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Produce anagrams for any combination of letters.

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SCRAMBLE.EXE V1.3 Displays all possible variations of an input
string without duplications. Allows pinning of characters,paging.
Accepts up to 20 chars. Can be used with a resident dictionary
to highlight legitimate words.A useful utility for many mind-bending


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Produce anagrams for any combination of letters.
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SCRAMBLE.DOC - 12/11/93 DOC file for SCRAMBLE.EXE Ver 1.3

USAGE: SCRAMBLE.EXE is shareware and may be used freely and
without charge. No liability is assumed by the author for any
consequential damage.

Using of SCRAMBLE.EXE is for the most part self-

This is a program which can be used to solve puzzles
where letters in words are 'scrambled'.

COMMANDS: As explained in the introductory screen, with an
empty prompt string displays and allows execution of commands.
With the command line on screen, 'Q' quits, 'R' retrieves the
previous entry, 'S' or returns to the blank prompt.

SEARCHING: If you load a good resident dictionary which has a hotkey
before running SCRAMBLE, words matching any in the the
dictionary can be highlighted on a page by page basis using the

INITIAL ENTRY: Words to be unscrambled are entered letter by letter into
the area enclosed by quotes. A maximum of 20 letters are

ANCHORS: Letters may be 'pinned' or kept anchored within the
strings generated by pressing the tab key after the letter is
entered. If the character preceding the tab has already been
pinned, this will unpin it. All characters are accepted up to
asc 127, with the exception of asc 10 (linefeed), asc 14
(carriage return), and asc 09 (tab), asc 08 (backspace).
Anchored characters are displayed in the input field in a
contrasting color.

CONTROL KEYS: The backspace and delete keys are destructive edit keys.
Insert adds a space into the current location.

PAGE and EXIT: During string display, press 'Q' to abort, or 'P' to
toggle paging. SPACE BAR advances to next page when paging is

LIMITS: Although 20 characters are accepted, if more than 10 are
free (not pinned) and unique, the execution time, no matter what
the CPU display speed, will be inordinately lengthy, as
explained in the header screen. The use of 20 free and unique
characters on a 33 mhz CPU will take in the order of months to
complete, since over 2 quadrillion strings will be generated.

Assuming an 80 X 25 text mode, with paging off an average
15 pages per second is displayed. The number of strings per page
will depend, of course on the length of each string. The number
of strings per page will vary from 69 (6 free chars) to 207 (20
free chars).



SOURCE: Assembly source code is available.

Program supplied and written by:

Bob Cole
5480 Kings Highway,
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11203
Phones: (718)-451-1314

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