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A Win 3.X Atlantic City style card game.
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A Win 3.X Atlantic City style card game.
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Contents of the REDDOG.TXT file

About the game:

Reddog is the newest Atlantic City casino table game. It is
a variation of the old favorite called 'Acey-Duecy'. The
dealer deals two cards then announces the spread. The spread
is the number of cards that fall between the first two
cards. A third card is then drawn. If it falls between
the first two, the players win. The player also has the
option of raising his/her bet after the first two cards are
dealt as long as they are non-consecutive and are not a
pair. If the first two cards are consecutive the hand is a
TIE. In this case the cards are put away and a new hand is
dealt. If the first two cards make a pair, the hand is a
tie, but the dealer draws a third card. If the third card
makes three of a kind, the players are paid 11-1. Other odds
depend on the spread.

About the program:

Reddog was written using Microsoft's new programming language
for Windows, Visual Basic. I had read and heard a lot about VB
so I decided to give it a try. Reddog was my first project.
All of the Atlantic City rules have been incorporated.
Visual Basic is a remarkable programming tool that makes writing
programs fun

About the author:

I am a Software Engineer/LAN Support Specialist at the FAA Technical
Center in Pomona N.J. I work for APCOT Corp., a Phila., Pa. based
government contracting firm that specializes in LANs and other
information products and services. I also moonlight as a casino dealer
at Harrahs Marina in Atlantic City. I deal blackjack, big-6 and starting
in October, I will begin dealing REDDOG.

System Requirements:

REDDOG.EXE requires Microsoft Windows 3.0 or higher. It also requires
VBRUN100.DLL. This should be copied to the directory that Windows is installed

in. VBRUN100.DLL is available on most BBS's as well as Compuserv.


Registration Info:

If you like REDDOG and would like to receive future releases and a
user guide, please send $10.00 to:

Derbin Hamler
3978 Black Horse Pike
Dept. 242
Mays Landing, N.J. 08330



Have fun.

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