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Attacking the Enemy

Pressing the [Yes] button when
asked if you want to attack will now
allow you to attack your enemy.
There will be several blocks to
show up on the screen. One is the
attack information block, and the
other is the prompt block.
Attacking is done by constructing
an attack in the provided
information block, and then carrying
it out through the use of the prompt

Attack Information Block -

The information block is a small
display showing:
| |
| From |
| [Territory attacking] |
| |
| To |
| [Territory being attacked] |

This display shows which territory
is doing the attacking and which is
being attacked. The territory
attacking is the currently active
territory. The territory being
attacked has not yet been selected,
and as a result the box under "To"
displays "Unattackable" or "None"
in it.
At this time there are several
options available. The player can
look around using the [Info] button,
or change the "From" and "To"
In the Information block there is
a blue box surrounding one of the
two boxes labelled From and To. The
one highlighted (with the box around
it) is the one that will change when
the active territory is changed on
the map. To switch between which
box is highlighted at the current
time use the hot keys labelled in
red, or click on the box of the one
you want to change.
Remember, you can't attack from a
territory that has one army on it.
The game will tell you so when you
try. Also, you can only attack
territories of the other colors that
are adjacent to you.

Prompt Block -

The prompt block contains two
buttons. These are:

[Attack] - Used to attack the
other player.
[Cancel] - Used to cancel the

The [Attack] button is only active
when a valid attack has been
constructed in the information
block. When you press this you go
on to the dice rolls block.
At any point the attack can be
cancelled by pressing the [Cancel]
button. This will back out of the
attacks and return to the standard

Dice Rolls Block -
| ## ATTACKING ## |
| |
|Roll: [1] [2] [3] [Quit] |
| |
| [Roll Max Till Dead] |

This block shows the way the
armies are dying according to the
attackers action. If the attacker
has enough armies he is allowed to
roll a maximum of three (3) dice at
a time, meaning he is attacking with
three armies. The defender rolls
one or two dice depending on how the
options were set at the beginning of
the game.
The attackers armies are shown on
the top left, and the defenders
armies are shown on the top right.
You roll dice by pressing the
[1],[2], or [3] labelled buttons.
If the [Roll Max Till Dead] button
is chosen the attack will roll as
many dice as he can continually
until one of the two players is dead
(out of armies).
The attacker, if not rolling the
maximum, can choose to quit a
hopeless battle by pressing the
[Quit] button.

If a territory is taken during a
battle, the territory will change
colors to show ownership, and the
attacker will be prompted to move
armies. You must move at least the
same amount as your last dice roll.
If an inappropriate number is
entered it will wait for a correct

If done with some strategy, the
attacker can easily overtake the

HINT - Outnumber you opponents
armies and you will have
more success, however it
is not impossible to win a
battle when attacking with
less armies than the other

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Archive   : RISKS.ZIP
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