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Sand Storm version 2.0 by MVP Software. Fire up your mouse for non-stop action in this high-octane graphics arcade game.

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Sand Storm ver 2.0 by MVP Software (ASP)
Fire up your mouse for non-stop action
in this high-octane graphics arcade
game. Intercept Scud missles and jet
attacks with your Patriots; then guide
your Tomahawk missle through enemy AA
fire on a search and destroy mission.
This is the shareware version of the
popular retail game. Includes 20
missions. Req VGA/SVGA, mouse.

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Sand Storm version 2.0 by MVP Software. Fire up your mouse for non-stop action in this high-octane graphics arcade game.
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Contents of the SAND.DOC file

| |
| SAND STORM -- version 2.0 |
| |
| by David Johndrow |
| |
| An MVP Software Production |
| |

Copyright 1992 David Johndrow

____|__ | (R)
--| | |-------------------
| ____|__ | Association of
| | |_| Shareware
|__| o | Professionals
-----| | |---------------------
|___|___| MEMBER

MVP Software is a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the shareware
principle works for you. If you are unable to resolve a
shareware-related problem with an ASP member by contacting the
member directly, ASP may be able to help. The ASP Ombudsman can
help you resolve a dispute or problem with an ASP member, but does
not provide technical support for members' products. Please write
to the ASP Ombudsman at 545 Grover Road, Muskegon, MI 49442-9427 or
send a Compuserve message via CompuServe Mail to ASP Ombudsman at

This program is distributed under the "shareware" concept, in which
you can try this software before you buy it. If you like the game,
please register it by sending $15 plus $3 s/h to MVP Software. Or
if you want more for your money, purchase the Sand Storm Championship
Version for $20 plus $3 s/h. (See the Appendix for a description of
the extra goodies you get with Sand Storm Championship Version.)
If after an evaluation period you choose not to register, please
give this software to a friend who might enjoy it.

Neither MVP Software nor David Johndrow, the author of Sand Storm,
receives any compensation from the purchase of the original
diskette. There is over a year of work in this program. Please
support our efforts to bring quality entertainment to users at
reasonable prices by registering your copy today. Use the order
form in this documentation manual.

Please copy and distribute the shareware version of Sand Storm only.
Sand Storm Championship Version may not be copied, given away or
sold by anyone other than MVP Software or an authorized reseller.

Order from:

MVP Software
1035 Dallas SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507-1407

or call: 800-968-9684 or 616-245-8376

order price: $20 + $3 s/h US funds only for Sand Storm
Championship Version
Canadian customers please order from:

Distant Markets
Box #1149
194 - 3803 Calgary Trail South
Edmonton, Alberta T6J 5M8

or call 800-661-7383 toll free
fax: 800-661-9756 toll free

order price: $29 Canadian funds for Sand Storm Championship Version
Australian customers please order from:

9 Albermarle St.
Newtown NSW 2042

or call (02) 519-4233
fax: (02) 516-4236

order price: $30 Australian funds for Sand Storm Championship Ver.
United Kingdom customers please order from:

Testware Ltd
46 The Avenue
Harrogate, N Yorks HG1 4QD

or call 0423 886 415
fax: 0423 889 728

order price: 17 pounds for Sand Storm Championship Version

Software Creations is now the home BBS for all MVP Software games and
game-creation software. Check out our free MVP file section for new
releases and updates. Call (508) 365-2359 2400 baud; (508) 368-4137
2400-16.8K USR; (508) 368-7036 2400-14.4K V.32. From the main menu
type F 60 to go to the MVP file section.

Here you are, stuck in the sweltering Middle East desert,
manning the new untested Patriot missles, when all of a sudden this
madman unleashes the fury of his Scud missles at you. Worse yet,
enemy jets are now flying overhead dropping deadly bombs!

So you scramble into the gunner's position and begin firing
away at the intruders. It is up to you to protect civilization as
we know it today.

Sand Storm System Requirements
VGA graphics adapter and monitor
Microsoft compatible mouse
384k free RAM

Quick Start
There are three basic scenario types you will face in the
standard version of Sand Storm: SCUDS, JETS, and TOMAHAWKS. Before
each mission you will be briefed on what to expect. Reading the
briefs will help you adopt a strategy before each mission -- making
success more likely. After the briefing, you will see an
introduction sequence reminding you of what type of scenario is to
come; then the mission begins. After you complete a mission, you
will be given information regarding your performance. There are 20
missions in all.

Move the cursor around the screen with the mouse. When you
wish to launch a Patriot to the current location, push the left
button. It couldn't be more simple! Remember, the Patriot will go
to the location of the crosshairs when you pushed the button. This
way, you can launch a Patriot, then seek out more targets while the
Patriot is on its way! Watch out for Conventional (White), Al
Hussein (Blue), and Chemical (Green) Scuds. In addition, enemy jets
will fly over. Try to hit the jets for extra points, but only worry
about the bomb that it may release. The mission ends when the last
scud detonates or is destroyed. The game ends if you let damage
bring down the status of the installations to below 50%.

Same in scope as the scuds scenario but with more jets and
fewer scuds than before.

During this scenario you will use the mouse to move a tomahawk
missile up and down to avoid contact with AA fire. When your target
appears (usually after several screens), push the left button to
initiate the strike sequence. At that time, the tomahawk will

nosedive to the ground and, if your aim is good, destroy its target.
The mission ends after the last tomahawk detonates or is destroyed.
The game ends if you fail to destroy 50% or more of the targets.
Important: Do not push the button until you are ready to initiate
the strike sequence. Once it has begun, there is no turning back!

Your Mission
Your mission is to protect the following types of potential
enemy targets: cities, towns, hospitals, barracks, water towers,
radar, airfields, oil refineries, oil wells, oil storage tanks, and
ships at sea. The following table illustrates what enemy weapons
will do the most damage to any given facility:

Type of missile Direct Nearby Hit
----------------- ------- ----------
Scuds (White) 50% 30%
Al Hussein (Blue) 40% 24%
Chemical (Green) 50% 30% (cities, towns, hospitals,
barracks, water)
30% 18% (Everything else)
Bombs 30% 10%

Keep in mind that while you are not evaluated on your ability
to protect the Patriot missile launcher, hits to the launcher result
in its loss of ability to fire as rapidly. You can actually lose
all use of the launcher, leaving you with nothing to do but watch,
helplessly, as the scuds rain down on their targets.

During Tomahawk sequences, two approaches may prove helpful.
First, avoid a panic-stricken wild-driving technique. This usually
results in head-on AA contact. Just cruise along, moving when
necessary. Second, when your target is within sight, move your
tomahawk into a low flying position before initiating the strike
sequence. As you will no doubt learn at some point, the tomahawk is
still very vulnerable during this time, actually more-so since you
can no longer swerve away from danger. Moving into a low position
before striking will minimize the amount of time spent in this
critical phase.

Sand Storm was created using MVP PAINT, a VGA graphics creation
and editing program designed especially for game authors. It is
available separately from MVP Software. The following people were
instrumental in debugging and assisting the growth of Sand Storm:
Nancy Johndrow, the author's wife, provided ideas, the title, and
tolerated countless hours of "Just look at this last thing, then you
can go!" Kevin Stokes of Pie in the Sky Software freed me from a
dangerous trap. Bob Roberds gave me the means to get the job done.
In addition, the January 18th, 1991 edition of U.S. News and World
Report and the February 1991 edition of National Geographic were
both invaluable resources.


What Do You Get When You Buy Sand Storm Championship Version?

A common question that users ask us is, "If I register a game with
MVP, what do I get?" That's a good question.

With Sand Storm, MVP offers you a choice. If you're happy with the
shareware game, and you don't mind never seeing the awesome tank
battle scenario, and you don't want to really let the Bully of
Baghdad have it right where it hurts , then you may register
Sand Storm by sending the $15 registration fee (plus $3 s/h). This
will get you the latest version of the game with the registration
reminder screens removed. It will also give you the satisfaction
of knowing you've done the right thing, and you will be supporting
the author in future game development.

If you want the challenge of six additional levels, including the
awesome tank battle scenario, however, then you will want to buy
Sand Storm Championship Version. This sells for $20 plus $3 s/h.
With Sand Storm Championship Version you get the following:

* No registration reminder screens
* Six additional game levels -- 26 levels in all
* The awesome tank battle scenario
* Printed instructions and secret game hints
* a FREE bonus VGA action game
* The satisfaction of doing the right thing
* Support for the author in future game development

Frankly, most folks will want to get the Championship Version.
After all, when you're plunking down the cash, you want something
in return. And Sand Storm Championship Version delivers! I know
you'll be happy with it. Heck, the extra FREE VGA game you get
is worth the five bucks all by itself.

Thank you for supporting shareware. Your honesty

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