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Excellent Scrabble type board/word game. Has playback and UnDO.
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Excellent Scrabble type board/word game. Has playback and UnDO.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DEDICT.DOC 819 398 deflated
DEDICT.EXE 12689 8427 deflated
ENDICT.DOC 1176 571 deflated
ENDICT.EXE 13691 9276 deflated
FONT.BIN 755 377 deflated
SCRAMBLE.DOC 30623 9460 deflated
SCRAMBLE.EXE 95131 47515 deflated
SCRAMBLE.PBM 10980 2704 deflated
SCRAMDIC.DCT 132059 43363 deflated

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Contents of the DEDICT.DOC file

DEDICT.EXE will decode the Scramble dictionary so that you can look
at it, edit it, and re-encode it with ENDICT.EXE.

The proper way to use dedict is like this:


where the infile name is the name of the dictionary to be decoded
and the outfile name is the name of the decoded dictionary. If a
file already exists in the directory with the same name as the
outfile name, dedict will ask you if you want to overwrite it.

For example, to decode the default Scramble dictionary, type this:

dedict scramdic.dct scramdic.out

You can then look at scramdic with any text editor. You can add
words (in alphabetical order!) or edit the words that are already
there. For information on how to re-encode the dictionary, see the

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