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Version 1.1

MAJOR Release.

This version has a re-vamped interface that vastly improves
performance when only 256 colors are available. This release
also includes full structure editing, and an easier to use
system for assigning specials.

Full texture preview, including Wall textures. Improved
documentation now includes a full manual.

Version 1.0b

We've got fixes and features this time. But first I'd like
to mention something: Alot of people have got this
misconception that you need to use the -devparms option
when you use the -file option, not so! If you are playing
a WAD level, please use only the -file options.

Also, in case you don't know this, you can use MULTIPLE WAD
files on the same command line in the same Doom session.
This includes both level WADs as well as one's with graphics
and sound in them.

doom -file e1m1.wad e1m2.wad dmpython.wad

And lastly, other developers have suggested that making
the editor only save levels that overlay episodes 2 and 3
will prevent people from using them with the shareware
version. Sorry, wrong. Any fool who is even moderately
proficient with a hex editor can change the level value
in a couple seconds. So you need to have OBJECTS
and TEXTURES from the registered game. Even this can be
overcome just by patching in new objects and textures
but it's a good start. iD: PLEASE TAKE THE -FILE OPTION
OUT OF THE SHAREWARE GAME! Soapbox mode off.


-Fixed a problem that prevented the loading of PWAD level
files made in other utils.

-Fixed the labels on the Line attributes so they are right
now! They were totally barfed before, 2 of them were
right out of 8. Oh well.

-Structure mode has been temporarily disabled again. Still
too many problems.


-EASY selection of Zone Special Attributes. Just click
on the ? and you get a list, double click the new attrib.
That's it!

-Improved Line/Zone toolbox. Looks better, works better.
Nuff said.

-Lines which have a special attribute are highlighted in
blue on the Line/Zone edit mode display. (They were already
highlighted yellow on the Object mode display)

-EASY location of line/zone special pairs. To locate the
LINE with the same tag as this ZONE, press the ? next to
the zone tag number. The matching line will become the
currently selected line. If multiple lines have the same
tag value they will all be highlighted and the last one
found will be the selected one.

The locate zone feature works in an identical manner by
pressing the ? next to the line tag value.

Version 1.0

This is a major re-release of the editor. The entire look of
the program has undergone major changes. The interface is much
smoother and freindly, also there have been a number of speed
improvements over the old version.

All possible aspects of level related WAD data can now be edited
aside from moving lines.

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Archive   : RGDMED.ZIP

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