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Ship War. An arcade type space game.
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Ship War. An arcade type space game.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

SpaceWar is written in Borland International's TURBO Pascal Version 3.0,
for the IBM PC. The program was actually developed on the Sperry PC.

The program has been separated into a number of modules for convenience
in editing; the root module is SW.PAS. This module consists largely of
the statements which include the other modules, in the appropriate order
for compilation. This is not necessarily the logical order for under-
standing the organization of the program.

The heart of the program is a repeating cycle of DISPLAY-UPDATE-CONTROL.
This is much like any simulator. The CONTROL portion depends on the fact
that keyboard input is buffered, and that the presence of characters in the
buffer can be detected without waiting for I/O. This makes CONTROL async-
ronous with the UPDATE process. No timing is incorporated in the basic
cycle; it proceeds as fast as the (fairly considerable) computation allows.

SpaceWar can easily be modified and improved. If you make improvements,
please let me know.

Mike Blackstone
1636 Shore Drive
Edgewater, MD 21037

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