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?_È*ÿÿÿÿ$D¸*¯*lpo;Yˆ„$Uˆ "!‚þ ‚ ‡ x‚ ‚ÿ‚þ C Ì„x„x(…xƒ †E\E\U€ªÕ„ÿ+•+U+€+ª+Õ+ÿU•UUU€UªUÕUÿ€•€U€€€ª€Õ€ÿª•ªUª€ªªªÕªÿÕ•ÕUՀժÕÕÕÿÿ”ÿUÿ€ÿªÿÕÿÿU°UUU€UªUÕUÿU+U+UU+€U+ªU+ÕU+ÿUUUòUU€UUªUUÕUUÿU€U€UU€€U€ªU€ÕU€ÿUªUªUUª€UªªUªÕUªÿUÕUÕUUՀUÕªUÕÕUÕÿUÿUÿUUÿ€UÿªUÿÕUÿÿ€̀U€€€ª€Õ€ÿ€+€+U€+€€+ª€+Հ+ÿ€U€UU€U€€Uª€UՀUÿ€€€€U€Ö€€ª€€Õ€€ÿ€ª€ªU€ª€€ªª€ªÕ€ªÿ€Õ€ÕU€Õ€€Õª€ÕՀÕÿ€ÿ€ÿU€ÿ€€ÿª€ÿՀÿÿªèªUª€ªªªÕªÿª+ª+Uª+€ª+ªª+Õª+ÿªUªUUªU€ªUªªUÕªUÿª€ª€Uª€€ª€ªª€Õª€ÿªªªªUªª€ªºªªÕªªÿªÕªÕUªÕ€ªÕªªÕÕªÕÿªÿªÿUªÿ€ªÿªªÿÕªÿÿÕÿÕUՀժÕÕÕÿÕ+Õ+UÕ+€Õ+ªÕ+ÕÕ+ÿÕUÕUUÕU€ÕUªÕUÕÕUÿՀՀUՀ€Õ€ªÕ€ÕՀÿÕªÕªUÕª€ÕªªÕªÕÕªÿÕÕÕÕUÕՀ…ÕÕª՞ÕÕÿÕÿÕÿUÕÿ€ÕÿªÕÿÕÕÿÿÿÿÿUÿ€ÿªÿÕÿÿÿ+ÿ+Uÿ+€ÿ+ªÿ+Õÿ+ÿÿUÿUUÿU€ÿUªÿUÕÿUÿÿ€ÿ€Uÿ€€ÿ€ªÿ€Õÿ€ÿÿªÿªUÿª€ÿªªÿªÕÿªÿÿÕÿÕUÿՀ¡ÿÕªÿÕÕÿÕÿÿÿÿÿUÿÿ€ÿÿªÿÿÕ?k•ÁÿÊÊÊÊAʈ 
Šÿÿ#ʅýÊýÊýŠÊýÊýÊýÊýÊý‚Êý‚ÊýŠÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÿÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊûýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊý‚ÊýšÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊý‚Êý‚ÊýŠÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýªÊýÊýÊýÊýÊý û ÿÐÊýÊýÊýÊý„ÊýÊýʘüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýÊÈüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýʘüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýÊyÊ°üýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýʂüÿ±üýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýʘüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýʇýûC  I
$¬ C
ÿÿÊýÊýÊýÊÿüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýÊýʂÿʃüýʂÿʅüýÿʅüýÿʃüýʂÿʃüýÊyʂÿʁ×ʁÿʅüýÿʃüýʅüýÊʊÊÊÿÿÊÊ)Ҋ)ÊüýÿÊÊʅÊüýʂÿʃüýʄû û ÿÿʂÿʃüýÊÚýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊýýüÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüÿýÊýÊ
“ÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊ ÿÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýæÊÿýÊýÊ×ÊýÊýÊýÊÿÿýÊýÊýýüÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýüÊÊýÊýÊýÊýÊý׬×ýýÊÿÿýÊ(҅¨Ò¨Ò¨ÒͨҨ)ýýüÿýÊÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊCÐC ŸûüICûüÿÐÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýʂÿʄüýüý
ʃüýʄÿÊÊ ʇüýÿÊÊ ʅüýÿʃýüŠÊÊüÊÊüýʂÿʁ ʃÊʃüýÊ(ÿJÿʁ×ʃÿÿʇüýÿÊÊ„ÊüýʅüýÊ
ýCüEüÿÿʂÿ ʂʃüýÊÜýÊýÊÿýÊýýüýüýüÊýÊýýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊÿüýüýüýüýüýÊýýüÿýÊÿÿüýüýüýüýüýÊýýüÿýÊýüý ÿýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊÊýÊýÊýýüýýÊÊÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊüýÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊüýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÿÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊý«ÊÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊüýÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊüýÿýÊýÊ×ÊýÊ‹ÊýÊýýüÿýÊ¢ýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýüÊÊ$”ÊýÊÊýÊýýÊÿÿýÊ(ҁ¨ҁ¨Ò±¨ÒÒ)ýýüÿýÊÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÒ¨ÒϨÒ*ÒýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊüÊÊüEüû
‡ÊÊÊüýʃýüÿʁÿʁÿʁÿʁÿʁÿʁÿʁÿʁÿʄÿÿÿ ʃýüʂÿ ʃüýjʂÿ ʄýüÿʄýüÿʁ×ʃÿÿʛüýÿÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊüýʅüýÊÊʊÊÊÿÿÊÊ)҈)ÊüýÿÊ ÊƒüýʂÿÊҁ*ʃüýʌ
ûüûLûûüECEŠüC!ÿÿʂÿʄʃüýʓýÊýÊÿýÊýýüýüýüÊý—ýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊÿÿÿ ýýüÿýÊÿÊÿÿ ‹ýýüÿýÊýü ¼üýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýýýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊüýÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿƒÿÊÿ‡ÿÊÿÊÊÿÿÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÿýÊýÊýÊÊýÊýÊüýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊÍýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊÊýÊýÊüýÿýÊýÊÊýÊýéüýÿýÊýʬÊýÊýýÊÊýÊýÊýýüÿýÊÊýýÊÊýýÊÊýýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýüÊÊýÊýÊýÊÊýÊýýÊÊÿýʨҁ¨ҁ¨҉¨)ýýüÿýÌýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊÒÒ¨ÒÒ~¨ÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊ""LüûûüýüE7û¦ÿÿÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýʂÿʉüýüýüýÊ„ÊüýʋÿÊÊÿÒÒÿÿʈüýÿÊÊ ÿʅüýÿʃýˆüÊÊüýʂÿÊ
‰ÊÊÊüýʅýüÊÊÿʙÿÊÊÊÿÊÊÊÿÊÊÊÊÿʆÿÊÊÿÿʂʃýüʂÿ ʃüýjʂÿʂʄýüÿʄÊÊʄýüÿʈ×ÊÊÊÊʇüýÿÊÊ„ÊüýʆüýÊÊ Êʄÿÿʂ ҉)ÊÊüýÿÊ ʆÊÊüýʂÿʂÒ~Òʃüýʒ)"
ÿÐÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊýýÊýÊýýüýÊýʂÿʈüýüýüýʂʃüýʆÿÊÊÿÿʈüýÿÊÊÿʅüýÿʃýˆüÊÊüýʂÿʈÿÿÿÿÿ…ÊÊüýʇýüÿÊÿÊÿʍÿÿÊÊÊÿʂÊʈÿÊÿÊÿÿÿÊ…ÊÊýüʂÿ ʃüýjʂÿʈÊÊýüÿÊʄýüÿʂ×Ê

ÿÿÊýÊýÊýÊÿýʕýÊýÊýÊÊýüýÊýʂÿʈüýüýüýʃüýʄÿÊÊ ‹ÊÊÊÊüýÿʉÊÊüýÿʃý…ÊÊüýʂÿʂÿ„ÿÿʃüýʅýüÊÊÿʅÿÊÊʍÿÊÊÿÊÿʁÿʆÿÊÊÿÿʂʃýüʂÿ ʃüýjʂÿʂʇýüÿÊÊ‚ʄýüÿכüýÿÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊüýʃüýʁ
ʄÿÿʁ ʅüýÿÊ ʃüýʂÿÊÒʃüýʙüÒûʯûû
ûüüû"ûÿÿʂÿʃ„ʃüýʍýÊýÊÿýÊýýüýüÌÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊÊýÊÊÊýýüÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊÊýÊÊÊýýüÿýÊýü™ÊÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊÿÐÿÿÐýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊüýÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÊÊÿÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÿýÊýÊýÊÊýÊýÊüýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÿÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊýûÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊÊýÊýÊüýÿýÊÊýÊÊÿüýÿýÊýÊ×ÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüÿýÊÊýýÊÊýýÊÊýýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýüÊýÊýÊÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊÿÿýÊýÊýÊÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüÿýÊýäÊýÊÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊýÊÒ~¨ÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊý¨¨Ê*Òû¨ûüÙ**ý¯~…¨¨~~ÿÐÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýʏýÊýÊýýüýÊýʂÿʂüýʃüýʂÿ Êʅüýÿ ÊʅüýÿÊ…ÊÊüýʂÿÊ ʃüýʃýüÿʁÿʂÿÊ‚ÊÊ‚Êÿ…ÿÊÊÿʁÿʄÿÿÿ ʃýüʂÿ ʃüýjʂÿ ʆýüÿÊÊʄýüÿʁ×ʇüýÿÊÊ„Êüýʃüýʁ
ʄÿÿʁ ʅüýÿʁ ʃüýʂÿÊÒʃüý ʎÒ~Ê*Ò*ÒüÒ*ý¨†~Ò~ÿÿʂÿÊʃüýÊÿýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÿÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊüýÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÊÿÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊüýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊøýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊüýÿÚýÊýÊýÊýÊüýÿýÊýʬÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýüÊýÊýÊ ŒýÊÊÿýÊýÊýÊ ŒýýüÿýÊýÊýÊ ¿ýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýÊýÊýÊû¨~û*¨*ÒûüÒ**¨~¨¨Ò¥ÿÿÊýÊýÊýÊÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýýüýÊýʂÿʃüýʂÿʅüýÿʅüýÿʃüýʂÿʃüýʅýüÊÊÿʁÿʁÿʁÿʁÿʁÿʁÿʁÿʆÿÊÊÿÿ ʃýüʂÿ ʃüýjʂÿ ʄýüÿ ʄýüÿʁ×ʅüýÿʃüýʚüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüÿÿʅüýÿʃüýʂÿʃüýʓ~¨ÒÒ¨*Ò~Ò*Ò~~¨*Ò¨ƒÿÿʂÿʃüýʉýÊýÊÿÐÿÐÿ…ÐÿÐÿÐÿ•ÐÿÐÿÐÿüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿÐÿÐÿ…ÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿüÿÐÿÐÿ…ÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿüÿÐÿÐÿ…ÐÿÐÿÐÿ•ÐÿÐÿÐÿüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿÐÿÐÿ…ÐÿÐÿÐÿ½ÐÿÐÿÐÿüýÊýÊýÊýÊüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüÿÿÐÿÐÿ­ÐÿÐÿÐÿÿýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÿÿÐÿÐÿÐÿõÐÿÐÿüýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊÿÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿÿýÿÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿÿýÿÐÿÐÿ…ÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿüÿÐÿÐÿ…ÐÿÐÿÐÿ½ÐÿÐÿÐÿüýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýÊýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüÿÐÿÐÿ…ÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿÐÿüÿÐÿÐÿ…ÐÿÐÿÐÿ•ÐÿÐÿÐÿüýÊýÊýÊýÊÿÐÿÐÿ…ÐÿÐÿÐÿ‘ÐÿÐÿÐÿüýÊýÊýÊýÊ*ý*1*”1*‹ü*ÿÐÊýÊýÊýÊÿÐÿÐÿ…ÐÿÐÿÐÿ‹ÐÿÐÿÐÿüýÊýÊ
