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Railroad Tycoon Deluxe patch from MicroProse BBS.
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Railroad Tycoon Deluxe patch from MicroProse BBS.
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Contents of the README1.DOC file

MicroProse Bulletin Board
(410) 785-1841

______ _ _ ___ __ __
\/___| | | | | | | | | | |_ /\ |\ | |__
| [][]| |-| | |- |- | | /__\ | \ | |
| | | | | | \ | \ | | / \| \| ___|
/ oo--OOO-o

Release Notes: Update for Railroad Tycoon Deluxe to version 1.01

Bug Fixes:

1) Save game files are now fixed. The bug did not show up in
our QA process. For those of you who are versed in programming
we forgot a parameter in a create call. Since the create call
was using a return address to fill in the blank it would only
fail if your machine config was just right. Or wrong in this
case. (I took time to explain this because someone out there
was pretty vocal about how we could miss this. Well now you

2) Center Key now works 'C'.

3) Roland sound bug fix for 486 33MHz and above.

I thought some of you would like to know how we came to publish
Railroad Tycoon Deluxe. Our Japanese development group released
Railroad Tycoon in November of 1991. The game was a direct port to
the NEC 9801 from the IBM. Our Japanese customers looked at the EGA
graphics and said "Uggh!" or the Japanese equivalent. This motivated
us to rework the graphics system for a 640x400 16 color graphics
mode, (NEC Format.)

In the process of reworking the graphics, we decided to add new
theaters and trains. After we released the Japanese version of the
game we were asked if we could release this product for the US/UK.
Because of the interest we had on the BBS's we decided to include it
in our Spring 1993 release.

We have concentrated on new worlds and economies and a sound and art
upgrade. I have read your posts. Please continue sending us your
comments and suggestions. Understanding what you are looking for
will help us include appropriate suggestions in future products.

Thank You for purchasing
Railroad Tycoon Deluxe

Jeff Billings

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