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Add various types of terrain to your SimCities.
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Add various types of terrain to your SimCities.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DESC.SDI 62 62 stored
DUNE.CTY 27250 137 deflated
PARKS.CTY 27248 1281 deflated
RUINS.CTY 27248 2860 deflated
SIMCLR.EXE 26930 17684 deflated
SIMCLR.TXT 1214 629 deflated
SWAMP.CTY 27248 2105 deflated
WOODS.CTY 27250 964 deflated

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Contents of the SIMCLR.TXT file

Brief Manual for SIMCLR.EXE Program.

Any city (.CTY) data files that SIMCLR uses must already exist.
It is not capable of creating a city data file. Run SIMCity to make
one if necessary.

SIMCLR.EXE will allow you to modify an existing SIM City data file.
With this program you can clear the map to one of the following
types: PARKS, FOREST, GROUND. These are optional, but once selected
fill the entire map.

For example, SIMCLR SHERWOOD.CTY /F will entirely turn SHERWOOD into
a forest. The forest symbol will be the only thing on the map. Even
the existing water will be converted.

The other alteration that SIMCLR can do to a data file is to randomly
modify certain blocks in the map. It can randomly turn blocks into
GROUND, RADIOACTIVE, or WATER. These options all allow a specified
percentage chance that a block will be converted. With the /I, /R,
and /W options, the existing portions of the map are left untouched.
SIMCLR RUINS.CTY /G /I5 will create a desert where each block
has a 5% chance of being radioactive, for instance.

You can create swamps by creating a city map, and then just using the
water option. For example, SIMCLR SWAMP.CTY /W10.

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