Ê ʨýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýüýü`‚ÊÊÊ‚ÊÊ‚ÊÊ
Ê Ê‚ÿÿÊÊy/&;)z4&Ät^&‹G &‹WÿÿUÿÿÿÿ|CONTEXTõ;|CTXOMAPÖ*|FONT’)|KWBTREE—+|KWDATAé*|KWMAP†+|SYSTEM|TOPICm|TTLBTREEÆ3|bm0|bm1÷.|bm2•:|bm3fD|bm4
Q|bm5…eU€UªUÕUÿ€•€U€€€ª€Õ€ÿª•ªUª€ªªªÕªÿÕ•ÕUՀժÕÕÕÿÿ”ÿUÿ€ÿªÿÕÿÿU°UUU€UªUÕUÿU+U+UU+€U+ªU+ÕU+ÿUUUòUU€UUªUUÕUUÿU€U€UU€€U€ªU€ÕU€ÿUªUªUUª€UªªUªÕUªÿUÕUÕUUՀUÕªUÕÕUÕÿUÿUÿUUÿ€UÿªUÿÕUÿÿ€̀U€€€ª€Õ€ÿ€+€+U€+€€+ª€+Հ+ÿ€U€UU€U€€Uª€UՀUÿ€€€€U€Ö€€ª€€Õ€€ÿ€ª€ªU€ª€€ªª€ªÕ€ªÿ€Õ€ÕU€Õ€€Õª€ÕՀÕÿ€ÿ€ÿU€ÿ€€ÿª€ÿՀÿÿªèªUª€ªªªÕªÿª+ª+Uª+€ª+ªª+Õª+ÿªUªUUªU€ªUªªUÕªUÿª€ª€Uª€€ª€ªª€Õª€ÿªªªªUªª€ªºªªÕªªÿªÕªÕUªÕ€ªÕªªÕÕªÕÿªÿªÿUªÿ€ªÿªªÿÕªÿÿÕÿÕUՀժÕÕÕÿÕ+Õ+UÕ+€Õ+ªÕ+ÕÕ+ÿÕUÕUUÕU€ÕUªÕUÕÕUÿՀՀUՀ€Õ€ªÕ€ÕՀÿÕªÕªUÕª€ÕªªÕªÕÕªÿÕÕÕÕUÕՀ…ÕÕª՞ÕÕÿÕÿÕÿUÕÿ€ÕÿªÕÿÕÕÿÿÿÿÿUÿ€ÿªÿÕÿÿÿ+ÿ+Uÿ+€ÿ+ªÿ+Õÿ+ÿÿUÿUUÿU€ÿUªÿU՞ • lp¿
C¸›ðˆ î&‚Ê&‚ ‡ Š…‚ ‚ÿ‚Ê&C ̃Š…ƒŠ…(…ŠƒŠPI‰
(5CP]kx†“¡®»Ɂցäñÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ× ×åå×åå×åå×åå×åå×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7å!×,å×7åׂׄ××,å×7å  × ,å×7å×
å×7å=××å×7å>××å×7å*×××å×7å)×××å×7å(×××å×7å(×××å×7å'ׁ× ××å×7å-×
×å×7å.×× ×å×7å/××
×å×å A×



×åׂå× ×××× ×‚ååׂå× ×× × ×ׂåå׃ååׂ ׂ×××ׂ×
× ׄ××å׃åå× ׂ×ׂ×ׂ× × ׄ××åׂåå
ׂׂ×ׂׂ ×ׄ××åׂåå
ׂ×ׂׂׂ ×ׄ××å׈åååå××
× ×‚åå×å„å××ׂׂׂ
× ×‚åå×å„å×ׄ××ׂׂׂ ×
ׄ××å×å×ׂׂׂׂ× ×ׄ××å×å…×ׂׂ××ׂ×
×ׄ××å×åׄ××××ׂ× ×ׄ××å×å‚××× × ×‚åå×å‚××× ×‚åå×å n×å×å×
n×å×åׁu×å×åy×å×åy×å×åy×å×åy×å×åy×å×åy×å×7åׁ´?ׁ×å×7å‚××´?ׁ×å×7å ´2× å×7å×
×å×7åׂ´´?ׁ×å×7åH×å×7åH×å×7åH×å×7åH×å×7åH×å×7åH×å×Xåׁ´"×å×Xå‚××´"×å×Xå ´×å×Xå×
´×å×Xåׂ´´"×å×Xå'×å×Xå'×å×Xå'×å×Xå'×å×Xå'×å×Xå'×å×åå×åå×åå×åå×åå×åå×åå×åå×åå×åå×ååׁÑ È lp¤
¯ÐAVˆ t‚P‚ ‡ 7„‚ ‚ÿ‚PC ̃7„ƒ7„(„7ƒŠ\a
(5CP]kx†“¡®»Ɂցäñÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ××éé×éé×éé×éé×Vé(é×Vé(é×Vé‚$é‚é×Vé‚$é‚é×Vé‚$é‚é×Vé‚$é‚é×Vé‚$é‚é×Vé‚$é‚é×Vé‚$é‚é×Vé‚$é‚é×Vé‚$é‚é×éé"$é‚é×éé"$é‚é×éééé‚$é‚é×éééé‚$é‚é×éééé‚$é‚é×éééé‚$é‚é×ééé‚$é‚é×éééé‚$é‚é×éééé‚$é‚é×éééé‚$é‚é×éééé‚$é‚é×é é é é é
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é‚é‚ é‚é×éééé‚$é‚é×éééé‚$é‚é×éééé‚$é‚é×ééé‚$é‚é×éééé‚$é‚é×éééé‚$é‚é×éééé‚$é‚é×éééé‚$é‚é×ééHé×éé×éé×éé×éé×éé‚ק ž lp/'
‚恂 ‡ N›‚ ‚ÿ‚æC ̃N›ƒN›(›NƒŠˆ/  3f™Ìÿ•333f3™3Ì3ÿ3•f3fff™fÌfÿf•™3™f™™™Ì™ÿ™•Ì3Ìf̙ÌÌÌÿÌ•ÿ3ÿfÿ™ÿÌÿÿÿš333f3™3Ì3ÿ3333ðf33™33Ì33ÿ33f33f3ff3™f3Ìf3ÿf3™33™3f™3™™3̙3ÿ™3Ì33Ì3fÌ3™Ì3ÌÌ3ÿÌ3ÿ33ÿ3fÿ3™ÿ3Ìÿ3ÿÿ3¶f3fff™fÌfÿf3f33ff3f™3fÌ3fÿ3fff3fffԙffÌffÿff™f3™ff™f™™f̙fÿ™fÌf3ÌffÌf™ÌfÌÌfÿÌfÿf3ÿffÿf™ÿfÌÿfÿÿfҙ3™f™™™Ì™ÿ™3™33™f3™™3™Ì3™ÿ3™f™3f™ff™™f™Ìf™ÿf™™™3™™f™™™¸Ì™™ÿ™™Ì™3̙f̙™Ì™Ì̙ÿ̙ÿ™3ÿ™fÿ™™ÿ™Ìÿ™ÿÿ™îÌ3Ìf̙ÌÌÌÿÌ3Ì33Ìf3̙3ÌÌ3Ìÿ3ÌfÌ3fÌff̙fÌÌfÌÿf̙Ì3™Ìf™Ì™™Ì̙Ìÿ™ÌÌÌ3ÌÌfÌ̙ÌÌ̜ÿÌÌÿÌ3ÿÌfÿ̙ÿÌÌÿÌÿÿÌÿÿ3ÿfÿ™ÿÌÿÿÿ3ÿ33ÿf3ÿ™3ÿÌ3ÿÿ3ÿfÿ3fÿffÿ™fÿÌfÿÿfÿ™ÿ3™ÿf™ÿ™™ÿ̙ÿÿ™ÿÌÿ3ÌÿfÌÿ™ÌÿÌÌÿÿÌÿÿÿ3ÿÿf‹ÿÿ™ÿÿÌÿÿÿ
(5CP]kx†“¡®»Ɂցäñÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ#ׂ´´×× ×´×××´××
××´× ×´}×
×´|× ×´|× ×´|× ×´{× ×´‚yׁ´ ×´„××x×´
×´ׁw×´ ×´ׂׂ
× ×´ ×´ׂ×ׁׁ×
×ׁ×××ׂ×××´ ×´ׂ××ׂ××
×ׁ××ׅ××××´ ×´ׂ××ׂ×ׂ×××ׁ××ׄ××××´ ×´
ׄ×××ׂ××××ׁ××××´ ×´ ׄ×××ׂ××ׂ××ׁׂ××ׂ××´ ×´ ׄ×××ׂ××ׁ×ׁׂ××
× ‚××´ ×´ ׄ×××ׂ××ׁ×ׁׂ×× ×
‚××´ „××´‚×××ׂ××ׁ×ׁׂ×× × ×´ ƒ××´‚×××ׂ××ׁ×ׁׂ×× × ×´ ‚××´× ××‚××ׁ×ׁׂ××
× ×´ ×´×ׂ××ׁ×ׁׂ××
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××´´×׃×´×ׂ××ׁ××׃×× ×´´×ׂ´××ׄ××ׂ×××ׁ×ׁ×´‚´×…××××´×…×××ׂ×× ‚×××ׂ×ׂ׃´´´‚"ׂ×´ƒ××´‚×××× ×׃´´´%×´×´××$׃´´´$×´×´×
×´0×%×´‚´ׁ ×´
×´Y×´‚´´´ׂ×´Y×´´´ׂ×´Y×´ƒ´‚´´ ×´×ׂ´´Z×´‚´´×´ ×´[×´‚×´×´‚´ ×´]×´ƒ××´×´„××´×´_×´„××´´ׅ´´´´ׅ´´××´ׂ´´a× ´‚´×´‚××´‚×´ׂ´´ׂ´´d× ´‡×´´××´´ׄ´´×´×´ׂ´´q×´ƒ×´´ׄ´´×´×´×´q×´×´×´×´r×´×´ׄ´´××´×´ ׂ´´{×´†××´´××´„××´´ ׂ´´|×´ƒ××´×´„××´´
ׂ´´×ׅ´´×´´×´„××´´ ×´××´ׂ´×´ׁ´ׁ´ׂ´´×ׁ´ׅ´´×´´ׄ´´××´ƒ×´´×
ׅ´××´´׃´´×´×´ׂ´´×ׅ´××´´×´×´×´×ׄ´×´´×´× ´××´×´×
´× ×´‚××´×´××´…××´´×´×´×´×׈´××´××´´׃´´×´‚××´×׃´×´ׂ´´ׄ´´××
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×´‚××´‚×× ´× ׃´´×´…××´××´×´××´…××´××´×´×׃´´×´ׅ´××´´×´×ׂ´´ׅ´´×´´ ×´×ׂ´´×´ׂ´´×ׂ´´ׁ´×ׂ´´×ׂ´´×ׁ´×ׂ´´×ׂ´´×ׁ´×ׁ´×ׂ´´×ׂ´´4ׁxolp
¸‰¤(ˆ n"‚J"‚ ‡ b¥‚ ‚ÿ‚J"C ̃b¥ƒb¥(¥bƒ †…-…-U€ªÕ„ÿ+•+U+€+ª+Õ+ÿU•UUU€UªUÕUÿ€•€U€€€ª€Õ€ÿª•ªUª€ªªªÕªÿÕ•ÕUՀժÕÕÕÿÿ”ÿUÿ€ÿªÿÕÿÿU°UUU€UªUÕUÿU+U+UU+€U+ªU+ÕU+ÿUUUòUU€UUªUUÕUUÿU€U€UU€€U€ªU€ÕU€ÿUªUªUUª€UªªUªÕUªÿUÕUÕUUՀUÕªUÕÕUÕÿUÿUÿUUÿ€UÿªUÿÕUÿÿ€̀U€€€ª€Õ€ÿ€+€+U€+€€+ª€+Հ+ÿ€U€UU€U€€Uª€UՀUÿ€€€€U€Ö€€ª€€Õ€€ÿ€ª€ªU€ª€€ªª€ªÕ€ªÿ€Õ€ÕU€Õ€€Õª€ÕՀÕÿ€ÿ€ÿU€ÿ€€ÿª€ÿՀÿÿªèªUª€ªªªÕªÿª+ª+Uª+€ª+ªª+Õª+ÿªUªUUªU€ªUªªUÕªUÿª€ª€Uª€€ª€ªª€Õª€ÿªªªªUªª€ªºªªÕªªÿªÕªÕUªÕ€ªÕªªÕÕªÕÿªÿªÿUªÿ€ªÿªªÿÕªÿÿÕÿÕUՀժÕÕÕÿÕ+Õ+UÕ+€Õ+ªÕ+ÕÕ+ÿÕUÕUUÕU€ÕUªÕUÕÕUÿՀՀUՀ€Õ€ªÕ€ÕՀÿÕªÕªUÕª€ÕªªÕªÕÕªÿÕÕÕÕUÕՀ…ÕÕª՞ÕÕÿÕÿÕÿUÕÿ€ÕÿªÕÿÕÕÿÿÿÿÿUÿ€ÿªÿÕÿÿÿ+ÿ+Uÿ+€ÿ+ªÿ+Õÿ+ÿÿUÿUUÿU€ÿUªÿUÕÿUÿÿ€ÿ€Uÿ€€ÿ€ªÿ€Õÿ€ÿÿªÿªUÿª€ÿªªÿªÕÿªÿÿÕÿÕUÿՀ¡ÿÕªÿÕÕÿÕÿÿÿÿÿUÿÿ€ÿÿªÿÿÕ?k•Àÿÿ&ÿ-ÿ‚vÿ+ÿ„ÒÒ#ÿ‚Mÿ)ÿ‚ÒÿLÿ'ÿ
Òÿ…ÒÒLÿ&ÿ‚Òÿ҂Kÿ$ÿ‚Ò ÿ‚ҁKÿ"ÿ‚Òÿ‚҂Jÿ ÿ&Ò ҁJÿÿ‚-҂
҂Iÿÿ‚-Ò ҁIÿÿ‚.҂҂Hÿÿ.҂ҁHÿÿ‚/҂҂Gÿÿ‚/Ò҂Gÿÿ‚0҂ҁGÿÿ0҂ҁFÿÿ‚0ÒҁFÿÿ‚1҂҂*ÿ
Ò҂ÿÿ ÿ ÿ2҂ Ò Òÿÿ ÿ
ÿ‚2Ò Ò Òÿÿ‚)) ÿÿ‚3҂ÒÒÿÿ‚)) ÿÿ‚4҂Ò‚ÒÒÿÿ‚)) ÿÿ3ÒÒÿÿ‚)) ÿ‚ÿÿ4҂ÒƒÒÿÿÿ‚)) ÿÿ1҂ ҁ $„Òÿÿÿ‚)) ÿÿƒÿÿ,Ò҂
$ÿÒÿ‚)) ÿÿ‚ÿ)Ò҂$ÿ×Òÿ) ÿÿ‚ÿ$҄ÿÒ$ÿ ×Òÿ) ÿÿ‚ ÿ҆ÿÿÒ‚$$$‚ÿׂÒÒÿ) ÿÿ‚ÿ҂ÿÒ$‚ÿׂÒÒÿ) ÿÿÿ
ÿ) ÿÿÿ
ÿ) ÿÿ‚ ÿ ÿ‚Ò
$ÿ× × ÿ)ÿ ÿ‚"ÿ ÿÒ $ÿ×
‚×× ÿ)‚Òÿ
ÿ‚1ÿÒ$ ÿ×ׂÒÿ
)‚ÒÒÿ ÿ‚0ÿ‚Ò$
ÿ×ׄÿÿÒ )†ÒÒÿ ÿ1ÿÒ$ƒÿ×× ƒÿÒ )‚Ò҄ÿÿ
ÿ0ÿÒ$$×× ‚ÒÒ )‚Ò҃ÿ
ÿ‚0ÿƒÒÒ$‚$$…Ò××ׂÒ‚ÒÒ )҃ÿÿ0ÿƒÒÒ$…ÒÒ× ׂÒ‚ÒÒ))҃ÿÿ0ÿ‚Ò
$ƒÒÒ×׃Ò‚ÒÒ ))҃ÿÿ0ÿ‚Ò
)ҁÿÿ/ÿ$„ÒÒׂÒÒ )ҁÿÿ‚.ÿÒ× Ò‚Ò)҄ÿÿÿ-ÿ‚ÒÒ ×ҁÒ҅Òÿÿ
ÿ‚ҁ,ÿƒÒÒ×҂Ò҅Òÿÿ ÿ҂ ÿ ÿÒҁÒ҆Òÿÿ
ÿ҂ ÿ‚ÿ ҁ҂ ÒҁÒ
‚Ò҂҆ÒÒÿÿ ÿ‚ ҂ ÿ‚ÿ ҁ҂ Òҁ
ÿÿ ҁ҂Òҁ҄ÒÒ҂҇Òÿÿÿ‚
ÿ‚Òÿ‚ ҁ҂Ò
ÿƒÒÿ‚ ҁҁÒҁ҄ÒÒҁ҄ÒÒÿÿ҂ ÿÒ
ÿ‚ ҁ҂Ò†ÒÒÒҁ҅Ò҂ҁҁÿ„ÿÿ҂ ÿ‚Ò ҁÒÿ„ÒÒҁ҄ÒÒҁ҄ÒÒÿ҂ ÿ‚ÒҁÒÿ„Òҁ҅ÒÒ҂҄ÒÒÿҁ ÿ‚ҁ҂ÿ҂҅ÒÒ҂ҁҁÿ‚ÿÿҁ ÿ‚҂҂ÿҁ҅ÒÒ҂҄ÒÒÿÿ ҂ ÿ‚҂҂ÿ҂҅ÒÒ҂҅ÒÒÿ
҅Ò҂ҁҁÿ‚ÿ*ÿ‚҂҂%ÿ‚ ҂ÿ҅ÒÒ҂ҁҁÿ‚ÿ,ÿ‚ ҁҁ'ÿ‚ ҁÿ҄ÒÒ҂҄ÒÒÿƒÿ,ÿ‚
ҁҁÿ ÿ‚
ÿ‚ ҁ
ÿ‚ҁÿ„Òҁҁÿƒÿ.ÿҁҁÿҁ ÿ ҁ
ÿ҂ÿ҅ÒÒÿƒÿ0ÿ‚ҁ ҁÿ‚
ҁÿ‚ ҂ ÿÒ
ÿÒÿ‚ҁҁÿƒÿÿ3ÿ ҁÿ ҂ ÿ‚Ò ÿ‚Òÿ‰ÒÒÒÒ ÿƒÿÿ4ÿ ҁÿ
ÿ„ÒÒÿ„Òҁ ÿƒÿÿ4ÿ ҁÿ
ÿ‚ҁ ÿƒÿÿ4ÿ‚
ÿÿ4ÿ Ò
ÿ„ÒÒ ÿÿ4ÿ‚҅ÿÿ
ÿ„ÒÒ ÿÿ4ÿ‚ҁÿ‚ ÿ ҁÿÿ
ÿ„ÒÒ ÿÿ5ÿ҂ÿ‚ ÿ ҂ÿ‚ÿ
ÿƒÒ ÿÿ5ÿ҂ÿ ÿ
ÿ„Ò ÿÿ‚4ÿ‚҂ÿ
ÿ„Ò ÿÿ4ÿ†ÒÒ
ÿ ÿ‚Òÿ‚ÿ
ÿÿ ÿ„Ò ÿ ÿÿ‚ÿ
ÿ ÿ
ÿƒÒ ÿ‚ÿ%ÿÿÿ‚ÿÿ
ÿ‚Ò ÿ‚ÿ4ÿÿ‚ÿÿ‚ ÿƒÒ ÿ‚ÿNÿ‚ÿÿÿ ÿÿOÿ‚ÿÿÿ
ÿ„ÿÿÿbÿ ÿÿÿÿyÿÿƒÿ ÿ‚ÿ{ÿƒÿÿÿ ÿ‚ÿÿÿ‚ÿÿÿÿÿÿ‹*‚*lp±–ÊTˆ ‚%‚^%‚ ‡ ¾Å‚ ‚ÿ‚^%C ̃¾Åƒ¾Å(Å¾ƒ„€€„€€€ˆ€€€€€À„ÿÿ„ÿÿÿˆÿÿÿÿÿbÿ‚ñ bÿ‚ü£bÿ‚øàbÿ‚øbÿ‚úubÿ‚ò#bÿ‚ý²bÿ‚ðÿðBÿ‚õ²ÿðBÿ‚òàÿðBÿ‚ð[ÿ…ðÿÿðCÿ‚òaÿ…ðÿðÿw-ÿ‚öáÿ…ðÿðð
ÿwp—w+ÿ‚ó¶ÿ…ðÿð ÿww™™™™™ww(ÿ‚ò§ÿ…ðÿð
ÿ„wwêçwƒwww'ÿ‚þ¶ÿ…ðÿðÿ–wwïïçwïïçwçwŸwwww%ÿ‚ð ÿ‚ðÿƒðð™ÿÿ~
îê~êîçww~ç…Ÿðÿ‰ÿðÿÿ‚øÿð‚ð‚ÿîpà†ïîïîï‚w‚ðÿƒÿð†ÿðÿÿ‚üJÿ‚ð‚ÿ p
êwð†ÿÿððÿÿ‚û%ÿð‚ððï„à ‚ÿð ð

ðê‡àêêÿœàÿÿðððÿððÿðððÿÿÿ®ðÿðÿÿÿÿÿÿððÿðÿðÿÿðïïðïƒàïà ÿïàÿÿðÿÿðÿððÿÿÿðÿðÿ‚üPÿØðÿðÿÿÿÿÿÿððÿðÿðÿÿðîêð
îêàÿÿðÿðÿ“ððÿðÿððÿðÿÿ‚õJÿÃðÿðÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿðÿðÿÿðÿðÿÿðÿððîïàÿÿÿÿÿÿðŽÿðÿðÿÿÿÿ‚óBÿµðÿðÿÿÿðÿÿÿÿðÿðÿÿðÿðÿððÿððêêàÿÿ‹ÿÿÿÿÿð’ÿððÿÿÿÿðÿ‚õ[ÿÊððÿÿÿððÿÿÿÿÿðÿðÿÿðÿðÿððÿððïïàÿÿÿÿÿÿÿððÿðð‹ÿÿðÿ‚ð|ÿ¢ðÿÿðÿÿðÿððÿÿðÿðÿ±ðððêîêàÿððÿÿððððÿðÿðÿºÿ¶ðððÿÿïàð ððÿÿððïððïîïàÿ™îÿÿÿÿðð‹ÿðððÿðÿõÿŠððððÿÿ‰ðêê…ðð‰ÿúêàê‚àÿ„—šà ÿÿðÿððÿ‚ö*ÿ‚ððÿšððÿïïàŸÿŸï‚ïŽàÿð—wàï‚çðŒðÿÿðÿÿðÿ‚ýëÿ‚ÿƒð
ÿŽ÷îïîïîçy™™™¦—îïîïîïîïîïàÿð ™—w~ïîïçpÿÿïÿ‚ðÿƒð
ÿ„÷êêzw‚— ê‡àÿðƒzçwê…pÿðÿ‚û³ÿˆðððð
ÿƒïïwŽŸŸŸŸŸ ïŽàÿðŸŸïwï…pÿððÿ‚ýÿ…ÿ ÿƒzîçw ”—êîêîêîêîêîêà𐎗zîwîêîêîàÿðÿÿð ÿ·÷ww™îç™™™™™—ïîïîïîïîïîïç™™wïîïîïîïîàÿðÿ‚ñ3ÿ„ðÿ ÿ‰÷çpzêçp ‚—š
