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The solution to the Return To Zork game.

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Complete Walk-Through
for Return to Zork!

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The solution to the Return To Zork game.
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Solve written by Remo Williams and the Mad Butcher

NOTE: There are no compass directions until you are in a maze. In cases
where you need to go to a specific location, the path to get there will
be noted by either forward, left, right, or back.

Pick up rock
Throw rock at vulture
Look on sign
Select your knife from inventory, then click on the bonding plant with it.
Dig up the plant.
Go forward twice to the lighthouse.
Put the arrow on the door and select it.
He lets you in, but you can't do anything here yet, so leave.
Bear left around the lighthouse.
Cut the vines with the knife.
Tie the vines on the wood planks.
Click on the raft.
Go forward once, then click on the bridge.
Go to the 1st building on your right, the schoolhouse.
Strike the bell with the knife.
Talk to Ms. Peepers, pass copy protection, and she gives you the notebook.
Take a picture of Ms. Peepers while you're here, you'll need it later.
Go into the Mayor's Office, he has helpful hints in his file cabinet,
but you don't really need any of them.
Go to the hardware store (2nd on right) and go in.
Get the box and the crank, leave the mice, you don't need them ever.
Now turn around until you see the bridge you came into town from the raft on.
Go left at it, then into the old mill.
After Boos gives you rye, pour it into his plant.
Then click the glass on Boos, and make a toast.
Drink the empty glass.
Repeat the aboves 3 steps twice.
Now ask Boos for his keys.
Repeat the toasting procedure once more.
Get the flask and then go out the left door.
Pick up the key.
Move the chock on the water wheel (leftmost portion of screen)
Go back into the mill, and back to town.
Go to the gift shop, and use the single key on the door.
Get the battery, and the zorkmids and tickets from the cash register.
Put the battery into your tele-orb.
Now, go back until you're facing the bridge, and go down on the right.
Give the waif the tickets, then fill the flask with river water.
Go back to the old mill, and go down the trap door.
Use Boos keys on the door.
Exit the new mill through the door on the right.
Move around freely here, until you get a feel for where various locations are.
From East Shanbar (where all the little shops are) select the red building,
which is Moodock's.
Click on the Survivor Game Board, and beat Moodock at Survivor. (real easy)
He gives you a sword, and a coin. Take them and leave.
Go to the striped building which is the blacksmiths.
Give him the sword and then leave.
Cross the bridge into New West Shanbar and you should be at a fork, with
a Hero's Memorial. Bear left at the fork.
At the Fool's Memorial fork, grab the book and bear right. (again, wander,
with the lack of compass directions, it is sometimes hard to find a location)
You should now be at Pugney's Ranch. Go up to the red house, and click on
the window.
When he starts yapping, be apologetic and he'll give you permission to take
the box of bras on his property.
Take the box of bras.
Now go back to East Shanbar (where the shops were) and go to the Incinerator.
Push lever 1, and throw the box of bras into the incinerator.
Close the incinerator (lever 1) and hit lever 2.
Zoom in on the incinerator drawer and you should have a hot wire.
Pour the water in the flask on the wire.
Take wire.
Go to the green building (next to Moodock's)
Insert the wire in the door.
Pick up the rats, and put them in the box.
Shake the cereal box twice and take the whistle.
Now go back to the Blacksmiths.
Give him money for the repair work he did.
Notice the jewel is gone from the hilt? He screwed you! Show him the sword.
Now threaten him, and he should give you the True Dwarven Sword back.
Show him the book you picked up from the fool's memorial.
Give him 2 more Zorkmids, and he'll read the book.
He smudges the page, and gives you 1 zorkmid back, pick it up and leave.
Find the Fool's Memorial and go left at the fork.
You should be near a trailer and a silo, go into the trailer through
the window.
Go into the first door on the left and click on the poodle.
Now go into the door left of the large open arch.
So you get KO'd. Talk to Rebecca. Pass copy protection.
Now go into the open archway (kitchen)
Pick up the soap from the sink, and drop it into the sink.
Turn on the sink.
Wash the waif's gift in the sink, you now have 1 disc piece (need 6)
