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Freight train switching simulation.
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Freight train switching simulation.
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Contents of the RRSWITCH.DOC file

(c) 1982-88, Fred Miller


RAILROAD SWITCH CHALLENGE is a PC program designed to chal-
lenge the best of the armchair wayfreight train crews. The
game objective of RRSWITCH is to move railroad freight cars
along simulated tracks to industry locations, and subse-
quently assemble a departing freight train on the mainline
track. The program and it's "layout" is loosely patterned
after John Allen's TIMESAVER.

RRSWITCH was originally written in 1982 to run on TRS-80
Model I PCs. Since that time the program has been modified
to take advantage of better graphics and color. This version
has been prepared to run on MS-DOS based PCs with CGA or bet-
ter color graphics. Although it will operate on the original
IBM PC (or TANDY 1000), the higher speeds of later PCs pro-
vide for better graphics movement. The program will operate
on DOS 2 or better on a machine with at least 256K.

The program requires three files: RRSWITCH.EXE, RRSWITCH.OVL,
and RRSWITCH.DAT to operate. This file, RRSWITCH.DOC, is not
necessary for operation but it should be included whenever
the other files are copied.


Note: An abbreviated version of these instructions are always
available "on-screen" with a key press.

Randomly generated switching assignments must be accomplished
in a minimum of moves and with a minimum of demerits. Moves
are counted for each change in direction of the engine. De-
merits are accumulated by running off the end of a track, by
hitting (or trying to push) a car not coupled to the current
train/engine, or by running a track switch not appropriately
set to the train route.

New (or repeated) switching assignments are generated and
displayed in the upper left of the track layout screen. A
running total of moves and demerits is displayed in the upper
right portion of the screen. Guidance messages are displayed
on the bottom.
The numeric keypad (keys as shown ->) is used | 7 | 8 | 9 |
to control all train action. One hand, touch +---+---+---+
control becomes second nature after a few | 4 | 5 | 6 |
trial runs. (Note that the NUMERIC LOCK mode +---+---+---+
is automatically set and released by the | 1 | 2 | 3 |
program.) +---+---+---+

Routes are set by first selecting a switch with KEY-7, then
setting the upper route with KEY-8, or the lower route with

Couplers are set by first selecting a coupling position with
KEY-9, then uncoupling with KEY-1, or coupling with KEY-3.

The engine is moved Westbound by KEY-4, and Eastbound by

KEY-5 is used to access a control menu displayed on the bot-
tom of the screen and to access an abbreviated version of
these instructions. Action may be continue after the HELP
instructions are displayed.

The following bottom line menu options are provided:

[Q] = quit the program and return to DOS,
[R] = restart the same switch assignment from the beginning,
[N] = start a new switching assignment,
[C] = continue the current assignment,
[H] = display the three help panels.

RAILROAD SWITCH CHALLENGE is started from DOS by typing
'RRSWITCH'. Various command line options may also be called
upon at start-up. The following run options are available:

T = use more attractive colors available through TANDY's CGA,
V = also better colors for EGA or VGA (but still 320 x 200),
H = suppress display of help panels at initial program load,
R = suppress randomized switch assignments (will recycle same
assignments each time program is loaded),
Q = suppress musical emphasis at demerit or end of game,
D = start program with an automated demonstration assignment.

For example, a DOS line command of 'RRSWITCH T D' would start
the program in automatic demonstration mode using the TANDY


This program is donated to the PUBLIC DOMAIN, for NON-
COMMERCIAL use. The program including this file may be
freely copied for such use without any restrictions. However
COMMERCIAL use or distribution without prior written consent
of the author is PROHIBITED. The program is provided "as is"
without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied,
including, but not limited to the implied warranties of mer-
chantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The entire
risk as to results and performance of the program is assumed
by the user. Should the program prove defective, the user as-
sumes the entire responsibility for necessary servicing,
repair or correction.


If you enjoy using this program, the author would like to
hear from you. A small donation would get you on a mailing
list and pay for subsequent improved versions. Regardless,
comments and suggestions would always be welcome and may be
forwarded to the author at CompuServe address 72207,3273, or:



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