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Super Scramble (SSC) displays randomly selected words from the file of your choice, randomly scrambles its letters, and displays it for you to solve.
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Super Scramble (SSC) displays randomly selected words from the file of your choice, randomly scrambles its letters, and displays it for you to solve.
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Contents of the INFO.DOC file

(c) Copyright 1990, TZK Publications. All Rights Reserved.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ NOTICE ++++++++++++++++++5/12/90+++++++

Super Scramble v1.10 may be distributed as shareware by any individual or
organization provided that the following unadulterated files are bundled
with the program:


Super Scramble will run on any IBM compatible system with DOS 2.11, or
higher, and a color monitor.


This entire file (12 pages) may be printed out by using the following

Just be sure that your printer is ready and set at the top of the page,
and that you are in the same directory as this file.



Super Scramble (SSC) displays randomly selected words from the file of your
choice, randomly scrambles its letters, and displays it for you to solve.
In the play mode you must unscramble the word and enter its solution within
a predetermined time period. You may play by yourself or against another
player. Either way, your score will be tracked. In the print mode you may
print out 20 scrambled words to work on at your leisure. By varying the
allowable solution time and the word file you can create almost any level
of difficulty.

The best way to learn is simply to try it once or twice, and then re-read
this overview. If you have questions about the program, submit them with
your registration fee (questions submitted after registration should be
accompanied by your reg. number & a self-addressed-stamped-envelope; SASE).
Suggestions for improving the program are welcome from registered users. If
your suggestion is used we'll send you a free update.


The title screen is timed for 4 seconds, however you may press any key to
to take you directly to the Menu.

You may choose a category or go to "Set-Up" via . If you choose a
category, a scrambled word will appear. The word will have been randomly
selected from your chosen list and the letters will be randomly scrambled
(the word is scrambled each time it is selected so that the chances are
slim that a particular word will be scrambled the same way twice in a row).
You'll have 2 minutes to solve the word if it's from the Kids file, or
1 minute if the word is from any of the other files (these times may be
changed by editing the word files or by going through the Set-up). You may
go to the next word before the time is up by pressing .

You may play in the hint mode by pressing any time during play. This
will cause the FIRST letter of the word to be displayed. Pressing
again during play will take the program out of hint mode.

If you wait more than 3 seconds (4 seconds for kids) before going to the
next word you'll be credited with one try even if you didn't type in a
proposed solution. When the correct solution is typed in your "Score" will
be incremented, and you will be credited with one try.For each wrong answer
you will be credited with one try.

To compete against another player press , before selecting the word
category, and go through the Set-Up. The Set-Up feature will allow you to
set the number of players, the solution time, and the number of words
per player.

If you would rather get a printout of several words to work on in pencil
and paper fashion just press BEFORE selecting the word category.
Twenty scrambled words will be printed after you select the word category.
If you'd like your printout to include a hint press instead. This
will print out the scrambled word and its LAST letter. You'll also get
the answers printed out at the bottom of the page, although they won't
be in the same order as the scrambled words.

NOTE: The unregistered (shareware) version of Super Scramble will
read a maximum of 75 words from a file. Therefore, even though
the files can be manually expanded using a file editor, Version 1.10
will read only the first 75 words. The 400+ words which come with the
shareware version should be more than enough to allow you to fully
test the software. The registered version is not word limited.

The Contest file contains 100 scrambled words (50 in the unregistered
version), some of which have letters left out. (In addition to providing
an extra set of words to play with, if you send in the correct solution to
all 100 words you'll win a cash prize). You may flip through them on your
monitor or print out the entire file by pressing


$5 FOR SHARING: Upon reciept of the registration fee we will immediately
send you the registered version of this software and a new INFO.DOC file
(carrying your registration number) to replace this file. Then, when you
pass copies of the shareware version to friends it will carry "your"
number. Some of these people will in turn pass the program on to others.
Along the way several of these people may register there copies of the
program. When they do they will be asked to send in the registration number
which accompanied their copy of the program. Your number will be tracked in
this way for 90 days after you register. During this period you will be
sent $5 for every two people who register using your number. This is being
done simply to encourage users to distribute copies of this program to
people who might not otherwise learn about it.

CONTEST: Anyone who registers a copy of SSC may submit solutions for
consideration. The total amount of prize money, in dollars, will be
equivalent to the number of programs which have been registered by August,1
1992. For instance, if 50,000 programs are registered, then $50,000 will be
split among the winners, with the first winner getting the largest prize,
the second winner getting the second largest, and so on. Official Rules
will be provided upon registration. Future versions of Super Scramble
should include new contests.