ê…çppê„àÿðÿ‚õÿ–÷w—wïïw—ŸŸ—wwŸïƒçwï‹ŸŸŸŸwŸïƒàÿÿ±ÿ’wwp—wêîêçww—wwpwîçwêîêîçwwwpçwpŒ—zîêîêîêîàÿ‚öóÿ¶ww~ïîïîïçw~ïwîïçw~ïîïîw™™ww™™™™™™wîïîïîïîïÿ‚þdÿ…wêçwzê‚çp‚—šêwÿ‚õpÿŒwŸïçïçwww ï•çŸŸŸŸŸŸŸŸŸ—ïçÿ‚öÛÿ‡wzîêîw—wŽzîêîêîêîêîêîê琉wšîêîêîêçÿ‚÷¢ÿµwîïîw~çwïîïîïîïîïîïîïîïç™™™™™™™™™—îïîïîïçÿ‚úØÿ‡pwwpêpzêçpêçÿ‚ó!ÿƒŸwï–矟ŸŸŸŸŸŸ—wwï‚çÿ‚öþÿ‚÷p”—žêîêîêîêîêîêîêîêîê琍wçw—zîêîêîêîÿ
ÿ‚þæÿ÷pê‚çp‡w琐—wšêÿ‚ ÿ‚üÍÿ‰÷ŸŸŸwŸïŽŸŸŸŸŸŸw…Ÿ—wïÿƒ ÿ‚ü4ÿ÷”—zîêîêîêîêîêîêîêîêîw
‚p琈—zîêîêîÿ„ð ÿ‚ýlÿ·÷™™™™îïîïîïîïîïîïîïîïîçy™™™™™™w™™™îïîïîÿð ÿ‚øµÿ÷‚wzêp ‚wpzêwÿ„ðð ÿ‚õ3ÿŠ÷ŸŸwïŸï–wŸŸŸŸŸŸwŸŸŸï‚çÿð‚ ÿ.ÿ÷˜pwwàwzîêîêîêîêîêîêîêîêçwƒ—ww ˆwzîêîêçÿ…ðð ÿ‚ù ÿ¥÷™™~w—îïîïîïîïîïîïîïîïwwy™wïçw™™ww~ïîïîïçÿ‚ÿ ÿ‚òŒÿ‚÷pˆwwppwwpêŽpw—wpzêçwpêçpƒwwzêƒwwÿ‚ÿ ÿ‚ü6ÿ„÷Ÿw‡ŸŸw
ï…ŸïwŒïwwïŸwƒÿ…ÿð ÿ‚ñÙÿƒðÿ†÷pww—w‘žêîêîêîêîêîêp—zçw—wp‚—pÿ…ÿðð ÿ‚ý ÿÿ ÷y™™™—wyçw~ïîïîïîïîïîïy™çw“y—™—wé™™™™ÿ…ÿð ÿ‚þfÿ…ðÿp w— êƒwwpw…—p—pƒwçp‚—ÿ…ÿÿ ÿ‚ýI
ï›çŸ—ŸŸŸŸwŸŸŸŸÿ†ðÿð ÿ‚øä
ƒ—ww—ÿ†ðÿÿðð ÿ‚þ`
ÿ‡ÿÿððÿ„y™w®™™—îïîïîïîïîïîïç™™™™™™™ww™™™™—ÿ†ðÿÿð ÿ‚þ
ÿ„ÿÿðÿw„pçwp— êƒw—w
‚wz wÿ†ðÿÿð ÿ‚ýÝ ÿ‚ðÿÿwŸwïïwŸ—w ïœwwŸŸŸŸŸŸŸwŸwŸŸŸwÿ‡ðÿÿð ÿ‚ðw ÿðÿŽððÿÿwzîêî琓—~êîêîêîêîêîêîp—pwp …wwwpÿ„ÿÿ ÿ‚ô¸ ÿðÿð›ÿÿ÷™îïîç™yîïîïîïîïîïîïîwœ~w™™™™™™™—™™™ÿÿð„ÿÿ ÿ‚ü] ÿðÿ‰ÿÿ÷ppê…琗wwê…wwêçp—ÿ„ÿÿ ÿ‚ú¹ ÿÿ†ÿÿwï…ç—çï¥ïïwŸŸŸŸŸŸŸŸŸ—ÿÿðÿÿÿ ÿ‚÷  ÿÿððÿÿw—pêîçw’šîêîêîêîêîêîêîêwwîwŒwÿÿÿÿÿÿ ÿ‚ñ´ ÿÿÄðÿÿ÷™wîïîw—wîïîïîïîïîïîïîïçwîwwwy™™™™™™™™ÿðÿÿÿÿ ÿ‚ûu ÿÿ‘ÿÿ÷p—pêêwwwêêww êŠçzwçpwwwpƒÿðÿ†ÿÿ
ÿð ÿÿƒðÿŽŸwïŸ—ç— ïçï矟ïwŸŸŸŸŸŸŸÿÿ†ÿð
ÿº ÿÿƒðÿpžpêw—p琗žêîêîwpêîêîêçp~êîw—ÿÿÿÿðÿÿð ÿ‚ñ„ ÿ‚ðÿ‚ÿŸw™wwçw™wç™wïîïçwîïîïî™~wš™™™™™™wÿðÿÿðÿÿð ÿ‚ú ÿðÿ†ÿÿ÷w‹——wwê琐—ê„琐zêˆpzpw—
ƒwÿðÿ‡ðÿð ÿ‚ó$ ÿðÿ›ðÿÿ÷wïw—wïwŸwïçwwï˜wŸwŸwŸŸŸŸŸ—ÿÿ‡ðÿð
ÿì ÿðÿ‰ððÿÿzîpƒwîp–—wšçzwêîêîêîêpwpwwp
ÿ‚ýX ÿðÿ¸ððÿwîw™™™î™™—wyïîïîïîïîïw—™wwy™™™™™wÿðÿ†ððÿð
ÿ‚ûq ÿðÿ‰ððÿ÷wp„wzêw‚wšêw‚ww
ÿ‚ùD ÿðÿ™ðð÷wŸ—ïïwŸŸŸwï–矟—wŸŸŸŸÿÿÿ†ð
ÿ‚÷o ÿðÿˆððÿw…—îêîpŒ—îêîêîêîêîwpw„wÿÿÿ†ÿ
ÿ‚ö¼ ÿðÿŠððÿ÷—w™îïîw™™™™îïîïîïîïîïy—wŽîçww™—™ÿÿÿ…ÿÿ‚óp ÿðÿ‹ð÷wwzêç—
êwšêŒwçp—w—ÿðÿ…ÿðÿl ÿðÿ‰ððÿïŠçŸŸŸ—ïŒwçwwçwÿÿðÿ…ÿðÿ‚ð– ÿðÿ„ððŠ÷îêîêîêî琞—wêîêîêîêîêîêîêîêîwwç~p—w—ÿÿÿ‚ÿ‚ù3 ÿðÿ®ðÿ÷~ïîïîïîçy™™™wïîïîïîïîïîïîïîïîwžïîw…—ÿÿÿ‚ÿ‚ø: ÿðÿŠðÿðÿzêwzêˆwêêçwpwÿÿƒðÿ‚ð± ÿðÿðÿð÷wwŸŸŸï‚çïˆwïç—wwÿÿƒðÿ‚ûo ÿðÿ…ðÿÿ‰ÿw—zîwwp•wêîêîêîwwpîêîêîêîwpêçwÿÿƒðÿ‚úN ÿðÿ¶ðÿÿððÿ÷ww~™™™™™—îïîïçwwîïîïîïîwïîïîÿððÿ‚ðÿ‚ùˆ ÿðÿ“ðÿÿðÿÿðÿÿwppw
‚—zêƒwwê‹w—pêêwÿÿðÿ‚ðÿ‚ü€ ÿðÿ‡ÿðÿƒÿwŒŸŸŸŸŸï„Ÿï‹çwïçÿððÿðÿ‚ö© ÿðÿ‡ÿðÿ‹ðÿð÷pwwp ›wžêîêwwwîêîêîêîêwzîÿÿÿ‚ÿ‚ó7 ÿðÿˆðððÿ‡ðÿðÿw ™™™™™~ïîïîçwwîïîïîïîïçwÿÿ‚ÿƒðÿ‚ñÀ ÿðÿˆððÿðÿ‹ðÿð÷w—wƒ—wz ê‚çšêwÿ…ðÿ‚ÿ‚÷> ÿðÿˆðÿðÿ•ððÿ÷w—ŸŸŸŸŸ
ï‚wï‰wÿÿðÿ‚ÿ‚û› ÿðÿˆðÿððÿððÿÿwwpŒwzîêîêîêîêîêw‹îwÿÿðÿðÿƒðÿ‚õ ÿðÿ„ðÿðÿ…ð‚ÿ÷w’y™~ïîïîïîïîïîïîïwÿ†ÿðÿƒððÿ_ ÿðÿˆðÿðÿÿððÿÿ÷wwêêwêƒwwÿ‡ðÿÿðÿ‚ðÿ‚ú% ÿðÿˆðÿÿÿÿ…ðð…ÿÿ÷w…wçw
ïƒçwÿðÿƒðÿ‚ÿ‚ý{ ÿðÿˆðÿÿÿÿŠðÿÿðÿ”÷wwpwpww—zîêîêîêîêçwÿðÿƒðÿ‚ÿ‚ûE ÿðÿˆðÿÿðÿ†ðÿÿðÿ’÷ww——™wyïîïîïçwÿ‚ÿƒðÿ‚ÿØ ÿðÿƒðÿÿƒðÿ„ðÿ÷wwÿÿƒðÿ‚ÿ‚ùØ ÿðÿƒðÿÿƒðÿ„ðÿ÷ wÿðÿƒðÿ‚ÿ‚ðë ÿðÿƒðÿÿƒðÿ‡ðÿÿðÿðÿƒðÿ‚ÿ‚ù ÿðÿƒðÿÿƒðÿˆðÿÿðÿ†ððÿƒðÿ…ÿÿÿ‚ó½ ÿðÿƒðÿÿƒðÿˆÿÿðÿ†ÿðÿƒðÿ†ÿÿÿ‚÷l ÿðÿƒðÿÿƒðÿ†ðÿðÿ‰ðÿÿðÿƒðÿ†ÿÿÿ‚øe ÿðÿƒðÿÿƒðÿ„ðÿ ÿðÿƒðÿƒðÿ†ðÿ‚üÙ ÿðÿƒðÿÿƒðÿ‡ðÿÿð ÿðÿƒðÿƒðÿÿ‚û ÿðÿƒðÿÿ‚ðÿˆðÿÿÿ ÿðÿƒðÿƒðÿƒðÿ‚ö> ÿðÿƒðÿÿ‚ðÿ‡ÿÿÿÿ ÿ‡ðÿƒðÿƒðÿƒðÿ‚ô³ ÿðÿƒðÿÿ‚ðÿ…ÿÿÿƒðÿ‚ÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿ„ðÿ‚ò ÿðÿƒðÿÿ‚ðÿ…ÿÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿ‡ðÿÿ‚þ¸ ÿðÿƒðÿÿ‚ðÿ…ÿÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿ†ÿÿ‚ñQ ÿðÿƒðÿÿ‚ðÿ†ðÿÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿƒÿ‚û\ ÿðÿƒðÿÿ‚ðÿ†ðÿÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿÿ‚ð~ ÿðÿƒðÿÿ‚ðÿ†ðÿÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿƒðÿ‚öí ÿ‡ðÿÿðÿÿ‚ðÿ‚ðÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿƒðÿ‚ùu ÿÿ‚ÿÿ‚ðÿ‚ÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿƒððÿ‚þ ÿÿƒÿÿðÿ‚ÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿƒðÿ‚þ• ÿÿƒÿÿðÿ‚ÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿ‚ÿ‚ú¤ ÿÿÿÿðÿ‚ÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿ‚ÿ‚÷` ÿÿÿ ÿ‚ÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿ‚ÿ‚øÔ ÿÿ‡ðÿÿÿ‚ðÿƒðÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿ‚ÿ‚ô ÿÿ‡ððÿÿÿ‚ðÿƒðÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿÿ‚÷s ÿÿðƒÿÿÿ‚ðÿƒðÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿ‚ðÿ‚ôB ÿÿ†ÿÿˆðÿÿðÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿÿ‚ÿ‚ü ÿðÿ‚ÿÿˆðÿÿðÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿ‚ÿ‚ô¹ ÿðÿ‚ððÿˆðÿÿðÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿƒðÿƒðÿ‚ÿ‚÷s ÿðÿ‚ðÿŒðÿÿðÿÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿ‚ðÿƒðÿ‚ðÿ‚þK ÿ‚ðÿ…ðÿƒðÿ†ÿÿÿ‚ÿÿƒÿ‚ðÿ„ðÿ‚ðÿ‚úF
ÿÿƒðÿƒðÿ†ðÿÿÿ‚ÿÿƒ ÿ„ÿÿðÿ‚ù,
ÿÿƒðÿŒðÿÿððÿÿÿ‚ÿÿƒ ÿ„ÿðÿ‚ÿ‚ðŠ
ÿÿƒðÿŒðÿÿðÿÿÿ‚ÿÿƒ ÿ‰ÿðÿÿðÿ‚öW
ÿÿƒðÿ„ðÿ…ÿÿÿ‚ÿÿƒ ÿˆÿÿðÿ‚þ
ÿ‚ÿÿ‚'ÿ‚ò:ÿÿƒ ÿƒð
ÿ‚ÿÿ‚'ÿ‚óìÿðÿƒ ÿð
ÿ‚ÿÿ‚'ÿ‚ûÿ‡ðÿÿ ÿƒð
ÿ‚ÿÿ‚'ÿ‚õÙÿ†ðÿÿÿ ÿƒð
ÿ‚ÿÿ‚'ÿ‚üšÿ…ÿ ÿƒÿð
ÿ‚ÿÿ‚'ÿ‚þ/ÿ†ðÿðÿ‚ð ÿ‚ÿÿ‚'ÿ‚ó¨ÿƒðÿ ÿ‚ÿÿ‚'ÿ‚ö®#ÿ ÿ‚ÿÿ‚'ÿ‚ýë#ÿ ÿ‚ÿÿ(ÿ‚ö³#ÿÿÿÿ(ÿ‚ò&ÿðÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ]Tl$”¸-R.G. Doom Editor v1.1"Copyright ®1994 Renegade Graphics%™™ÿÿÿÿ 9ÿÿÿÿE1°ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿE¼ContentsL" ‘* $€D€˜€â"¾…‰‚ÿRenegade Graphics DOOM Editorâ«Es7 <€W€€‚€‚€‚€‚€€‚ÿVersion 1.1For help in using the Help utility, press F1 or select "Using Help" from the Help menu above.Renegade Graphics Support BBS (615)337-9198RegistrationÅz‘8K f€ô€Èã¿d€‰€‚ãJsmo€‰€‚ã!.Û»€‰‚ã؄å։‚ÿHow to Register this ProgramInternational RegistrationAbout Renegade GraphicsAbout the Shareware Concept@sx* $€,€€‚€€‚ÿUsing the Editor¦_8G ^€¾€ÈãáI5¼€‰‚ãä‘,‰‚ã*Ág‰‚ãþÏ/‰‚ãÿ
9¬‰‚‚ÿThe Level EditorThe Tool BarObject ModeWall Texture & Zone ModeStructure Mode1xO# €€€‚ÿOther stuffz;É? N€v€Èã±žÏ €‰‚ãþî'‰‚ã|,Ÿ`‰‚ã.Õïv‰‚ÿPrinting MapsPWAD FilesBitmap FiddlerDOOMDISK&Oï# €€€ ‚ÿ‡bÉv% €Ä€˜€‚‚ÿ©1994 Renegade Graphics All Rights ReservedDOOM is a trademark of id Software. 1-800-IDGAMESFï¼) "€:€˜€
âà+ *‰ÿThis utility is SharewareAvý1Yÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿý
The Level Editor7¼4$ €&€˜€ ‚ÿThe Level Editor&ýZ# €€€‚ÿç¾4A) €}€°€‚‚‚‚‚ÿWhen the Level Editor is first opened it will be in Object Editing mode and the map will be displayed at the 50% zoom level. The scroll bars can be used to move about the level when it is zoomed larger than the display window. When in the Level Editor you have a choice of three editing modes: Object, Wall Texture & Zone Attributes, and Structure. (The Structure mode is not 100% complete in this release).The three modes allow you to:7 Zx, &€€X°È:€ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ÿAdd, delete, move and change monsters, weapons and other objects.Change the height of the ceiling and floor, appearances, switches and special things like crushing ceilings.Modify the walls of existing levels and create new levels. (Requires a future utility)êA‹ ) €Õ€°€‚‚‚‚‚ÿThere is a tool bar below the menu. This makes commonly used features quickly accessible. Each of the three map modes has it's own tool window. This window contains tools that are only used for that one type of level editing.ŠKx
? N€–€Èãä‘,€‰‚ã*Ág‰‚ãþÏ/‰‚ãÿ
9¬‰‚ÿThe Tool BarObject ModeWall Texture & Zone ModeStructure Mode< ‹ Q
ëThe Toolbar2
$ €€˜€ ‚ÿThe Toolbara=Q
$ €z€€‚‚ÿThe toolbar is displayed at all times with the text menu.Aƒ
% . ,€(€°€†"€‚‚ÿThe Tools are:'ä
L $ €€°€‚ÿ Ò% l
