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Mileage in USA, as crow flies and est. road dist. - CGA.
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Mileage in USA, as crow flies and est. road dist. – CGA.
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Contents of the ROADMILE.DOC file

ROADMILE - The Road Mileage Estimator
by Scott Rathkamp Memphis TENN
901-766-2457 (Voice) 901-766-4342 1200,N,8,1

Over the years I have downloaded many useful programs and utilities from
the public domain and this is one way of saying THANKS, by putting something
useful back into the PD, I encourage others to do likewise! If you like this
program, feel free to distribute to other BBS and friends. The complete set
consists of the ROADMILE.EXE program along with 4 data files; US.MAP, USMSTR.DTA,
RGNMSTR.DTA, and STAMSTR.DTA. You must have all four to make it work so if you
pass it along, make sure the EXE, 4 data files and this DOC file is included.
ROADMILE requires at least CGA or CGA emulation to run properly. If you
have an older model PC you might be able to use HGCIBM.COM, EMUCOLOR.COM,
SIMCGA.COM or one of the other emulators available in the PD.

To run ROADMILE, type ROADMILE at the prompt and press enter. You will
first see a screen of explanation. After pressing any key, you will see a map
of the U.S. The left/right and up/down keys are used to move the pointer "+"
around the map. When you are at the starting point you'd like distances for
press the S key. Now move the pointer to the ending point of your `journey'
and press the E key. ROADMILE will calculate the straight line distance
between the two points and then calculate an actual `road or highway' mileage.
The highway mileage is based on an algorithm derived from the Rand McNally
Household Mileage atlas (TM). The ratio between actual miles and straight line
miles varies depending upon the states you pass through and the density of their
highway system. It assumes you will be traveling on secondary roads (red roads)
or better.
Enjoy ROADMILE and support the PD and your favorite BBS!

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