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Rolling Hills golf course for Nicklaus Unlimited Golf.
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Rolling Hills golf course for Nicklaus Unlimited Golf.
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Contents of the REDHILL.DOC file


NOVEMBER 1990 - Rolling Hills is a golf course designed for
use with Accolade's Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf program. It is
NOT for use with Accolade's earlier release, Jack Nicklaus Golf.
You must have the "Unlimited" version. (I originally named the
course Red Hills, thus the file names REDHILL.*).

If you have not seen Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf, but have
played other computer golf games (Mean18, World Tour Golf, even
the original Nicklaus' Golf, etc.), I can't recommend this
program highly enough. (No, I don't work for Accolade). This is
a far superior product. The graphics for striking scenery. Your
final putt will make an authentic rattle as it clinks into the
cup, while errant shots into water land with a distinctive, wet

This course has been copyrighted, 1990 (and this is notice
thereof). However, feel free to copy this program (with all
files) to other BBS, or to make other copies for friends. This
course design may not be sold; selling the design or copying it
and selling it infringes the copyright.

No payment is expected for this program, however, if you are
a reader of crime novels and thrillers, I have a few books on the
shelf (and a few others that alter between being in and out of
print) and it would be great if you'd pick one up at your local
bookstore. The titles are: WINNER'S CUT, THE CAPTAIN DROWNS,
RAZOR MOON, MIDNIGHT RAZZ (due out 4/91), and BEACH MONEY (due
out 6/91 under the pen name, Preston Mack). I hope you like the
books. Beware of their sexual and violent content, however.

Comments re: this course or my books may be directed to me
at 9050-A Frederick Rd., Ellicott City, MD 21043 or via E-Mail
through Programmer's Corner (301-596-1180).

Preston Pairo III

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