N j€¥€°€ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒ€€‚ƒƒƒ‚ÿExitExit the editor completelyOpen MapLoad a level from a PWAD fileOpen FolderLoad a different levelRed DiskSave current level to a PWAD filePrinterPrint the current level to the WAD file (objects only!)PercentShows current level of map zoom (10-200%)Scroll BarAllows simple selection of new zoom levelMiniMapCalls up Map Display Tool (zoom/pan)Pink GridTurns on and off snap to grid for objectsGridTurns on and off grid linesÉL q< F€“€°€‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚‚ÿFirst MapObject Edit ModeSecond MapWall Texture & Zone Attribute Edit ModeThird MapStructure Edit ModePotionLoad BitMap FiddlerDoomLaunches Doom with file TESTLEV.WAD?Get Helpz>l
ë< H€|€Ȁ‚ã*Ág€‰‚ãþÏ/‰‚ãÿ
9¬‰‚ÿObject ModeWall Texture & Zone ModeStructure ModeBq-1"ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ-%The Object Editor8ëe$ €(€˜€ ‚ÿThe Object Editor™Y-
B@ N€³€°€‚‚‚€€€€€€€ €‚ÿIn Item editing mode the entire display can be used to view the map. The tools needed toe
Bë alter or insert objects are activated with the second mouse button.There are three operational modes when editing objects. These are View, Insert and Delete. They are activated by pressing Control+V, Control+I or Control+D respectively. When the editor is first run it will be in View mode. If you change to another map mode (line/zone or structural) and switch back to Object editing mode, the editor will be in the View mode regardless of what mode the object editor was in when you left it.®Xe¸EV z€±€°€‚€‚€‚€€‚‚€€€€€€‚‚€€€€‚ÿView Mode:To view an object click on it. A small map key will appear next to the object for 1.5 seconds with the name.To change an object select it with the second mouse button. Press the Choose button. A menu of object categories will appear, choose the one you want. Next select the new item type from the list. The object will change instantly and the new object time will be reflected by the map key.To change the facing of an object select it with the second mouse button and then click on the arrow. The arrow will face toward your mouse click (click toward the edges of the arrow, clicking on the center will have no effect since it cannot determine the direction you want from that). Only the facing of player and monster objects is important, other objects are not affected by facing. There are 8 possible facings.÷µ
B¯HB R€k€°€‚€€€€‚‚€‚€‚€€‚ÿTo move an object, press and hold the first mouse button while over the object. Now drag the button to the new desired location and release the button. Occasionally the map display will get messy from moving lots of objects, or if an object was overlapping a map line. To clean up the map display select Display/Refresh from the menu or press Control+F.Insert Mode:To insert an object press Control+I or choose Mode/Object/Insert from the menu. Set the attributes desired for the new object and then select the desired object type from the list. Then click on the map where you want to place it. As many objects as you like can be inserted at one time simply by clicking.ϸE´J6 :€Ÿ€°€‚€€‚‚€‚€‚‚ÿIMPORTANT: The attributes of the objects to be inserted are set by not only the type in the list, but also the check boxes and the direction arrow. If you insert object with no level attributes checked they will not appear in the game! Also objects with the DM attribute (Death Match/Network Play) will not appear in single-player games.Delete Mode:Delete mode is now rather useless. It is still held over from the previous versions of the editor.ǚ¯H{K- (€5€°€‚€€‚‚ÿTo delete an object select the object you want to delete, it will be removed instantly. As many objects as you like can be deleted in succession. žx´JL& €ð€X°È:€‚ÿObjects can also be deleted with the Del key when in view mode. The currently hilighted object(s) will be deleted. J{KcOD V€
€°€‚€‚€‚‚‚€€‚‚€€€€‚ÿOPTIONSThe option box has five different check boxes, any or all may be selected.The first three determine what difficulty levels the object is present on. Note that the same monsters and objects are present on levels 1 and 2, just the amount of damage done is different in the game. Levels 4 and 5 (Nightmare) are also the same, just the monster behavior is different. (Not to mention the random teleporting!). The next checkbox is 'Def'. This sets the DEAF attribute for monsters. If a monster has this attribute set, it will not react to your presence and will not come running when it hears you shoot. It will only wake up and chase you if it sees you or sees your bullets impact on a wall in it's field of view. Of course if you shoot at it...~JLí€4 6€•€°€‚€€€€‚‚‚ÿThe last checkbox is 'DM'. This sets the DeathMatch attribute. If this is set the object will appcOí€ëear in DeathMatch games only. This is very useful for scattering extra weapons and first aid around the level.Important Note: Make sure you have at least FOUR DeathMatch start objects on the level. More is even better.8cO%) "€€˜ã¤tD€‰ÿObject List: í€_1%ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ_VÀItem List2%‘$ €€˜€ ‚ÿObject List ¨_œƒc ”€Q€°€ ‚€
‚ƒƒƒƒ‚€ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ÿRenegade Graphics DOOM EditorObj#DescriptionColor on Map Display1 Player1 Start Bright Green2 Player2 Start Bright Green3 Player3 Start Bright Green4 Player4 Start Bright Green5 Blue Keycard Bright Blue6 Yellow Keycard Bright Yellow7 !!!SPIDER DEMON!!! Bright Orange8 BackPack Blue9 FORMER HUMAN SGTOrange10 Dead Body Dk. Gray11 Deathmatch Start PositionLt. Green­‘­…d –€[€°€ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ÿ12 Dead Mess(Blech!) Dk. Gray13 Red Keycard Bright Red14 Teleporter end location Lt. Gray15 Dead Player Dk. Gray16 !!!CYBER LORD!!! Bright Orange17 Energy Cell Pack Green18 Dead Trooper Dk. Gray19 Bloody Corpse Dk. Gray20 Dead IMP Dk. Gray21 Dead Demon Dk. Gray22 Dead Cacodemon Dk. Gray24 Pool of Blood Dk. Gray25 Impaled Trooper Dk. Gray26 Spike w/Body Dk. Gray °œƒ¸‡[ „€a€°€ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ÿ27 Spike w/Skull Dk. Gray28 Spike of Skulls Dk. Gray29 Festive Skull DecorationDk. Gray30 Tall Marble Column Dk. Gray31 Short Marble Column Dk. Gray32 Tall Red Column Dk. Gray33 Short Red Column Dk. Gray34 Candle Dk. Gray35 Candle Stand Dk. Gray36 Marble Pillar w/Beating HeartDk. Gray37 Red Column w/Skull Dk. Gray38 RED SKULL Key Bright Red39 YELLOW SKULL Key Bright Yellow½­…̉W |€{€°€ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ÿ40 BLUE SKULL Key Bright Blue41 Weird Eye Thing Dk. Gray42 Floating/Glowing Rock w/2 Skulls Dk. Gray43 Tree Dk. Gray44 Blue Torch Stand Dk. Gray45 Green Torch Stand Dk. Gray46 Normal Torch Stand Dk. Gray47 Spikey Stump Dk. Gray48 Column Dk. Gray49 Corpse Hanging from NeckDk. Gray50 Corpse Hanging from Feet #1Dk. Gray51 Corpse Hanging from Feet #2Dk. Gray52 Corpse Portion Hanging #1Dk. Gray¯¸‡Û‹` Ž€_€°€ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ÿ53 Corpse Leg Hanging Dk. Gray54 Big Ugly Tree Dk. Gray55 Blue Torch Dk. Gray56 Green Torch Dk. Gray57 Red Torch Dk. Gray58 SPECTER Orange59 