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Star Trek starship flight and combat simulator.
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Star Trek starship flight and combat simulator.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

SIMTrek v2.3 playable demo
(C) Copyright 1991-1992
Rockland Software Productions

System requirements:
2. Microsoft compatable mouse.
3. 540K free memory.

1. Create a directory for SIMTrek.
2. Copy the program and all of its files to your SIMTrek directory.

1. Change to your SIMTrek directory.
2. Enter "simtrek" at the dos prompt.
3. When the game starts, enter a name. THE NAME YOU ENTER MUST BE A LEGAL
4. A message will tell you how to get help while the game is running.
5. Select "Acknowledged" to continue.
6. A second message will tell you your mission orders.
7. Select "Acknowledged" to continue.
8. Select the green "computer" button.
9. Read the game description, the screen description, and the screen
controls information. This will tell you what you need to know to
Screen controls - sensors - current target. All documentation is on-line
and accessed via the Library Computer. Context sensitive help is also
available at most menus.

Archive contents:
simtrek.exe, egavga.bgi, litt.chr, sans.chr, goth.chr, trip.chr,
readme.1st, support.doc, and catalog.doc.

Known bugs:
1. The game sometimes locks-up when you exit while under fire. Exiting
at other times works fine.
2. SHOW TARGETS in the mission editor does not show the correct target
type for targets. It always shows target 1 as space, 2 as klingon,
etc. The target types are only DISPLAYED incorrectly. They actually
ARE what you set them to in the editor, even though it doesnt show
that when you select SHOW TARGETS. Targets WILL be of the correct
type and WILL behave correctly in a mission you create despite the
fact that the editor doesnt show their correct target type.

Having problems with the mouse ?
1. Make sure you are using a MICROSOFT compatable mouse.
2. If your mouse supports multiple emulation modes, make sure your mouse
is in microsoft emulation mode.
3. Make sure your mouse driver is loaded.
4. Some later versions of mouse drivers can cause "jerky" mouse motion.
Try an older version of the driver. We use Logitech v5.0 and
Qtronics v7.0 drivers for our development machines.
5. A flickering mouse can be caused by a slow processor and/or a slow
graphics card. We use 40Mhz 386 processors and Diamond Speedstar 24X
graphics cards in our development machines.

About the demo:
This is a playable demo of SIMTrek v2.3. In the demo version you may
play three of the fifty different types of built-in missions. The
following features are only available in the registered version of

1. Better ships as you complete more missions.
2. 50 types of missions built-in including Borg and Romulan missions.
3. Damage control.
4. Startup in silent mode.
5. Hot keys.
6. Mission and character editors.
7. Built-in cheats: Warp 100, destroy target, full energy, and change or
restart mission.
8. Full computer: Ship operations, Mission hints, Library data, etc.
9. Transporter and shuttle missions.
10. Load and save Captains.
11. No limit on missions completed.
12. Play again with same or different Captain.
13. Crew rotations: get the best engineer in Starfleet.
14. M5 battle computer.
15. Hardcopy printing of any message or screen.
16. Boss key that shells to DOS.

Ordering information for the registered version is contained in the file

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