REGISTRATION: By registering (only $12 postpaid) you'll receive:

1) a floppy disk with the latest registered version of Super Scramble;
2) an easy to use file editor to facilitate the addition of words to
your files;
3) instructions for using the editor and creating you own files;
4) expanded word files containing an additional 500 words;
5) your registration number (which you'll need if you submit answers
to the contest or "share" this software);
6) $5 for every two people who register, using your number, within 90
days of your registration ;
7) and a complete catalogue of TZK products, some of which are described

To Register, send the current reg. number (current number: SS-90-10099)
and $12, in the form of cash, check, or money order, to:

TZK Publications
Dept. AC
P. O. Box 1224
Crystal River, FL 32629

(Florida residents please add 6% sales tax)

(Super Scramble will be registered to you FREE when placing an order for
$24 or more from the items listed below.)

Be sure to specify floppy disk size. You may use the optional registration
form which can be printed out from the REGISTER.DOC file using the
following command:


REMEMBER, if you don't find this program useful then don't pay the fee;
but if you use it please register.


TZK Products

Aside from Super Scramble, TZK Publications offers an assortment of other
products. Most are high quality non-fiction books dealing with computers,
science, nature, how-to, education, and puzzles. A few of our products are
less in the mainstream, however.

For those with a natural history bent we offer museum quality reproductions
of fossils and skulls (see below). We also offer an excellent selection of
nature videos.

Descriptions and ordering information for some of our books & other products
have been provided below. A complete catalogue of our books, videos, software
(except for in-house programs we do not deal in shareware), and specialty
products will be sent, free of charge, to everyone who registers SSC or
purchases any of the other products. Anyone else desiring a catalogue should
remit $2 (deductible from the 1st order). Please specify disk size as
catalogue is on floppy.

(All books are Quality Softbound unless otherwise noted)

BOOKS: Education/Careers/Business

* "Bear's Guide To Earning Non-Traditional College Degrees" ... $18.95
272 p...Order # TS-001

This best-seller (now in its tenth edition) has helped thousands to
complete, at their own pace, legitimate accredited college degrees
without ever setting foot in a classroom or leaving their jobs. It
includes sections on:

- The importance of accreditation
- Equivalency examinations
- Correspondence courses
- Credit for life experience learning
- Complete listing of every school in the world offering Bachelor's,
Master's, and Doctorate degrees by alternative methods.
- Weekend colleges
- Law Degrees
- Diploma Mills & other fly-by-night institutions you should be
wary off.

If you're one of the many who attended college but never finished, or
even someone who never went in the first place, then you should seriously
consider what this book has to offer. A Bachelor's degree can be worth
over $500,000 during the course of a career; a Master's several hundred
thousand dollar's more.

* "Superlearning" ............................................ $14.95
342 p hbd Order # SU-001

A classic in its field, Superlearning describes stress-free, fast
learning methods and gives you a step by step program to put them to
work. It details a revolutionary way of opening what some call the
"limitless capacities of your mind." Endorced by educators world wide,
Superlearning describes a do-it-yourself program to: develop a
supermemory and learn almost anything 2 to 10 times faster, improve
your health through meditation as you learn, and recapture the joy of

* "Mail-Order Moonlighting" ....................................$12.95
359 p Order # TS-002

Cited as the best book on mailorder today. If you'd like to start your
own business from your home in just a few weeks, and at your own pace,
with little or no risk, then this new revised edition is must reading.
An invaluable reference for anyone looking to gradually change careers
and take more control of their own life.

* "Running a One Person Business" ..............................$12.95
204 p Order # TS-003

One-person businesses, especially small businesses run from the home
are now a permanent part of our new economy. With interviews of the
many successful entrepreneurs who have struck out on their own, it is
full of practical information needed by those currently in business for
themselves or those who are planning to be.

* "The Self-Publishing Manual" (5th ed.)........................$19.95
415 p Order # PA-001

Details how to write, print and sell your own book. Nothing is left
out. Provides step-by-step instructions for producing a commercially
viable book. Shows you how to get your book into print quickly by
cutting out all of the middlemen (you'll also make 5 to 6 times as
much money per copy sold). If your serious about getting your book, or
book idea, into print, and keeping the profits for yourself, then "The
Self-Publishing Manual" is must reading. You won't find another book
like it anywhere.