Corpse Hanging from Feet #3Dk. Gray60 Corpse Portion Hanging #1Dk. Gray61 Corpse Hanging from Feet #4Dk. Gray62 Leg Hanging From CeilingDk. Gray2001 Shotgun Green2002 Chaingun Green2003 Rocket Launcher Green2004 Plasma gun Green°̉ôi  €a€°€ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ÿ2005 Chainsaw Green2006 BFG9000 Green2007 Ammo Clip Dk. Green2008 Shotgun Shells Dk. Green2010 1 Rocket Dk. Green2011 Stimpack Dk. Green2012 MedKit Lt. Red2013 SoulSphere(+100% Health)Bright Blue2014 Potion Light Blue2015 Helmet Light Green2018 Green Armor Bright Green2019 Blue Armor Bright Blue2022 Sphere of InvulnerabilityDk. Green2023 Berserk Pak Dk. Green£ۋÀo ¬€G€°€ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ÿ2024 BlurSphere Blue2025 Radiation Suit Dk. Green2026 Computer Map Dk. Green2028 Floor Lamp Dk. Gray2035 Barrel Dk. Green2045 Light-Amp Goggles Dk. Green2046 Box of Rockets Green2047 Cell Green2048 Ammo Box Green2049 Box of Shells Green3001 IMP Orange3002 DEMON Orange3003 HELL BARON Orange3004 FORMER HUMAN TROOPEROrange3005 CACODEMON OrôÀ%angeDôVÀ( €8€°€ƒƒƒƒ‚ÿ3006 LOST SOUL Orange>
À”À1@ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ”À–ÅThe PWAD File1
VÀÅÀ$ €€˜€ ‚ÿPWAD Files2 ”À÷Â) €€€‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿThe data file used by Doom is called a WAD file. The main data file is some 10mb. Thanks to the foresight of id Software, and this editor, you can use secondary data files called PWAD files.A PWAD file has a .WAD extension, but contains only one level. When you start Doom you must specify on the command line what file(s) you want to load. Any levels contained in the PWAD files you specify will be overlaid on top of the levels in the main data file.For example, to use a PWAD file called MYLEVEL.WAD enter:yHÅÀpÅ1 0€‘€€‚ƒ‚‚‚‚‚‚ƒ‚‚‚‚‚ÿDOOM -FILE MYLEVEL.WADThat is all there is to it. Multiple PWAD files may be used:DOOM -FILE E1M1.WAD E1M2.WAD E1M3.WAD...PWAD files are created by saving your edited level with the PWAD save icon on the toolbar.The PWAD file contains an Episode and Level number that it replaces. When you save a PWAD file you are given the choice of what level to save it as. If you plan to load multiple PWAD files it is important that they have different internal level numbers (set the level number with the scroll bars on the Level Info box when you load or save a PWAD file).&÷–Å# €€€‚ÿDpÅÚÅ1ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÚŖÌPrinting Level Maps?–ÅÆ' €0€€ €‚‚ÿPrinting Level Maps§ÚÅÈ^ Š€O€°€‚‚€ƒ‚€ƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ÿWhen you choose the PRINT button a dialog box will show you a preview of the printed page. Check boxes allow you to select which items you want to appear on the printed map. Items are indiSated on the printed map as such:MonstersSmall circle with a small letter:TTrooperFFormer Human SergeantCCacodemonIImpDDemonSSpecterLLost SoulHHell Baron!Spider Demon/Cyber Lord”Æ9ʇ ܀)€°€ƒ‚€ƒƒ€€‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚€ƒ‚€ƒƒ€€‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚€ƒ‚€ƒƒ‚€ƒ‚€ƒƒ‚€ƒ‚€ƒƒ‚€ƒ‚ÿKey Cards/SkullsLarge Sold Circle with Large LetterRRed Card/SkullBBlue Card/SkullYYellow Card/SkullRad Suits/Goggles/MapsLarge Hollow Circle with Large LetterRRad SuitLLight Amplification GogglesCComputer MapWeapons/Ammo Boxes/ArmorLarge Shaded CircleAmmoSmall Shaded CircleStart LocationsSmall Hollow CircleFirst Aid/Spheres etc.§jÈàÊ= J€Ô€°€ƒƒ‚€ƒ‚€ƒƒ‚€ƒ‚€ƒƒ‚‚ÿLarge Shaded BoxPotions/HelmetsSmall Shaded BoxBodies and JunkVery small shaded circle¶Œ9ʖÌ* "€€€‚‚‚€‚ÿThe Level number, name and author may be optionally printed at the top. The radio buttons may be used to print all or none of the objects, with normal allowing the individual checkboxes to be used.Known Bug: While the print dialog does allow you to print either portrait or landscape maps, it will only allow you to print to the orientation the printer was in when you entered the editor.CàÊÙÌ1OÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÙÌ The BitMap Fiddler9–ÌÍ$ €*€˜€ ‚ÿThe Bitmap Fiddler&ÙÌ8Í# €€€‚ÿ÷¼Í/Ï; D€y€°€‚‚€‚€‚‚‚€‚€‚‚‚‚ÿThis screen will allow you to view any of the graphics contained in DOOM.ExtractThis will extract just the currently viewed picture to a BMP file.EXTRACT ALLThis option will cause all of the pictures in the currently selected group to be generated as BMP files in a directory called BMPS under the directory DOOMED is in.In order to use the Wall Texture pallette preview ability you must extract all of the Wall Patch graphics.¶8Í ' €€€‚€ÿKNOWN BUG: Not all bitmaps in the first and last groups extract properly with the current algorithm. These bitmaps will not be displayed. /Ï –Ì1/Ï=1"ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ=5IÿÕ <* "€«€€ €‚‚‚‚ÿWall Texture & Zone ModeThis mode allows you to alter the attributes of Lines and Zones. This is the heart of Doom level editing and creation. Things that can be modified and created in this mode include:(÷=d1 0€ï€PÈ:€ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ÿLighting (including blinking, etc.)Damage effects like acid poolsTexture of floor and ceilingAppearance of wallsSpecial effects like crushing ceilings, stairs that come out of the floor, teleporters etc.Switches for exiting the levelØ<e) €±€€‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿThe controls for this mode are simple, but the results are complex. After you switch to this mode you will see only the map lines. Each of these lines has a white control point located in it's center, this is used to select it. When you select a line it is highlighted in red, and the zone that it is part of is highlighted in yellow.Some line segments border two zones. To select the second zone bordered by that segment click the second mouse button.The floor and ceiling textures, heights, lighting level and special effects like blinking lights and damage are controlled by zone attributes. All other special effects, such as switches, teleporters, crushing ceilings and so on are controlled by line attributes.Ì”d18 >€)€€‚€‚€‚‚‚€‚€‚‚‚ÿThe Wall/Zone Tools WindowThere are four regions in this tool window. The top two are used to modify Zones, the bottom two modify Lines.Sector DefinitionTo select a zone click on any line that is surrounding that zone. Always click on the center of a line segment. Some lines are between two zones. Use the second mouse button to select the zone that is on the 'back' side of the line.$ýeU ' €û€°€‚‚‚ÿOnce you have selected a line/zone, a great deal of information will be displayed in the tool window. Values in the yellow boxes are altered by editing directly. Click on the value that is present and then type the new value. Floor and Ceiling height may be anywhere between -264 and 264. The maximum difference in floor height that can be crossed by the player is 30, if the difference in floor heights between two zones is greater than this the player will not be able to get up to the higher zone.™p1î
