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500 Rummy for Windows.
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500 Rummy for Windows.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

RUMMY 500 (Version 2.0) - README.TXT

Rummy 500 is an exciting variation of the card game known as Gin Rummy. You
play against the computer, which can be set to use a number of different
skill levels. At expert level, the computer is hard to beat and provides a
very challenging game. Rummy 500 is believed to be the first shareware Gin
Rummy game available for Microsoft Windows.

Customizable features include:
Card backs
Screen resolution (600x480 or 800x600)
AutoMouse (moves mouse pointer automatically between deck and hand)
Opponent skill level

The only installation requirements are that Rummy500.exe and Rummy500.hlp
reside in the same directory, and that VBRUN300.DLL and CMDIALOG.VBX are
present in your path (typically in the windows or windows\system directory).

Rummy 500 is shareware, and is fully functional. You may evaluate this
program for a period of 21 days after which you must register it or remove it
from your system. To not comply with this condition is a violation of United
States and international copyright law.

You register Rummy 500 by sending $12 (check or money order) to:

Carol Bufton
58 Prendiville Way
MA 01752

You will receive your registration code by mail. The registration code is
encoded from your name, so be sure to provide your name exactly as you wish
to be registered. Please allow 28 days for your registration to arrive,
although every effort will be made to mail your registration within 5 days.

If you require a 3" diskette, add $3 making the total cost $15. The
diskette version may contain a later version of Rummy 500 if improvements
have been made since the release of your evaluation copy.

You may not share your registration code with others. Your registration
permits you and other users to use Rummy 500 on any single computer system.
You may also use Rummy 500 on any other computer system of which you are the
primary user, such as a laptop.

You may distribute Rummy 500 to others provided that you derive no revenue
other than the cost of distribution, and provided that you distribute the
following, and only the following, files intact:

Rummy500.exe - The program
Rummy500.hlp - The help file
Readme.txt - This file

To use Rummy 500 you need Microsoft Windows 3.1, a mouse (with at least two
buttons), VBRUN300.DLL, and CMDIALOG.VBX. An Intel 386 class system with 4
megabytes of RAM is recommended as a minimum. Rummy 500 has not been
evaluated on less capable systems, but should present no problems other than
responsiveness and speed.

You are recommended to take advantage of the comprehensive help file
information in order to learn how to play Rummy 500. Enjoy!

Revision History

Version 1.x - Development versions

Version 2.0 - First Shareware release. Fully functional.

MeggieSoft Games, 1994. All Rights Reserved.

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