all of his followers were to seal themselves in with him.

Finally the day came when Lord Trentarus was laid to rest, and everyone
entered the crypt. You were the one charged with the unenviable task of
sealing the doors to the crypt, and to guard them against grave robbers.

Two centuries have passed, and now a new threat has emerged. But it is
not coming through the doors, it is coming from the central tomb, from the
sarcophagus itself! A creature, neither human nor demon, is attempting to
enter your world through the sarcophagus. Grave sites always have a weak
ethereal curtain, as holes must be punched through it to enable undead
creatures to exist. Since the ethereal plane connects all realities,
the monster was able establish remote contact with the sarcophagus. So far
it has managed to gather enough power to send a few of its minions through,
which you will have to defeat first.

Now you have a great task ahead of you, as the menace you must defeat is
on the other side of the crypt, and you must get passed all of the traps
that were set to keep the grave robbers out! Good luck, thou shalt need it.


1.1 -Minor error in the documentation fixed.
-Minor bug in the status bars fixed.
-Additional cheat-mode feature.
-Palette fades can now be aborted.
-The Sarcophagus can only be nailed ONCE, and thus only one
Lord Trentarus will appear. :-/
1.15 -The bug with the save-games that would appear occasionally has been
fixed (I'm pretty sure).
-NecroBones logo added.
-Theme-Music now continues to play even when you are in the credits
and/or paragraphs.

This Program, Manual, and Data Files, are all protected by U.S. Copyright
Law (title 17 United States Code). Unauthorized reproduction, distribution
and/or sales may result in imprisonment of up to one year and fine up to
$10,000 (17 USC 506). Copyright infringers may also be subject to civil
liability. If you mess with us, we'll delete you!

The author of this program makes no warranties of any
kind, expressed or implied, as to the fitness, functionality,
effectiveness, or safety of this software and accompanying
documentation. Under no circumstances shall the author and
developer be liable for any damages incurred during or as a
result of the use of, or misuse of, or inability to use, this
software and documentation. All risk is assumed by the user,
and we hereby disclaim any implied warranties of fitness or
performance of this software. Use at your own risk.
The developer and author reserves the right to make
revisions and changes to the software and documentation without
warning at any time. Any and all changes and revisions will be
made without obligation to inform any person or persons of said


A registration fee of $5 is required for use of this program. If you play
the game through to the end, or blow your character up for fun more than
five times, you are required to pay. Send it to:

Ed T. Toton III
7101 Talisman Lane
Columbia, MD 21045

Upon registering you will be informed of how to "cheat" in the game.

The latest version of this and my other games are
available for download on my BBS:

The Sorcerer's Quarters BBS (410)-290-3752, 300 to 14400 baud.


If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, criticisms, donations,
remarks, praise or opinions, please write! I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!
(the address is listed above).

Ed T. Toton III

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