) €á€°€‚‚‚‚‚ÿThe minimum difference between floor and ceiling height for a player to be able to pass is 16. The total height of the zone will be displayed between the Ceiling and Floor heights.The brightness of the zone is a number between 0 and 255. 0 is complete darkness and 255 is the brightest possible. Light effects like flickering are achieved with zone specials.qCU _
. *€‡€€‚‚€‚€‚‚ÿTo assign a new texture, first select it from the top list, then drag the texture name onto the box that represents the floor or ceiling texture.Line DefinitionThe checkboxes and Special and Tag values correspond to the line, the textures apply to a single side of the line. The 'front' side of the line faces the sector that is highlighted when selecting the line with the first mouse button, the 'back' side faces the other sector. Most line segments are on a wall that has nothing behind it, i.e. no sector is defined there. These line segments only have one side.ëÄî
V@' €‰€€‚‚‚‚ÿTo alter a line attribute simply click the checkbox. The special and Tag values can be changed by clicking on the contents of the box and typing a new value. Pressing the 'list' button will bring up a help file which contains a listing of all the known special values.Use the 'Block Monster' attribute to keep monsters from behaving stupidly, like walking off the edge of staircases etc. The 'Block Player' attribute is used to make walls solid. By changing this attribute you can change existing levels to have very different paths through them. Watch out for areas where no Zone is defined, such as the inside of a column. _
V@  If you allow a player to get into there the display will be screwed up.§_
XB[ „€Q€€‚‚‚€‚€‚‚€€ƒ‚€€ƒ‚€ƒ€‚‚€ ‚€‚†"€‚‚ÿFor each side of a line segment there are five things defined:X offset,Y offsetThese are an offset for the mapping of the texture onto the surface. These are used to center or otherwise shift bitmaps around on the wall surface.TopTexture mapped onto an 'overhang' if anyWallTexture mapped onto the main part of the wallStepTexture mapped onto the front of 'step' if anyAssigning Wall TexturesEV@D4 6€%€€‚‚‚†"€‚‚‚‚‚ÿConsider the situation illustrated above. This is a side view of an area with five lines crossing it, breaking it into four zones:Walls A and E each border only a single zone, so they would only have one 'side' defined. Each of the other lines has borders two zones and so has a front and back. The Red arrows indiSate portions of the wall texture that would be in the 'top' part of the texture description for the line side. The Green arrows indiSate the 'wall' portions and the Blue arrows indiSate the 'step'. iBXBG' €…€€‚‚‚‚ÿA texture of 'nothing' is indiSated by a - in the texture name box. This is used where no texture would need to be displayed, such as above and below the wall sections, or where you want the wall to be transparent, like a window or corridor.Consider the side of Line B that faces Zone 1. From this side all you see at the point of the line is the ceiling and floor. There is no change in ceiling height between the zones and the floor gets lower from one so an observer on that side would not be able to see the 'step'. So the texture defined for B1 would be: -, -, -.ҝD I4 6€¥€€‚‚‚‚‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚‚‚ÿIf you were standing in Zone 2 looking at Line B, you would see the step. From this side the texture for the step would need to be defined. The texture defined for B2 could be: -, -, STEP6.Other sample textures:C2-, -, -C3STARTAN3, -, TEKWALL1D3-, -, TEKWALL1D4STARTAN3, -, -E-, STARTAN3, -Note that the line and sector designations used in the example are only to explain which line is being referred to and have nothing to do with the editing.)G5I# € €˜€ ÿ....1 IfI1ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ ÿÿÿÿfIV55I›I$ €"€˜€ ‚ÿStructure ModeqJfI L' €•€€‚‚‚‚ÿDoom levels area composed entirely of Zones. A room is a zone, a teleporter pad is a zone, a door is a zone. Everyplace that you can see is within a zone. Zones are defined by the lines that border them.Doom level creation is accomplished by building up a structure of zones which will be made into the level. Everything needed can be accomplished using the three tools provided in the Structure editing mode. These three tools are the Vertice tool, the Zone tool and the Automatic Structure tool. The AutoStruct tool is really just a more powerful version of the Zone tool.é›I"N- (€Ó€€‚€‚€‚‚ÿVertice ToolThe Vertice tool has two functions: inserting new vertices on existing lines, and moving vertices. To move a vertice simply click on it and drag it to its new location. If you drop a vertice on top of another vertice it will be merged. (At present the left over vertice will still be there as well, it will be stripped off the next time the level is run through a BSP, you can safely ignore these extra vertices, and just move them to the side if they bother you). á L<€- (€Ã€€‚€€‚‚‚ÿInserting a new vertice is really breaking a line in half. This is done by clicking on a line in the center with the second mouse button. The inserted vertice will be aligned to the grid snap, and may not be directly on the line if it is at a digonal. (Refresh the display with Control+F if this is the case).If by moving vertices you cause two lines to take up the exact same space, they will be merged and the sectors on e"N<€5Iither side will become adjacent to each other.Ô"NAƒ1 0€©€€‚€‚€‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿZone ToolThere are two kinds of zones, those that stand alone and those that are inside other zones. A stand alone zone has nothing outside it, though it may have other zones attached to it. A zone within a zone is surrounded on most or all sides by the inside of another zone.To insert a stand alone zone simply draw it out. The zone will be created. The new zone can then have its lines broken and moved with the vertice tool if desired.To insert a zone within a zone, select the zone that will contain the new zone by holding the shift key and clicking on the center of one of the zones lines (just as you would in line/zone mode). The zone will be highlighted in green. Now draw the new zone within it.¾—<€ÿ…' €/€€‚‚‚‚ÿZones can also contain voids, empty spaces surrounded by walls but containing no zone. These are created in the same manner as zones within zones. Follow the same procedure but use the second mouse button to draw the void.While it is perfectly acceptable to join zones by drawing them next to each other and then moving the vertices together so they meet, it is not the best or fastest way. The fast way to do it is to break the line on the side of the zone(s) that will be joined to the new zones, align the vertices to where the corners of the new zone will meet that line, then draw the new zone in being careful to hit the vertices with the corners.åAƒˆ- (€Ë€€‚€€‚‚‚ÿTo cancel the drawing of a new zone or void, return the mouse pointer close to the start point of the box so that it is zero in one dimension (it appears as a line). When you release the mouse button nothing will be added.It is important to note that at present there is no tool provided for removing lines or zones. Everything you put in stays, so make sure the box is exactly right before releasing the button, if the start point is wrong, abort it by making it zero width.
