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This program will aid in the tracking of batting averages and on base percentages for intramural softball teams.
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This program will aid in the tracking of batting averages and on base percentages for intramural softball teams.
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Version 1.95


This program was developed to aid in the tracking of batting averages
and on base percentages for our intramural softball teams. It is menu
driven and will track up to fifty players per team and as many teams as you have disk space for. By changing the file name at startup, you can track
as many teams as you want. It has been released into the public domain as
FREEWARE. Please pass it on to anyone it may be of use to. IT MAY NOT BE
SOLD except to recover disk copying costs. If anyone is to make a buck for
this program it should be me.


When the program starts, it asks for a current or new file name. If you
have previously used the program, the last filename used is stored in a
small file named sb.pck. If this file exists, SOFTBALL will read this file and present it to either be used or changed. Team names are a good file
name if you are tracking many teams - such as TIGERS.90 or METS90.DAT. Its up to you. The program will search for the requested file, and if found,
will display the last date the file was updated in case you're like me and
don't update databases regularly.

The opening screen contains the menu as follows

F1 - Team Roster
F2 - Team Stats
F3 - Individual Stats
F4 - Print File
F5 - Add Players
F6 - Add Game Stats
F7 - Sort File
F8 - Edit Player
F9 - Delete a Player
F10 - Save File and Quit

F1 - Team Roster : Displays the current team roster. Press 'X'
to display the outs breakdown screen. Press 'F' to display the fielding screen.

F2 - Team Stats : Displays the current team statistics.

F3 - Individual Stats : Accept player number input and display
statistics of that player. Press 'X' to
display the outs breakdown. Press 'F' to display the fielding breakdown.

F4 - Print File : Gives option for graphic character (IBM)
printer output and sends output to LPT1.
Printing is geared for an EPSON compatible
printer. This is the only type the program
has been tested on. Some compatibles have a
hard time with the TABS used to format the
output but I couldn't tell you which ones.

F5 - Add Player : Accepts last name, first name, and player
number. (Jersey number or whatever)

F6 - Add Game Stats : Accepts player number and accepts statistics
from the last game or series of games. This
function will add these statistics to the
old statistics automatically.

F7 - Sort File : Sort file by five options; Outs, Player number, Batting Average, Onbase percentage, or Last name. Press 'T' to toggle the direction of the sort - ascending or descending.

F8 - Edit Player : Select which player from a team roster to
directly edit a player file.

F9 - Delete a Player : Accepts player number, displays player file,
and requests confirmation of deletion.

F10 - Save File & Exit : Exit to (N)ew File or (D)os. If changes have been made in the file, requests to save data
file or not.


This program is distributed AS IS without any warranty, expressed or
implied, including but not limited to fitness for a particular

The program is distributed as is. I accept no responsibility for its
use or misuse. Your on your own. Have a nice day!

JUN 91


Softball Version 2 with:

Mouseable menus and scrolling.
Print out a lineup in batting order.


Version 1.0 - initial release that never worked quite right.
1.5 - my mistake, wrong compiler switch, if you've got
it, delete it.
1.6 - compiler switch right, works ok.
1.9 - Printer on-line detection, valid paths with filename
checked, and one calculation updated (OBP).
1.91 - added Line-Drive outs and last file name save.
1.92 - added fielding statistics (errors, put outs, and assists). Also added stolen bases.
1.95 - fixed 1.92 Line out/ Fly out printing error. This release
last of the Version 1 releases. Version 2 will be written in Turbo C++.

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