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Learn guitar scales; many keys, many scales.
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Learn guitar scales; many keys, many scales.
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Contents of the SCALES.DOC file

Scale Master Users Manual
ver 1.1 Jan 25 , 1988


ver 1.1

Users Manual

(c) 1988 Cardita Consulting & Development

Table of Contents page

1.0 What is Scale Master ? 2

2.0 Installation 2

3.0 How to Use the menus. 3

4.0 Program Features 3

4.1 Tuning your guitar. 3
4.2 Selecting a scale and key signature. 3
4.3 Listening to a scale. 3
4.4 Adjusting the tempo. 4
4.5 Playing along with a Scale. 4
4.6 Printing a Scale. 4

5.0 Hints and Suggestions 5

6.0 Program History 5

7.0 User Feedback Form 6

8.0 Registration 6


Scale Master Users Manual
ver 1.1 Jan 25 , 1988

1.0 What is Scale Master

Scale Master is a program that is designed to help a
guitar player master musical scales. The basic concept is
that the computer can figure out the proper note sequences
and patterns quite easily where a person has to do it all by
hand. Scale Master computes the notes for a given scale and
a given key signature and displays the fretboard on the
screen. At this point the guitarist can find a position to
work with and play along with the computer at various tempos.

I originally created this program for my self as an
aid to learning more scales. I showed it to a few guitar
playing buddies and they encouraged me to make it available
in the public domain.

I hope that by using this program your guitar
playing will improve and that you will share it with your

2.0 Installation

The following is a list of files that you should
have received

SCALMAST.COM - The executable program
SCALMAST.DOC - Users manual (this file)
README - Brief intro

This program is being marketed using the SHAREWARE
concept. You are free to copy it and give it to your friends
as long as :

a. The files are not changed.
b. You do not charge them any money.

Many hours were put into this program and I am glad
to be able to share it. This is a 'bare bones' version. If
you become a registered user you will get the enhanced
version , update notices, and news about other guitar
software. If this program is helpful I encourage you to
become a registered user and support the further development
of software for the guitarist.

To install the program simply use the DOS copy command to
copy SCALMAST.COM to your hard disk or any floppy.

To run it type SCALMAST from the DOS prompt.


Scale Master Users Manual
ver 1.1 Jan 25 , 1988

3.0 How to use the Menus

Scale Master is totally menu driven , the following is
a list of keys that allow you to select menu items.

up arrow next selection up
down arrow next selection down
return/enter make a selection
Escape leave the menu with nothing changed.

The inverse cursor wraps around from top to bottom and
vise versa.

4.0 Program Features

Scale Master has 20 scales in 12 key signatures for a
combination of 120 patterns over 19 frets. You can print the
fretboard for later reference, listen to the scale , and play
along with it.

4.1 Tuning your guitar

If you intend on playing along with your guitar then
you should tune it to the computer. After selecting the TUNE
GUITAR option you can press the numbers 1 through 6 to hear
the 6 different tones that correspond to the six open strings
on the guitar. Pressing any other key exits this option.

4.2 Selecting a Scale and Key signature

When the program begins you are first asked to
select a key signature and then a scale. Once this is done
you are at the main menu. The first two selections are
change scale and change key signature. You can change these
at any time to explore other scale/key combinations.

4.3 Listening to a Scale

This option plays and displays the notes as their
at the set tempo once. This is normally used to quickly
hear a scale in a particular key.


Scale Master Users Manual
ver 1.1 Jan 25 , 1988

4.4 Adjusting the Tempo and Tempo Adjustment

The tempo ranges from 1 to 100 , 1 being very slow
and 100 being extremely fast. When you start the program it
is initially set to 50. Whenever the tempo is changed it
stays at that value even if you change scale or keys.
The tempo adjustment is an increment/decrement value
that is used in the repeat scale option, it can range from 1
to 20. It is initially set to 5.

4.5 Playing along with the computer ( REPEAT SCALE)

This option is the heart of the program. It
plays the selected scale in the chosen key over and over. It
ascends the scale and then descends it. There are three
options at this point.

a. By pressing the plus key + the tempo will increase by
the tempo adjustment amount each time the scale is

b. By pressing the minus key - the tempo will decrease by
the tempo adjustment each time the scale is played.

c. Pressing the space bar will hold the tempo at the
present rate.

d. Pressing any other key will exit back to the main menu
AFTER the scale has completed.

The way to use this is to find a comfortable
tempo to learn the pattern. Once you have it down ,
experiment with the +,- options at various adjustment rates
to add variety and smoothness to your playing.

4.6 Printing a Scale

To print a copy of the fretboard select the print
scale option. The first time you select this option
Scale Master will ask you if your printer can print IBM
graphics characters. Scale Master uses LPT1: the
first parallel printer port. If you have a serial
printer you can use the DOS MODE command to re-direct
LPT1: to the COM port of your printer. This must be
done before running Scale Master.


Scale Master Users Manual
ver 1.1 Jan 25 , 1988

5.0 Hints and Suggestions

What are all of the numbers on the fretboard ?

The fretboard frets and open strings are labeled. if
there is a symbol (R or number) on a fret then that note in
part of the scale/key combination that you have selected.
The R stands for the ROOT of the Scale , this is the same
note as the key that you have selected. The numbers 2-8 are
the remaining notes in the scale. The playing sequence is as

R 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R R 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 R

To play a pattern start at an R and follow sequentially until
you get to the next Root. You will see that there are many
possibilities. You can go vertically, horizontally, and
diagonally. Besides using the normal fingerings experiment
with combinations of your own. ( Thats the fun part of
guitar playing, Be creative !!!)

If you are a beginner use a very slow tempo to start out
with. Its always better to play slower cleanly then to play
faster sloppily. Once you are comfortable with the fingering
increase the speed. Once you have mastered a fingering
explore other parts of the neck.

One interesting use for this program is to have the computer
play a scale and you play harmony to it .

6.0 Program History

ver 1.0 - 12/02/87 - written for the Atari 8-bit
ver 1.1 - 1/25/88 - conversion to the IBM version added
a few more features.


Scale Master Users Manual
ver 1.1 Jan 25 , 1988

7.0 User Feedback

For this product to mature and improve over time it
requires two things.

1. YOUR Suggestions
2. YOUR Support ( more on this in a minute )

Your comments are welcome and wanted. I fully intend to
support and enhance this product. I am also open to
suggestions for other products. So lets here from you !

8.0 Registration

Why Register , the programs free isn't it ?

Well.... not exactly , you ARE free to try it out and
copy it for your friends. If you use the program you are
expected to become a registered user.

What benefits do I get when I register ?

1. You get the latest enhanced version which has

* more scales
* multiple octaves
* fretboard animation - shows you where to play
* any bells and whistles that users suggest

2. You support the further development for guitar /
music orientated software.

3. A guilt free conscience. ( They say registered users
learn and progress faster and sleep better at nights)

4. My appreciation and gratitude !

How do I become a registered user ?

Send a CHECK for $25.00 to

Ken Cardita
Cardita Consulting and Development
41915 San Julian Place
Temecula, CA 92390



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