äÿ…Š& €É€€‚‚‚ÿIf you do create a zone that you don't want, there are two procedures to follow for this release:If it is a stand alone zone, drag it off to one side, make it very small, and ignore it. If it is a zone within a zone, make it small and blend it into the surrounding zone by keeping the textures and heights of the floor and ceiling the same. The next release of the editor will provide a clean method for removing things. (it's also wise to keep revision copies of your level).&õˆAŒ1 0€ë€€‚€‚€‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿAutoStruct ToolThe AutoStruct tool will create the desired structure zones automatically. The available structures are pools, doors and stairs. The location of an AS is drawn in the same manner as a zone. Vertices are inserted where zones will be adjacent to each other, a box is drawn that will contain the zone, and it is inserted.The AS's can be inserted as stand alone zones or within a zone. Select the container zone with the shift key just as you would for a zone within a zone.\ŠގA P€¹€€‚€€‚‚€€€€‚‚€€‚ÿAS Attributes are set by selecting the AS tool button with the second mouse button.Pools are inserted at a depth of 16 below the current zone's floor. Pools must be inserted as a zone within a zone.Doors should be drawn with a width of 64 or 128. Other widths will be accepted by the results will look strange. The 'frame' zones on either side of the door can be any length, and in many cases will in fact be hallways. The frame zones are useful in placing a door in a room with a high ceiling, as the zones on either side of the door should generally be between 72 and 128 in height.xOAŒV) "€ž€€‚€€ÿStairs are fairly simple and can be either within a zone or stand alone. 1ގ‡1 ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ
ÿÿÿÿ‡ÈÇ}MVÁ0 .€›€€‚‚€‚€‚‚‚‚ÿLevel Design Guide:MonstersThere is more to Doom than carnage. Th‡ÁVough it's certainly important. What is exciting about Doom is not just the mayhem, but the feel of being there, the adrenaline rush when you get surprised.In designing a level, monster placement can be very important. Monsters can serve several purposes:P$‡`Á, (€H€PÈ:€ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ÿNuisanceClueHazardObstacleGÁ§Ã) €=€€‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿNuisance monsters are the ones that don't have to be killed, are not a surprise, and don't serve any other purpose but to bother the player. Try to avoid creating nuisance monsters.Clue monsters are monsters that cause a player to realize something; "If there are monsters in there, there must be some way to get there."Hazard monsters are the ones that make it tough to make it through the day. Remember when you pushed the switch you thought would raise the walkway to the exit and instead a Cacodaemon came out? That's a Hazard.óÊ`ÁšÆ) €•€€‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿObstacle monsters are pretty obvious. They are monsters that you have to kill to get to the next part of the level. Try to surprise people with your placement of monsters. Let them feel that adrenaline rush when they are casually walking through an area they think they have 'cleared' and a demon gets in their face!The DEAF attribute plays a big factor in getting monsters to surprise players. When this attribute is set the monster will sit still until they can see the player or their bullets. This is handy for putting monsters around the corners where they will sit through the chaos happening just on the other side. If you do not set this attribute the monster will come investigate the noise..ÿ§ÃÈÇ/ ,€ÿ€€‚€‚€‚‚‚‚ÿTricksTake a good long look at the Specials Reference help file. There are literally a hundred different effects available. There is a huge amount of potential in these, and by combining them you can make some truly devious traps and levels. LšÆÈ1V ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ ÿÿÿÿȳAbout the Shareware ConceptBÈÇVÈ$ €<€˜€ ‚ÿAbout the Shareware Conceptn@ÈÄÊ. *€€€‚‚€‚€‚‚ÿRead it, learn it, live it!What is "Shareware"?"Shareware is a term that describes a unique marketing approach for software. Shareware, unlike its commercial counterparts, may be freely copied and passed around. It may be distributed by electronic bulletin boards (BBS's), computer clubs, and disk libraries. The authors of the programs, however, retain all legal rights to the software (a copyright). They also request or require that people who try their software and decide to use it send a "registration fee" (which is equivalent to purchasing the software).â«VȦÍ7 <€W€€‚€‚€‚‚‚€‚€‚‚ÿIsn't it "Public Domain"?NO! Public domain software has been released completely to the public, and the author retains no legal rights. Shareware authors, on the other hand, hold copyright on their programs. Just as for commercial software, the Shareware programmer's software is protected by U.S. and international copyright law.What do I get if I register?Many Shareware companies offer printed documentation, disks, and telephone support as incentives for users to register their Shareware. Some companies also offer free updates and commissions. But the most important benefit of registration is that you receive a legal license to continue using the software.¸ÄʳI `€q€€‚€‚€‚‚‚€‚€‚€€€€€€‚ÿAren't registration payments voluntary?No. While some authors indiSate that payment is voluntary, their willingness to give their software away does not modify the rights of other authors. If a Shareware program's documentation clearly states that a registration payment is required for regular use, then you are bound by law to register or stop using the program.Does this idea actually work?Yes. But it depends on you, the user. If you as a user find a program you like, it is imperative that you register it. ¦Í³ÈÇOnly through receiving registrations can Shareware Authors receive the monetary and more importantly, moral support to keep working on new and better software.M¦Í1Äÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ ÿÿÿÿwHow to Register this ProgramJ&³J$ €L€˜€ ‚ÿHow to Register this Program. v1.15ìI `€Ù€€‚‚‚€€‚‚€€ã.Õïv‰‚‚ãJsmo€‰€‚ÿChoose one option:__1. $10.00 registration. Send $10.00 and we will send you the registered version of the program. This includes lots of enhancements. Future upgrades from BBS.__2. $20.00 registration. Send $20.00 and we will send you the registered version now, as well as the next update and DOOMDISK when available. International orders add $5 and send payment in US Funds only! Sorry no COD or Credit Cards. Click on International for a list of distributors!.íJ­A P€Û€€‚€€‚‚‚‚€‚€‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿCompuServe registration: GO SWREG. Registration ID 2250. Fee $25 (same as $20 above).Print this page by selecting "Print Topic" from the "File" menu in Help.Renegade Graphics608 McCaslin Ave.Sweetwater TN 37874 USAName:_____________________________________ Email:______________________Address:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Where did you get Doom Editor?______________________uP"% € €€‚‚‚ÿ3.5" HD Disks will be used unless another format is specifically requested.>­`$ €4€€‚‚ÿThank You!-Joe Pantusoê"w- (€Õ€€‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿAnd if you would please tell us(optional):Type/Speed of CPU:_______________________System RAM:____________________________Amount of Graphics RAM:___________________Can you use 16.7 million colors in Windows?_____Comments?:H`¿1Øÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ
