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Sim City 2000 cheat- gives you 2+billion.
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Sim City 2000 cheat- gives you 2+billion.
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SimCity 2000 v1.1
By Ronald Mendoza

This little cheat will modify any SimCity 2000 city to have over $2 billion
dollars. This is better than importing in a cheated city from SimCity
Classic, since those will not have any mountains, etc.


SC2CHT11 saved_game

e.g. SC2CHT11 MYCITY[.SC2] (extension will be added if not specified)

The $20,000 requirement has been removed. The cheat should now work with
all SimCity 2000 cities, regardless of current money.

Also, while playing the game, try typing these in:

FUND (Issue bond at any time) DARN (frustration message)
PORN ("Can't Get Enough!") DAMN " "
TEST (in-house note?) HECK " "
VERS (version) MEMY (free memory)
CASS ($250)

Contact me on America Online as ronald6777, or ron90210. My Internet
addresses are: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
and [email protected].

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