* "The 90-Minute Resume"........................................ $5.95
70 p Order # P-001

This one-of-a-kind book changes resume writing from a chore to a
satisfying project. It shows how to communicate your skills & experience
on paper-even if your not a good writer, and how to best present yourself
so that you're asked in for an interview.

* "Great Getaways".........(available June 1990)................$12.95
225 p Order # P-002

For anyone who loves to travel but finds it hard to get away for a
week at a time. Gives descriptions of over 400 unusual minivacations
of three or four days. Organized into six regions of North America, it
features detailed & evocative descriptions of each minivacation,
including costs and getting their. Minivacations for every taste:
adventure, culture, scenic beauty, or just plain rest.

* "Learning Vacations"...6th edition............................$11.95
312 p Order # P-003

A treasure trove of enriching vacation opportunities. This new edition
covers more than 400 programs for every interest, age, and budget.
Gives full details (program content & duration; costs; accomadations;
who to contact) on a wide variety of activities such as: African safaris,
whale-watching trips, mountain climbing, archaeological digs, and cooking
courses. Cited as our countries finest travel book.

BOOKS: Computers

* "Learn C Now".................................................$39.95
Order # I-010

A complete course for learning to program in C. Includes: Microsoft
Learn C compiler; on-line tutorial; scores of example programs; & more.
Everything you need is contained in three 5.25 inch floppies and a 353
page manual. A completely integrated system that allows you to learn C
before investing in expensive programming tools.

* "Learn BASIC Now".............................................$39.95
Order # I-011

The fastest and easiest way to learn modern QuickBASIC programming.
Floppy disks (5.25 inch) and 476 page manual includes the Microsoft
QuickBASIC Interpreter, electronic help resources, and on-line tutorials.
Includes dozens of sample programs.

* "Upgrade Your IBM Compatible & Save A Bundle"............... $16.95
240 p Order # T-001

In this new edition (spring 1990) to his highly praised "Build Your
Own..." series, author Aubrey Pilgrim guides you through dozens of cost-
effective ways to breathe new life into aging hardware. You'll get clear
instructions for replacing mother boards with 80286 or 80386 boards,
adding floppy disk or hard disk drives, internal modems, VGA, FAX, &
network boards. Includes reviews of the latest monitors & printers.

* "Learn DOS-Guaranteed!" ......................................$14.95
192 p Order # T-002

An essential entry level guide covering all versions of MS/PC-DOS.
Concentrates on the most important DOS commands; guaranteed to get
new DOS users up and running quickly without having to master a
mountain of technical jargon. You'll learn how to hook up and operate
system components; load software; create, copy, and delete files;
make, change, and remove directories; format disks; and perform
basic operations with AUTOEXEC.BAT & CONFIG.SYS files. Loaded with
examples and complete explanations.

* "Peter Norton's DOS Guide: 3rd Ed."...........................$24.95
379 p Order # I-012

The bestselling author of Norton Utilities has completely revised his
classic guide to DOS. Provides comprehensive, common sense coverage of
on all versions of DOS including 4.0. New material includes about DOS
Shell, extended memory, expanded memory, and hard disks.

* "MS-DOS Batch File Programming-2nd Edition" ..................$24.95
304 p Order # T-003

This highly recommended reference/tutorial will enable you to read
and create sophisticated batch files. The 2nd edition is completely
updated to include DOS 4.0 and the latest in batch file utilities.
This definitive .BAT book offers DOS users new tips for saving time.
You'll learn how to design batch file menus, write commands and run
batch files within programs. Numerous examples are provided.

* "Mastering WordPerfect 5.0" ................................ $19.95
456 p Order # T-004

An excellent guide for intermediate and advanced users. Explains 5.0's
advanced features: improved graphics and editing, macros, style sheets,
desktop publishing, and much more.

* "The Wordperfect Book-Ver. 5.0, Including 4.1/4.2"............$16.95
288 p Order # T-005

This bestseller teaches how to use 5.0's many new features; integrated
text and graphics, automatic referencing, intelligent printing, automatic
redlining, etc. Includes many practical examples.

* "dBASE IV For Nonprogrammers" (includes ver. 1.1).............$22.95
632 p Order # T-006

This books learn-by-example approach makes it a perfect guide for those
who want to start producing with dBase NOW - without having to first
decipher the program manual.It starts with the fumdamentals and ends
with the writing of programs in dBase IV.

