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Doom Editor V1.1C (Renegade Software) For MS-WIN.
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Doom Editor V1.1C (Renegade Software) For MS-WIN.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CONTEST.TXT 4034 1351 deflated
DEFAULT.PAL 154 114 deflated
DOOMED.EXE 259361 70307 deflated
DOOMED.HLP 82980 29118 deflated
DOOMED.WRI 2334208 156306 deflated
DOOMPAL.DAT 1024 679 deflated
OBJECTS.DAT 3506 1085 deflated
ORDER.DOC 2117 837 deflated
README.1ST 1260 670 deflated
TEST.BAT 33 33 stored
TEST.PIF 545 141 deflated
WHATSNEW.TXT 3481 1535 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Renegade Graphics Doom Editor
Version 1.1

The complete installation of the editor requires approx 5.4MB disk space.
The manual is an additional 2mb but once you print it you should delete it
or compress it.

To install from this ZIP file:

1)Delete any previously installed version
2)Create a directory called DOOMED
3)Extract this zip file into it

Copy the TEST.BAT file into the DOOM directory and modify TEST.PIF
with the Windows PIF editor. This only needs to be done if your DOOM
directory is not C:\DOOM and you intent to run Doom test sessions from
within the editor (8MB or more of ram required, 12MB recommended).

Note that the TEST.BAT startup line specifies -nomonsters. If you want to
perform testing with the monsters present remove this option. You must put
TEST.BAT in your DOOM directory for the test level feature to work.

The first time you run the editor, go into the Bitmap Fiddler and extract
all of the textures in the Wall Patches groups. This will enable the
wall texture preview feature in the palette editor.

Make sure you read the manual, DOOMED.WRI is a windows write file. Print
it to a laser printer if you have one, or access to one.


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