About Renegade Graphics>wý$ €4€˜€ ‚ÿAbout Renegade Graphics&¿## €€€‚ÿ0ýS, (€
€€†"€‚ÿŽi#á% €Ò€€‚‚‚ÿRenegade Graphics is a Graphic Design and Software Design firm. We provide many services including:«}SŒ . ,€ú€‘€€ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ÿLogo DesignProgram and Database DevelopmentGraphic IllustrationAdvertising Design & ConsultationTechnical WritingÙáO
* "€3€€‚‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿRenegade Graphics is equipped to handle your project from conception to shipping product.Renegade Graphics608 McCaslin Ave.Sweetwater TN 378741Œ €
& ¦xO
& . *€ñ€€‚€€€‚ÿSharewareCopyrighted or patented programs sold on a "try before you buy" basis. Shareware is a marketing concept. Shareware is also known as "User Supported" software. Shareware is NOT Public Domain. You must pay for shareware only if you keep using after the trial period. If it doesn't meet your needs, just discard it and try another product. It's that simple.1€
W 1£ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿW B"ò& y0 .€å€€‚€‚‚€€‚ÿInternational OrdersInternational Orders include Mexico and Canada, sorry. If your address may be difficult to understand please include a copy of it exactly as it should appear on the envelope so we can cut it out and glue it on if we have to.Please make certain you send payment that is in US Funds drawn on a US Bank, otherwise it will cost us more to process the check than you paid! In that case we just have to mail your payment back. Sending cash through the US Mail is not safe. ¦W @e ˜€Q€€‚€‚‚‚‚€‚€†"€‚€ ‚€‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚€‚€†"€‚€ ‚€‚ÿIf you are fortunate enough to be in one of the following countries, you may choose to place an order with the local distributor:Use the regular order form please.AUSTRALIA and New ZealandZonSoft63 Tudar RoadBonnet BayNSW 2226AustraliaOption #1: $25 AUSOption #2: $50 Ay@& USCheque or money order only please in Australian Dollars.GERMANY, France and UKCRT Inc. Computer ServicesGeb. 809 A-3ñŸyBR r€?€€‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚€‚€‚€ ‚€‚‚‚‚‚€€€‚€‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿ66877 Ramstein-FlugplatzGermanyAttn: Ken FlynnOption #1: Equivalent of $25 US in DM, Pounds or FrancsOption #2: Equivalent of $50 US in DM, Pounds or FrancsJAPANRenegade Graphics Japanc/o Hiroko Narita2-5 Fukagawa Nakamura-kuNagoya 453JapanOption #1: ¥3800Option #2: ¥7600Cheque or money order only please in Yen payable to Hiroko Narita.We're always looking for more distributors.1@²B1ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ²BF|FB.E6 :€€€€‚€‚‚‚‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚‚‚ÿDOOMDISKHey! You say you made a great DOOM level with Doom Edit? Send it to us! We'll collect them all and if your level is chosen to be on the disk you get a free copy of it!To participate send a disk with the levels you have created using the registered version of this editor to:Renegade Graphics608 McCaslin Ave.Sweetwater, TN 37874Please put "Attn: DOOMDISK" in the bottom left corner of the mailer. If you have any comments about your levels include an ASCII, Windows Write or Word file on the disk, it will be included with your level on the final disk.b4²BF. *€i€€‚‚‚‚€‚€ÿInclude a SASE please!If you aren't contributing any levels but want a copy of the disk when it's ready, send $5 to cover the cost of the disk and postage, indiSate that you want DOOMDISK. If you are outside of the US please send $8 to make up for additional postage and mailer costs.Just say DOOM!1.EÁF1[ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÁFëHِFÅH+ $€³€€‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿDOOMDOOM. That great game from id Software. You can only use this editor with the registered version of DOOM. That's only fair. If you haven't got your registered copy yet, call id now!1-800-IDGAMESDon't make illegal copies of DOOM! Don't go making copies of the registered version of DOOM, if you do that you should be shot! If you suspect someone of pirating you can report copyright violations to the Software Publishers Association, call 1-800-388-PIR8.&ÁFëH# €€€‚ÿ1ÅHÿÿÿÿ1ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿD;€HelvGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUTimes New RomanfghiSymbolqrstuvwxyz{|}Arial„…†‡ˆ‰Š‹ŒŽ‘MS Sans Serif ¡¢£¤¥AvantGarde Bk BT·¸¹ 
”ƉƉƉƉ€‡›Ö ‡›ƉƉƉ}„Ö ‡‡}„Ö Ö €}„€ †SS †›/&;)i24ÿðÿðÿÿÿÿÿ-ÿÿÿÿBitFiddlerBitMapsChanging GraphicsCopying Pictures Creating LevelsEditingEditor$Extract,Extracting Pictures0Form4Graphics8Hardcopy maps<Items@Level EditingHLevel EditorLList of ObjectsPMapsTMonstersXObject List`ObjectsdPlaying New LevelslPrintingpPWADtRegistrationxRenegade„SharewareŒToolbarf 1
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 †About the Shareware ConceptHow to Register this ProgramSAbout Renegade GraphicsôlŸ…õ†NðƒÛ;Ú|
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+É)vN‹Á+ҋÎNôй² ÓâVö+ҋÎNðÐ¹Ï ÓâVòéiÿ‹F‹Ï‹Ø‹F‹VÁƒÒ¹‰!ÓâӉFô‰Vö‹F ‹Ø‹F‹VƃÒÓâӉFð‰Vò‹F FuéԋFô+҉Fø‰Vú Ðu
ÇFøÿÿÇFú‹Fð+҉Fü‰Vþ Ðu
;Füv‹Vþ‹Fü‹N‹^ Û| ƒùÿv+Û¹ÿÿ;Ó|;Áv‹ÁP+ҋȋÚ÷ØÒ÷ڋñ‰Fè+À‹NèNð¹°!ÓàFòÿvòÿvð‹Æ‹Ó÷ÞÚ÷ۉFä‰Væ+À‹ÎNôùºÓàFöÿvöÿvôšbSóƒÄ
‹F ÆuŽ40&ǘ^¸ÿÿë^‹~‹F PVFþPFüP+ÀPPŠ^ƒãÑãÿ·¶*¸P‹ß‹ÏƒãÑ㋇®*ŠÙƒã Ðë ‡¾*P+ÀPPšÿÿP‹ðèŽ40&£˜^ öu ‹Fþ^_‹å]ÊU‹ìƒìWV‹~‹F
PWFþPFüP+ÀPPP¹Q‹Þƒã Ð닗¾*‹ÞƒãÑ㠗®*R+ÉQQšF"P‹ð舎40&£˜^ öu­‹Fþ^_‹å]ʐU‹ìƒì
‹V ‰Fö‰Vø+À‰Fþ‰Füÿvÿvøÿvö+Àº+FöƒÚ‹N‹^ Û|
ƒùþv¹þÿ+Û;Órw;Áv‹Á‹ðVFúPšÿÿ‹ø ÿu?‹Fú+ÒFüVþ+ۋÈNöÚ¹¡ Óã^ø)FV9V| 9Vt;ðt…ƒ~úÿuWèÎë‹Fþ FüuëÇFüÿÿÇFþÿÿëß+ÀŽ40&£˜^‹Fü‹Vþ^_‹å]Ê
‹V ‰Fö‰Vø+À‰Fþ‰Fü‹F FuŽ40&ǘ^+À™é¶ÿvÿvøÿvö+Àº+FöƒÚ‹N‹^ Ûuƒùþv¹þÿ+Û;Órw;Áv‹Á‹ðVFúPšÿÿ‹ø ÿu;‹Fú+ÒFüVþ+ۋÈNöÚ¹^#Óã^ø)FV9V| 9Vt;Æt‡;vúu+Àë%‹Fþ FüuïÇFüÿÿÇFþÿÿëãƒ~úÿuWèÉ됸 Ž40&£˜^‹Fü‹Vþ^_‹å]Ê
U‹ìÿvšÿÿP蜋å]ÊU‹ìƒìVÿv+ÀPP¸PFüPšÿÿ‹ð ötVèoŽ40&£˜^ÇFüÿÿÇFþÿÿë Ž40&ǘ^‹Fü‹Vþ^‹å]ÊU‹ìƒìVÿv ÿv
ÿvÿvFüPšÖ$‹ð ötVèŽ40&£˜^ÇFüÿÿÇFþÿÿë Ž40&ǘ^‹Fü‹Vþ^‹å]ÊU‹ìVÿvš$Nˆ ƒÄ‹ðƒþÿu¸ë+ÀŽ40&£˜^ƒþu‹Æë+À^‹å]ʐU‹ìÿv
ÿvÿvšÿÿ=ÿÿuJ¡Î=t4w, t,tŽ40&ǘ^ë6Ž40&ǘ^ë(Ž40&ǘ^ 됎40&ǘ^ ë Ž40&ǘ^&¡˜^‹å]ʐU‹ìVÿvÿv+ÀPPšÿÿ‹ð ötVè Ž40&£˜^ë Ž40&ǘ^&¡˜^^‹å]ÊU‹ì‹F=ptKw'< t9w=wÑà“.ÿ§t&Ž&ˆ&’&’&˜&ž&,$t,3tºë +Òëºëº
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Archive   : RGDMED.ZIP
Filename : DOOMED.HLP

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: