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Space Shades arcade game. Very good quality.
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Space Shades arcade game. Very good quality.
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Contents of the ORDER.DOC file


The graphics release is currently available, and you may continue to play
against opponents who operate in text mode while you run in graphics mode.
The EGA release comes with 4 disks (360K), and includes:

1 disk : The Graphics release program files.
2 disks: Data files for close-ups of captured planets.
1 disk : The most recent Character based release.

Send orders to:

Space Shades Upgrade
c/o Richard Frank
10010 BellRive #102
Jacksonville, FL 32256

For more information contact the Space Shades BBS: (904) 642-5174 or
73030,302 on CompuServe.
Upgrade to Space Shades Graphics Version
(Use blank paper if you do not have a printer)

Please indicate disk format: ____ 5.25" ____ 3.5"

Your name: ____________________________________________________

Company: (optional) ____________________________________________________

Street address: ____________________________________________________

City: __________________________________ State___________

Zip code: _________________

Enclosed: ____ $17.00 for EGA/VGA Space Shades.
(personal check recommended)
____ $5.00 for latest TEXT version only.

Make enclosed checks payable to RICH FRANK. Deliveries made via US Mail.

NOTICE: The graphics version of Space Shades will require a VGA or an EGA video
adapter with 256K display memory, running on an IBM PC, PS/2, or compatible
with 340K available system RAM. All VGA's have at least 256K video memory,
most EGA's have 256K video memory. To be certain your adapter is compatible,
download VMEM.EXE (21K) from Space Shades BBS.

Guarantee: You may return the EGA version if for any reason you are
unsatisfied within 30 days. $5.00 is non-refundable.

SPACE SHADES SURVEY: (Appreciated with or without the Graphics upgrade)

Where did you obtain Space Shades? (Friend, Bulletin board, CompuServe, other)

(OPTIONAL: If BBS, please provide the phone number of the BBS)

Do you have a modem? ____ No ____ Yes If yes, Baud _________

You play 2 player games: ____ Never ____ Sometimes ____ Usually

During 1 player games the computer controlled enemy is: (check all that apply)

____ stupid ____ too smart ____ too quick ____ aggressive

____ cowardly ____ neurotic ____ hard to find ____ easy to find

Please comment on the 1 player enemy:


What is your favorite game purchased in a computer store? (if any)


What improvement(s) would you make to Space Shades.



Thank you,
If you have additional comments, or have found errors, please indicate below:

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