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Scud Attack

David Lee Peterson

Copyright 1991
All Rights Reserved

Minimum Requirements:

Scud Attack requires a 640k 8088 PC compatible, MCGA or VGA
video adaptor, color monitor, and a 2 button mouse.
The program will bail out to DOS if it cannot switch to VGA
mode 13h (320x200x256) or detect a mouse with at least 2 buttons.


After loading the resource/title screen and painting the
background the attack will begin. After a random interval the air
raid siren will sound and from a random location a scud will enter
your screen. As soon as you see the scud you must launch a patriot
from the left or right launcher using the respective mouse button.
The patriot will fly towards the laser guidance cross hair cursor.
The further the cross hair is from the patriot, the faster the
missile will fly. This is important to remember when scuds are
falling very fast. When the patriot intercepts the scud you must
push either button to explode the patriot. If the explosion is
close enough to the scud it will be destroyed. It may be possible
to launch another patriot at the scud if you miss it, but beware.
You only have enough patriots to intercept the 24 scuds which will
fall. If you run out of missiles you will have to watch helplessly
as the scuds rain down on your city wreaking destruction. After all
of the scuds fall you will hear the all clear siren and will have to
'CLICK...' the button to get to the next screen. There you will be
asked if you want to take another watch or retire and let someone
else do the job. When you quit you will see the ending screen. Tap
any key to return to DOS.

The following keys will affect game progress:

Esc Escape game. Go to ending screen and finally to Dos.
S Sound toggle. Will turn scud whistle on or off.
1-8 Scud attack speed. Takes effect on next missile.
1 is very slow, 8 is almost too fast.

Author's Notes:

This copyrighted game is being released using the shareware
concept and all rights are reserved by the author. Please copy and
share this effort with your friends, your colleagues, and any
bulletin boards that you frequent. You may give it away, but you
may not sell this product. Shareware distribution houses may not
charge a fee of more than $3.00 for their copying services. Any
distribution must include the following unmodified files:

SCUDATAK.EXE The game code itself
SCUDATAK.PCX The resource/title screen

Feel free to play this game at no charge for whatever you feel
is a reasonable trial period. If you find that it worthy of keeping
in your collection, you want to see more shareware works like this,
and you desire to signify to my wife that you wish me to continue my
independent programming efforts you are urged to support this work
by sending a support fee of not more than $5.00 (unless you are
really rich!) to:

David Lee Peterson
5909 48th Ave.
Riverdale, Md. 20737

The goal of this release is three fold. First, I want to 'test
the water' and see how well this concept actually works. At the
very least I figure that you could send me a quick postcard and tell
me what you think. Second, I wrote the program to test the current
status of my major work in progress:

WHOOPEE: A 256 Color Graphics Library for QB4.5

and am releasing it in part to gauge interest in the library.
Finally, and to be quite honest with you, I have been a 'starving
programmer' for far too long and I want/need your money to invest in
faster computer equipment and software which will speed my
productivity and result in more and better works in the future.

I wish to extend my thanks to all of you for checking out this
program and reading this file. I especially wish to thank those of
you who elect to support my work. I hope that the volume of many of
your individual small pledges of support will allow me to work ever
more diligently to provide you with not only my own entertaining and
educational software applications, but also that the eventual
release of my library will allow many others to also create higher
quality 256 color MCGA/VGA software to enhance your computer
enjoyment and productivity.

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