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Pilot a sailboat.
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Pilot a sailboat.
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** Last Minute Amusements **


SAILOR is an action game designed for the IBM PC and clones. It
operates in text mode, so no graphics card of any kind is required. The
game is played by controlling a triangular shaped sailboat within a
window on the screen. Your control of the boat is achieved by using the
tiller--the left and right arrow keys. The left arrow will turn the boat
to port, the right to starboard.
The game is designed to simulate the actual dynamics of sailing.
Your speed will increase or decrease with direction vis-a-vis the wind
much as a real sailboat would behave. Likewise, windspeed and wind
direction will shift if you play long enough. The game is concluded by
running the boat off the window or onto the lousy-looking island.
Information of various sorts is displayed to the right of your screen.
Because of differences in operating speeds among the diverse
machines this might be played upon, Last Minute Amusements has included
the Turbo Pascal source code for the game. To adjust the speed of the
game for your machine, increase the length of the delay determined in the
last lines of the procedure Undersail. The code is yours; do with it
what you will.


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