Open the fridge and take the frozen meat.
Take the Thermozz from the table (next to cereal box)
Click on the oven, and turn it on for kicks.
Go into the door on the right of the arch.
Zoom in on the nightstand and take the mirror.
Go outside until you're facing the trailer again, and go right.
You should be at a silo. Use the crank on the silo latch.
Turn the crank clockwise.
Pick up the carrots.
Now make your way back to Pugney's Ranch.
Go into his barn (big blue barn)
Pick up some hay, from near the cow's mouth.
Drop the hay a little in front of his front hooves.
Take the matches from your inventory and light one of them.
Light the hay on fire.
Now, with nothing in your hands, click on the hay fire.
Warm your hands.
Take the Thermozz out of your inventory, and click it on the cow.
Milk the cow.
Feed the carrots to the cow, then use the camera to take a picture of it.
Now, go way, way back through the mills to the first town you came to
when you got off the raft. (you go right from the bridge in New West Shanbar)
Go to the schoolhouse and show the book (the one you had the Blacksmith
translate) to Ms. Peepers.
Go to the Mayor's Office, and show him the book.
By this time the meat you picked up from the trailer should be rotting.
(You'll know, because everyone will tell you that you're reeking.)
You're done here for now, so go back through the mills again.
Now find the bridge that goes to New West Shanbar, and go left of it.
You should now be at a dock.
End your conversation with him, and click on the knot Ben is holding.
Once you learn the cow-hitch, click on Ben and ask him about photos.
Click on the picture of Ms. Peepers. He'll give you a love letter.
Give Ben some Zorkmids and you'll rent a boat.
Take the rats you have out of the box, and put them into the motor.
Go down the river to the Witch's hut, and go in.
You'll have to drop the rotting meat on the ground here before she'll even
talk to you. Once you do that, show Witch Itah the book.
Now give Ben's love letter to the Witch.
She'll give you the Witches Stick. DON'T touch the bat cage or you will
effectively end the game. (Guardian takes all possessions from you)
Pick up the stick, and the meat, and go out the opening in the hut.
Unfortunately, the directions in the bog are random, and change every game.
Therefore you will have to map out the directions with the witch stick.
What you do is place the witches stick over the patch of bog you are about
to step to. If it sinks, don't go there, obviously.
Now, make your way to the fork in the road, where the incinerator is on the
Bear left at the fork.
You should be at some ancient ruins. Pick up the tiles.
Do an about face and pick up the frame.
Select the tiles from your inventory, and use them with the frame. Drop
the tiles into the frame.
Look at the puzzle.
You want to spell out the following:
(In small letters)
Water unseen at falls mix with bat dropping yields potion for (invisibility)
(big letters)
Search for three more pieces on the ground where this (was found)
Once you solve the puzzle, there will be 2 illuminite rocks and another
piece of the disc (#2) either right where you're standing, or right behind you.
Pick them up, or do an about face, and then pick them up.
Now, when you are in the ruins, and can see trees on the left, go to them
and you'll be in the Forest of the Spirits.
You should be at a tree with metal leaves.
Hit the tree with the witch's stick to get more zorkmids. (You can do this
as many times as you need money, which you will need to do.)
Do an about face, then go WEST, WEST, NORTH, WEST, SOUTH and WEST.
Give the Thermozz to the Archer.
(Incidentally, the guy who IS the Archer played Flash Gordon in the movies.)
(You know - Flash...aaaaaa-aaah! Oh well, maybe not.)
Pick up the Thermozz, the Bow, and the arrows.
Quickly take matches from your inventory, and light one of them.
Click on the Fairy, then be Friendly, she'll give you fairy dust.
You should be back in the ruins.
(From this point on, if at any you should run into Rebecca, show her the book
that you've been having people translate from.)
She usually hangs out to the right of the fork at the Hero's Memorial.
Make your way (ONLY after she has translated the book for you) to
Snoot's Farm, and go left of it.
You should be facing a path with trees and water in the distance.
Go towards the tree.
Take the rope from the railing and tie it on the tree.
Go down the rope twice.
NOTE: Before you go into the club, you MUST have/have done the following:
Have the LIVING bonding plant in your inventory.
Have had the book translated by the following people:

The Blacksmith
Witch Itah
The Mayor

Go into Chuckle's Comedy Club.
Once Cliff tells you to "make him laugh" use your tape recorder and play
back the jokes that each of the 4 people told you.
If you followed this solve religiously, the number of the recordings are as

The Blacksmith, Track #3
Witch Itah, Track #1
The Mayor, Track #4
Rebecca, Track #4

Upon playing these, you will win the contest, and Cliff will give you another
piece of the disc (#3).
Leave Cliffs quickly, and climb back up the rope.
Take the rope from the tree, and put it in your inventory.
Go back to Pugney's ranch and go left from the barn.
You should be at the vulture pits.
Take the fairy dust and use it with the rotting meat.
Sprinkle the fairy dust on the meat, then select the meat from inventory.
Throw the rotting meat.
Quickly go forward into the pits, grab the talon, and leave.
Go back the barn, and milk the cow again, putting milk in the Thermozz.
Go back into town, and make your way to Ben's boat again.
Make sure you have a photo of the cow at this point.
Pay for another boat ride, and go into the witches hut again.
Ask Witch Itah about photos, and click on the photo of the cow.
Take the bat cage, and go through the bog again (the map should be the same
as the first time you went through it.)
Now, from the fork at the incinerator, go right. You will be outside
Whispering Woods.
Make sure you have: The Thermozz with milk, the batcage, the sword, and
the coin that Moodock gave you.
Select the bat cage from inventory, and release the bats.
As soon as they fly off, pick up some bat "guano" from the ground.
Follow the bats, when you start to lose your peripheral vision (It's
critical when it says "Can you see the Ga-lactic Milky Way?" take a drink of
milk from the Thermozz)
If you can't follow the bats, or you can't see them at some points, the
following moves will take you to the exit.
(Now would be a good time to drink milk) NORTH, EAST, EAST, SOUTH, SOUTH,
SOUTH, WEST, SOUTH, SOUTH and you should be out.
Go out onto the Ferryman's dock and ring the bell three times.
SHOW the coin to the Reaper, DON'T give it to him or you'll have to load a
saved game. He'll take you across the lake.
Go back from the dock and up the hill until you reach Canuk's shack.
Go up to the door, and pry the door knocker (magnet) off with your sword.
Go into the shack (click on the doorknob.)
Pick up the bottle, and the scroll.
Read the scroll to the duck and Canuk will appear.
Ask Canuk about the bottle you just picked up, and he will put you inside
the bottle. You must do *everything* quick here.
Go forward three times and get the rag.
Examine the safe next to the bed. The combination is 9427.
Open the safe, get the disc piece (#4) and the rusty metal thing.
Put the mirror in your hand, and back up out of the bottle.
When Canuk gets ready to kill you, click the mirror on him to change him
into a duck.
Go back to Ferryman's Isle and hit the bell twice. Give the reaper the coin.
Go back through the woods, following the trails of the bats.
Drink milk when necessary.
Use the rag from inventory to wipe the rusty metal thing. (What good it does,
I don't know)
Make your way to vulture pits. Use the magnet from inventory with
the whitle, and then blow the whistle. A vulture will pick you up.
You can now go anywhere you have been on the map, simply by clicking on it.
Now would be a good time to get more hay from the barn, and more carrots
from the exploded silo - you'll need them later on.
Once you've got them, select the lighthouse from your map, and go there.
Go into the lighthouse and give the keeper one of your illuminite rocks,
he'll let you in.
Show the Keeper your disc pieces, and he'll give you another one (#5)
Go upstairs, take the rope and tie a cow-hitch knot on the railing.
Take the talon from inventory, and tie it to the rope.
Throw the rope.
Go forward to the tree, forward again to the temple.
Get the shield from the statue, and enter the temple.
End your conversation with her, and give her your sword. She'll bless it.
Exit the temple, do an about face and go out the right door.
The dwarven leader will give you a helmet. Take the helmet and leave.
Make your way back to the lighthouse, and pick up the rope and talon.
Use your map and go directly to the troll caverns (right of the hero fork)
Pick up your illuminite rock from inventory, and use it with the helmet.
Wear the helmet, pick up your sword (should be blue now) and enter the
troll caverns.
At the first guard, swing left. Go forward.
At the second guard, swing up. Go forward.
At the third guard, swing down. Go forward.
At the head troll, keep threatening him. He'll give you the fear necklace.
After you get the necklace, go directly to the Forest of the Spirits via
the map.
First, go to the leaves pit. The directions are as follows:
At the pile of leaves, use your talon and throw it at the pile of leaves.
Take your knife and strike the trap with it. Retrieve your talon.
From here go through the new opening, NORTH, NORTH, NORTH and NORTH.
You should be at a statue of a boar.
Hit the statue three times with your sword and retrieve the final piece of
the disc.
You should be at a spider. Show the Fear Necklace to the spider and he will
run away.
Use your sword from inventory, and cut the web. Go forward to the dam.
Go once forward until you're close to the dam, then fill the flask with
the water from the dam.
Take the bat guano from your inventory, and drop it into the flask.
You now have an invisibility potion.
Use the map to go directly to the Dwarven Mines (where you got the helmet)
And enter the mine cart. The directions for the cart are as follows:
You should be at the Ancient Ruins.
NOW - From LEFT to RIGHT give the statues the following.

Put the disc pieces in the trencher, then push the RED button.

You now have the Flying Disc of Frobozz.
Pick up EVERYTHING you see here, and then use the map to go directly to
the Cliffs of Depression.
From there, do an about face, and go left.
You should be at the Wall of Illusion, previously unpassable.
Throw the Frobozz disk at the Wall of Illusion, and go forward to the
Citadel of Zork.
Take the bow from your inventory, and click on the arrows.
Shoot an arrow at the hand, and the Citadel's gate will open.
When you reach the Orc Leader, drink the invisibilty potion that you mixed
in the flask.
When it says the Orc Guard can still sense your presence, play the recording
of Alexis (the poodle) he will run away.
Go forward to the Citadel Bridge.


At this point you MUST have the following:
Shield Fear Necklace Zorkmids Flask
Helmet Knife Matches Bow
Arrows Tele-Orb Box Rope
Fairy Dust Thermozz Talon Witch Stick
Sword Illuminite Puzzle Carrots
Hay Mirror Metal Thing Rag
Book Wire Boos Keys Gold Key
Bonding Plant

Now, start tossing EVERYTHING at the Citadel Bridge (into the fire.)
Once you have thrown enough objects into the fire, the bridge will be safe
to cross. (You will see a message saying so)
Cross the bridge.
You must now play Survivor against Morphius for it all.
Here is a pattern which will always work, as long as you pass your move if
Canuk is occupying the next space you need to go to.

B3, D4, C2, B4, D3, C1, A2, C3, D1, B2, C4, D2, B1, A3

Stand back and watch the ending!
(It's pretty sleazy)

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