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Placement of Armies

When the game is started, if you
would like you can place some extra
armies at the beginning. When you
choose to do this the territories
are assigned to certain players
randomly. Unlike the other way of
starting (without placing your own
armies) you have no control over
who gets what territory it is
purely random.
When the screen is ready you
will see a small square in the
bottom left corner showing how many
armies have been placed on the
territory which is active (the one
with the cross). All the
territories start out with one
In the bottom right is the name
of the player who can place armies.
When all the armies for one person
are placed this will change to the
next player.
The following buttons also
appear on the screen:

[Help] - Pulls up this
[Armies] - Lets you place your
armies on the active
[Info] - Gives additional
information on the
active territory.

When you are ready to place some
armies make sure that you have a
territory of yours active. The
territory will be filled in in your
color. If you are not sure who
owns what color you can pull up the
information screen.
Now that your territory is
active, press the [Info] button. A
screen will appear asking you how
many of the armies you have
available to place on that
territory. If by some chance you
don't want to place any there, just
enter a zero (0) and it will place
If you continue this process
until your armies are used up it
will go on to the next player.
Pulling up the Information
screen will show the specifications
on the active territory. The name
of the territory will be printed in
the color of the owner, and the
owners name will appear below. It
will also show which continent it
belongs to, and how many armies are
on that territory at the current
time. Press the [Done] button or
to make this display go

When all the players have placed
their armies the game play will
start automatically, and more
buttons will appear on the screen.

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Archive   : RISKS.ZIP
Filename : RISKSP.HLP

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