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A Rotisserie Baseball stat compiler. Uses the cheap stats from USA today(not the expensive, just for fantasy baseball stats).
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A Rotisserie Baseball stat compiler. Uses the cheap stats from USA today(not the expensive, just for fantasy baseball stats).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AVL.C 17650 5118 deflated
AVL.H 2030 902 deflated
BB.H 387 247 deflated
BB_PDB.C 45507 9853 deflated
BB_PDB.H 2890 1000 deflated
CMDTABLE.C 1951 760 deflated
GETOPT.C 2071 916 deflated
INFOROTO.91 17478 6008 deflated
MAKEFILE.TC 2412 819 deflated
MISC.C 6220 1970 deflated
PORTAB.H 1254 467 deflated
POS0930.SAM 2263 780 deflated
PROTO.H 3955 974 deflated
RDB.H 4097 1451 deflated
RDB_PLAY.C 8683 2727 deflated
README 2355 1215 deflated
REALP.C 3990 1279 deflated
REPORT.C 34798 7123 deflated
ROSTER.C 8814 2454 deflated
ROTISE.C 5042 1917 deflated
ROTISE.DOC 7721 2903 deflated
ROTISE.H 796 465 deflated
ROTISE.MAP 38428 6185 deflated
STAND.W13 11007 3375 deflated
STANDING.C 6969 1597 deflated
STAT0930.SAM 6496 2626 deflated
STENOG.C 8403 2488 deflated
STRING.C 7812 2526 deflated
TRANSACT.C 15069 3158 deflated
X.DOC 6633 2488 deflated

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Contents of the README file

'rotise' is a program to manage a Rotisserie League baseball team.
This file may not exactly match the program, as it hasn't been updated
in a while, but is probably mostly correct.

Included are C sources and three makefiles -- one for System V UNIX,
one for MSDOS with the Microsoft compiler, one for MSDOS with the
Turbo C compiler. Build the executable 'rotise' by using the
appropriate makefile. You may want to look at 'portab.h' and other
include files, but it should build OK regardless.

We use the program in an AL-only league, and although it ought to
work for NL, we haven't tried it. Also if you want to change the
categories and reports, you'll have to muck with the code.

The program is run as follows:

rotise [-v] [-i] [-wN] [-ffilename] controlfile

-v gives some verbose output

-i puts IBM style graphics characters into the report file

-wN inits the data storage for N weeks of data; default is 30, which
is plenty, but may run slowly or run out of room if you have a small
system. You can use this option to decrease the storage used if
you are only doing a few weeks of stats.

-ffilename writes a free list, by position, into the specified file.

controlfile is a script that contains your league data, transactions,
moves, etc. It also contains the pointers to the files that contain
stats and position infomation, assumed to be in the format that you
can get from the USA Today board.

The program generates team and league reports to stdout. You will
probably redirect it to some file.

There are a couple of .doc files; they are in an interim state, make
of them what you will.

Included with this simple README are sample control file (inforoto.91)
and output file for our league; this (especially the control file)
should help to get you going. Note that I've cut some out of both
files to make this transmission smaller; there's enough there to
get a look at what it does.

Also included are sample statistics and player position files so that
you can see the format of this data. Again, these files have been
grossly shortened as they are only supplied for format info.

Send mail or give a call if you have questions or problems.

Mark Mallett ([email protected])
603-424-8129 evenings
603-645-5069 (service)

Jonathon Arnold ([email protected])
BBS: 617-335-6842 (Magnetic Field of Dreams)

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