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Fast-action sliding block arcade game.
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Fast-action sliding block arcade game.
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Contents of the RIMTRIX.DOC file

RIMTRIX was written by Richard Wright for PcPlus (a British magazine) and
released by the mag to the Public Domain with it's Jan.1989 issue. The
description below is a summary of the accompanying article. You will need a
CGA connected to a COLOR monitor to play this i'm afraid.
The game involves a series of slidable tiles, each bearing a pattern of
tracks. On the right hand side of the screen is an indicator showing a series
of coloured balls and three coloured cups. The balls will appear on the left
hand side of the screen in the order they are shown.

The object of the game is to catch the balls as they appear and direct them,
by using the tiles, into the correspondingly coloured cups on the right. The
balls will always follow the available path but should a ball fall into a black
area outside a tile then it will be lost. You can only move a tile that is in a
position to be moved, that is, next to a blank space. You can move a tile while
the ball is moving through it. The tiles can be moved up, down, left or right
and they can be rotated.

You can redefine the keys but the default setting is the arrow keys for
movement and the space bar for rotating. You can only rotate a tile that is in
a position to be moved or that has just been moved. But you cannot rotate a
tile with a ball inside it.


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