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README file for SCORCH v1.23

Updated 11 JANUARY 93

This file contains trivia, last minute instructions, and changes to SCORCH,
in no particular order.

What's New in Version 1.2?

This version is designed to solidify the features integrated so far,
and is consists mostly of bug fixes and minor improvements.

A. Bug fixes.

The following bugs (and quite a few other minor ones) were fixed:

- After buying, Scorch would sometimes crash, usually with
a red line across the top.
- When buying items, the menu would sometimes get messed up
and incorrectly purchase items.
- At the end of the game, the box was sometime not the
correct size.
- Alt-S works with Bios keyboard enabled. (as does F1)
- Nuclear blasts work properly on all scales.
- Various crashes of all kinds fixed. If you still
experience these or other bugs, please report them to the
- Scores are no longer limited to about 2 billion. Can
you find the new limit? (HINT: It's REALLY REALLY BIG!!!)
- The "sticky key" problem seems to be fixed on MOST machines.
It may persist on some (if so, read further).

B. New features.

The following new features have been added. They are all
fully documented in the full manual, but described here briefly
for users of 1.1 who want to get up to speed quickly. In
addition, there are a few other minor additions not mentioned here.

- You can now use the Inventory panel to activate and sell
items with a new keyboard interface.
- One new way to die.
- Yet more messages in the talk file (thanks to players!).
- You can restore a game from the main screen.
- Simultaneous Mode has been further enhanced. Players can
move and fire while missiles are in the air - up to 99
missiles can be active at a time!
- New play mode: Synchronous. In this mode, all players
choose their power and angle before anything is launched.
Then, when everyone is done, all shots go off at once.
- At the end of a game, you can see what type of Computer was
playing each tank.

C. Miscellaneous changes.

- The menu structure has been redone some more. The "Weather"
items have been moved to the "Landscape" menu. The wall options
have been consolidated to make more sense.
- The modem icon has temporarily dissappeared. It will reappear
when Modem Scorch is ready.
- Cyborgs will no longer say "I'll be back" instead of reading
the talk file.
- Morons will no longer buy defensive items.

Distribution List:
The full distribution of Scorched Earth consists of the following files:

Filename Size Description
------------- ------- --------------------------------------
FILE_ID .DIZ 319 Brief description of Scorch
FIX .BAT 83 Utility to remove bad .cfg files
ORDER .FRM 1756 Order form for Scorched Earth Password
README . 7558 This file
SCORCH .CFG 5087 Scorched Earth Configuration File
SCORCH .DOC 129442 Scorched Earth Documentation
SCORCH .EXE 348128 Scorched Earth, The Game
SCORCH .ICO 766 Scorched Earth Icon for Windows 3.0
SCORCH .PIF 545 PIF file for Microsoft Windows
TALK1 .CFG 1287 Comment File used for Talking Tanks
TALK2 .CFG 1272 Another Comment File used for Talking

Printing the Documentation:
Make sure your printer is on, online, and has paper. SCORCH.DOC takes
63 pages. Then type COPY SCORCH.DOC PRN. Then hit Enter, of course.
Or use any program that will print files, such as your favorite word

VGA note:
Scorched Earth (SCORCH) is a VGA only game. It will not run on any other
type of system.

Fixing Problems:
If you have a problem with SCORCH when changing settings, you can just
delete the SCORCH.CFG file and run SCORCH. It will return to the default
settings. Or, just run FIX.BAT, and it will get rid of the bad SCORCH.CFG

Floating Point Coprocessors:
This is in the manual, but is mentioned here for emphasis. If Scorch
is running VERY FAST, it may be because you have a floating point
coprocessor (8087/80287/80387/80486). By default, Scorch will use a
coprocessor if present, as some systems are greatly benefited by this.
If it is making things run too fast, though, you can type
set 87=N
from the DOS prompt before running Scorch, to disable to coprocessor.
(To those familiar with Turbo C, you might recognize this as the Borland
convention for disabling coprocesser support. I mention this, because
it means that any other programs you run which were compiled with Turbo C
will also ignore the coprocessor if this switch set!)

Useless Statistics:
For those who are interested, Scorched Earth 1.2 was written using
Borland C++ 3.0 and Turbo Assembler 3.0. There are approximately 126
C/C++ files and 6 assembly files, totalling over 785K of source code.

Sticky Keys:
Many people have noticed the SHIFT, ALT, and CONTROL keys sticking
occasionally. This should be fixed in this version, but may persist
on some systems. If you exit Scorch and see garbage when you type,
just press the SHIFT/ALT/CONTROL keys a few time and things should
straighten themselves out. This seems to be a BIOS problem.

There are far too many people who have contributed to the success of
Scorch to mention here. Thanks to all who have sent letters pointing
out bugs and offering suggestions. Keep 'em coming!

Deluxe Registration!!
Due to popular demain, "Deluxe Registration" is once again available!
Deluxe Registration includes the most recent copy of Scorch on disk and
a complete looseleaf copy of the enhanced manual. The enhanced manual
contains the same text as the file "scorch.doc", but is illustrated with
tables, icons from the game, and keys for all the options. Deluxe
Registration costs $20 instead of $10. Deluxe Registration is available
in the U.S. only.

Scorch Fans Outside the U.S.:
To register Scorch, all you need to do is figure out some way to get
$10 to me. Try going to your local bank and asking for a "U.S. Dollar
World Money Order". Scorch is available in Spanish, and will be
made available in other languages as time permits.

Other problems/suggestions:
If you have any ideas or bug reports, please contact the author as
indicate below. Please do not call. All comments are welcome, whether
or not you are a registered user.

Wendell Hicken
59 Esperanza Apt. M
Sierra Madre, CA 91024

70671,606 on CompuServe

[email protected] on internet

Most of all, Don't forget that Scorched Earth is Shareware. The game is
good, if somewhat addictive. The price is cheap. So why not support the
game, its further development, and the whole shareware concept by sending
in your $10.

As they say on T.V. "Thank you for your support."

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