* "Using Harvard Graphics"......................................$24.95
550 p Order # I-0013

Demonstrates how to use Harvard Graphics to create slides, screen shows
and overheads in addition to its standard graphing capabilities.

* "3D Computer Graphics: A User's Guide for Artists & Designers-2nd Ed."
240 p Order # T-007.... $26.95

Introduces readers with limited computer backgrounds to the professional
techniques needed to create three-dimensional images, scenes, and
animation. Includes a chapter on advanced modeling techniques.

* "Working with Lotus 1-2-3 Macros"............................ $22.95
304 p Order # T-008

This complete introduction to macro programming with Lotus 1-2-3,
including releases 2.2 and 3, provides detailed instructions for using
loops, conditional tests, arrays, branches, subroutines, and error
handling procedures and guides the reader through the testing and
debugging of their macros. Includes many example macros.

* "The Illustrated Dictionary of Microcomputers - 3rd Edition"..$19.95
430 p Order # T-009

This 3rd edition contains 1200 new entries. Provides concise explanations
for all of the jargon, buzz words, and acronyms used by experts.

* "Build Your Own 80386 IBM Compatible and Save a Bundle" .....$16.95
232 p Order # T-010

Provides a clear nuts and bolts approach to building your own 80386
machine from. Over 100 illustrations help guide you through each step.

* "High Performance Graphics in C: Animation and Simulation"...$26.95
544 p Order # T-011

Will help C programmers achieve high quality graphics on their PCs.
Uses six major animation programs to guide readers through frame,
bitbit, and real-time animation.

(This is just a sampling of our computer titles. If you're looking
for a particular type of book please let us know. We offer exellent
discounts for multi-title orders.)

BOOKS: Science/Nature/Math

* "Exploring The Geometry Of Nature" ......................... $16.95
208 p Order # T-005

Offers BASIC programs that can be used to model geometric processes
and patterns in nature. Coverage includes Chaos, Fractals, Cellular
Automata, and Neural Networks. Nearly 200 illustrations.

* "Relativity Visualized" .............................. ..... $15.95
209 p Order # IN-006

Why can't you go faster than light? What makes space shrink & time
slow? This book will give you an "intuitive" understanding of this
famous theory. Illustrated. No special mathematical training required.

* "A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes"...$18.95
192 p hbd Order # I-011

Stephen Hawking describes the findings and theories of physicists up
to Einstein and details his own thoughts on black holes and mans place
in the universe. Discusses the anthropic principle and inflationary
expansion of the universe. A national bestseller since its publication
in 1988.

* "Build Your Own Laser, Phaser, Ion Ray Gun, and Other Working Space
Age Projects".................................................$16.95
400 p Order # T-011

Provides unusually complete instructions for building a variety of
electronic devises. Over 300 illustrations help you build lasers, etc.

* "The Secret Life of Quanta" ..................................$17.95
192 p Order # T-012

Without advanced mathematics this book explaines the physical phenomena
which underlies our advanced technology. Offers a painless way to acheive
physics literacy. Includes discusions on superconductors, nuclear
technology, semiconductors, and what these technologies mean for the

* "Reaching for Infinity: Further Puzzles, Paradoxes & Brain Teasers."
Order # T-013.. 180 p....$9.95

Do space and time have boudaries? Do we exist in and infinite number
of dimensions? Is their a largest object? This third volume of
intellectual challenges addresses these questions and more.

* "The Mathematical Tourist: Snapshots of Modern Mathematics.....$10.95
256p Order # I-012

Covers the frontiers of mathematics from fractals to strange attractors,
the author reviews the latest thinking on chaos, minimal surfaces, knot
theory, the Mandelbrot set, and more. Excellent coverage for the novice
as well as the mathematically inclined.

* "50 Simple Things You Can Do To Save The Earth"................$5.95
Order # E-001

Besides explaining air pollution, ozone depletion and other environmental
concerns, this book provides 50 straight-forward things that anyone can
do to fight these problems. Became a national best-seller upon
publication. A good book for beginners.

* "How to Shit in the Woods".....................................$5.95
96 p Order # TS-004

An environmentally sound approach to a lost art. Most outdoor books
fall prey to Victorian sensibilities by failing to mention one of the
most serious issues encountered when trekking through the countryside.
This long over-do book corrects this with its straight-forward style.
Chapters include: Anatomy of a Crap; Digging the Hole; When You Can't
Dig a Hole; and What? No T.P.?

* "The 2 Ounce Backpacker".......................................$2.95
128 p Order # TS-005

The definitive problem solving manual for use in the wilds. A hiker's
bible if there ever was one.

