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Shell Game Version 1.0
Mike Morrison

Welcome to my second 3D rendered game, Shell Game. This is a little project I
put together in my spare time. It simulates the old shell game. Game play is
pretty simple:

1. Start the Game by typing SHELGAME at the DOS prompt.

2. The 3D rendered scene will appear with 3 shells, just click
the mouse anywhere to start the game.

The middle shell will lift up revealing the marble.

3. Next the shells will start a random shuffle.

The higher the game level is, the longer the shuffle.

4. After the shells stop shuffling, you have two chances to pick the
correct shell. Do this by clicking on the shell you think covers
the marble.

If you click on the wrong shell, it will lift up and reveal
nothing. If you pick two wrong shells in a row, you lose the turn
and the game starts over. You will be penalized one level for each

wrong pick.

If you click on the correct shell, the shell will lift, revealing
the marble. Click the mouse again to close the shell. Then you will
be awarded the next level (which translates to a longer shuffle).

5. After clicking on either the correct shell or your second incorrect
shell, your current level will be shown. Just click again to start
the shuffling. (see step 2)

So that's the scoop. If you like this little game, and would like to encourage
me to make more, send $10.00 to the following address. If you do, I'll send
you directly a copy of my next game. Keep an eye on the AutoDesk Software
Forum (ASOFT) on CompuServe for the latest and greatest 3D animation.
Have Fun!

Mike Morrison
7120 Shoreline Drive #2105
San Diego, CA. 92122

CompuServe ID: 70413,3450

Thanks to Sandie for a couple of late nights and early mornings
Kudos to Gary Yost & the "Group"

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Archive   : SHELGAME.ZIP

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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