BOOKS: Assorted

* "Auto Repair For Dummies".....................................$17.95
480 p Order # TS-006

This second revised edition provides consice, direct, simple explanations
to help the reader understand the major systems of an automobile. You'll
no longer be afraid of lifting the hood of your car or discussing repair
work with a mechanic. Don't keep throwing your money away on simple
repairs that take only minutes to do.

* "The Bike Bag Book"............................................$3.95
144 p Order # TS-007

The Bike Bag Book is the ideal traveling companion for bikers; its full
of helpfull hints & information for emergency repairs.

* "The Original Road Kill Cookbook"..............................$4.95
64 p Order # TS-008

Features Yellow Line Yummies such as: Pavement Possum, Highway Hash,
Hushed Puppies, and more. An ideal gift or coffee table book.

* "The Complete Book of Cancer Prevention"......................$16.95
576 p Order # R-001

A working tool to help you prevent a disease that is diagnosed in over
one million Americans a year. Includes hundreds of tips from doctors and
researchers and more than 50 recipes using foods that fight cancer best.
Reviews each major cancer and gives early detection techniques. Uses
questionaires to evaluate your particular risks and then provides
specific recommendations. You won't find a more complete book for the
layman anywhere.

* "The Encyclopedia of Natural Insect and Disease Control"......$24.95
496 p Order # R-002

The most comprehensive guide to protecting plants-vegetable, fruit,
flowers, trees, and lawns-without toxic chemicals. Updates the previous
bestsellers, Organic Plant Protection, and provides the latest natural
controls for pests and diseases in the greenhouse or garden.

BOOKS: Puzzles/Games

* "Puzzlegrams" ................................200+ pages.... $14.95
Order # I-007

This beautifully illustrated puzzle book emphasises puzzles of a
perceptual nature. You'll have hours of fun while you exercise your
spatial reasoning abilities.

* "Intelligence Games" .........................184 pages.... $14.95
Order # I-008

More than 100 brain teasers, board games, riddles, puzzles & games
involving memory, logic, and numbers are presented in this book. By
putting verbal, visual, mathematical and logical forms of intelligence
in a different light, this lively and entertaining book offers you an
opportunity to reflect about yourself and the way in which your mind

* "The MENSA Book of Words, Word Games, Puzzles & Oddities".....$5.95
Order # I-009

If you think you're a wordsmith, a phrasemaker or a veteran user of
the English language, wait until you tried this collection of
lexicographical brainbusters. Guarranteed to put your vocabulary
back in shape.

* "The MENSA Genius Quiz-a-Day Book" ............173 pages......$6.95
Order # I-010

An all new collection of mindbusters from Mensa, the high I.Q. society.
Provides a brainteaser, logic twister, math mystery, or word game for
every day of the year. Included with each puzzle's solution is the
percentage of Mensa members who answered it correctly, so you can score
yourself against them.


* "Neurobics" .................................................... $29
256K w/DOS 2.11 or higher, & color monitor Order # S-001
3.5 or 5.25 inch floppy available

This commercial program has been advertized nationally as "Aerobics
for the Mind." It is a package of six games designed to test and improve
concentration, short term memory, deductive reasoning, and spatial
abilities. Each games level of difficulty may be adjusted to suit the
individual, and has a scoring & timing feature. Suitable for kids and
adults. Very good reviews in PC Magazine, Compute, Nibble, PCM,
Psychology Today, and Computer Play Magazine.

* "The Desktop Fractal Design System"..............................$39
640K w/DOS 2.10 or higher, EGA or VGA adapter, Order # S-002
color monitor, 5.25 inch floppy only

Everyone who has an interest in fractals, from artists to mathematicians,
will find this program to be powerful and easy to use. You'll be able
to generate visually stunning fractal images without having to deal with
the mathematics. Save your images in a image library, or remove old


* 11 inch Tyrannosaurus Rex Tooth ............................... $39
Order # SK-01

An exact replica of a fossil tooth found in South Dakota (the original
is on display at the Museum of Geology in South Dakota). T-Rex, the
largest land carnivore of all time, became extinct about 65 million
years ago. Tooth comes with acrylic display stand and brass plaque.

* 5 1/2 inch Fossil Shark Tooth ................................. $39
Order # SK-02

This replica is molded from a fossil tooth of Carcharodon Megalodon,
who lived 20 million years ago and was an ancestor of the Great White
Shark of today. This shark dwarfed the modern-day great white, ranging
from 50 to 100 feet in length. Tooth comes with smoked acrylic display
stand and brass plaque.

* Saber Toothed Tiger Skull .................................... $199
Order # SK-03

This full-sized replica of Smilodon californicus, which became extinct
over 12,000 years ago, is an eye catcher. It measures 13" long, 8" wide
and 12" high, and comes with a display stand for mounting in the attack
position. You have a choice of Antique or Tar Pit Finish.

(TZK also carries replicas of human, gorilla, lion, wolf, and buffalo
skulls, as well as several other fossil replicas through our catalogue.)


* "The Grand Canyon" ............................1 hour..... $29.95
2 hours.... $49.95
Order # VB-01a, or VB-01b

This critically acclaimed video, filmed using state-of-the art
equipment, documents a helicopter journey through the vast canyon
wilderness. You'll soar into narrow gorges and inches above the rapids
and be accompanied by music which spans the classics of our past to
the most contempory synthesizer artists. There'll be no narration to
interfere with your imagination.

* "Desert Visions" .......................................... $29.95
50 min Order # VB-02

A visually stunning aerial and land encounter over and through the most
breathtaking scenes in the Southwest, often in areas never filmed before.
It's a phenomenal visual/music journey-as though you're actually walking
through 10 National Parks and Monuments. From an eagle's point of view
you'll soar over mesas, along cliffs and through arches guided by the
music of David Lanz and Paul Speer. This concert in nature is made of 10
music videos.

(Other titles offered through our catalogue include "Yellowstone in
Winter", "Surf", "Clouds", and "Natural States", as well as a classic
set of National Geographic and Nova films.)

* "Bill Moyers' World Of Ideas"...3 volume anthology..............$79
261 min Order # VM-03

This special edition was created from the award-winning PBS series.
Take a thought provoking journey with Bill Moyers across the landscape
of America, listening and talking with scientists, writers, artists,
philosophers and historians.

Each volume may be bought separately for for $29.95 :

"The National Soul" : Discusses myth, morality and ethics in the
American consciousness. Order # VM-04

"Crisis of Democracy" : Challenging our political and economic
assumptions. Order # VM-05

"Dissolving Boundaries" : Our independent planet-exploring a new
global reality. Order # VM-06

* "Joseph Campbell & The Power of Myth (with Bill Moyers)"
348 min Six-program set $149
Order # VM-07

Joseph Campbell was known as the world's foremost authority on
mythology. His six-part PBS series drew nearly 3 million viewers
each week.

Each 58 minute program may be purchased separately for $29.95.

Program 1: The Hero's Adventure Program 4: Sacrifice & Bliss
Program 2: The Message of the Myth Program 5: Love & the Goddess
Program 3: The First Storytellers Program 6: Masks of Eternity

* "The Power of Myth" & "The World of Ideas" set............... $199
Order # VM-08


Order forms for these products may be printed out from the REGISTER.DOC file
by using the following command:


If you don't have a printer just submit your order on plain paper. Use the
Order Number & Title and be sure to apply the appropriate discounts, shipping
fees, etc.

DISCOUNTS: When ordering two or more items you may take a 20% discount on
the item which costs the least. For example, if you buy a video
at $29.95 and a book at $24.95, you may deduct 20% off of the
books price. Video sets count as one item.

IN ADDITION, you have your choice of any single book, priced $5.95
or less, as a FREE premium with an order of $28 or more. For
example, if you buy "Neurobics" at $29.95, you'll get Super
Scramble AND any single book (<= $5.95) FREE.

SHIPPING: For books and videos please add $3 shipping for first item and $1
for the each additional item to a maximum of $5.

For Replicas: Please include street address, as deliveries are
by UPS (UPS will not deliver to a PO Box). For EACH item shipped
to the 48 contiguous states please add $3. For shipments to Alaska
& Hawaii, please add $10.

Sorry, no foreign orders at this time.

GUARANTEE: Books and replicas which don't meet your expectations may be
returned at any time within 30 days, for a full refund, so long
as they are in their original condition. Videos may be returned
within 30 days, for a full refund, if defective.

Orders are normally processed within 48 hours and delivered
within 10 working days. If this isn't adequate please designate
RUSH on your order form and add $3.

Florida residents please add 6% sales tax.

All orders must be accompanied by payment (cash, check, or money

Prices are subject to change without notice. The above listings, however,
should be good through February, 1991.

************ Thank You ! ************


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