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Update/bug fix for Rebel Assault.

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rebel assault update from Lucasarts bbs

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Update/bug fix for Rebel Assault.
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rebel assault update from Lucasarts bbs
Rebel Assault 1.4 Patch Disk

This patch is intended to fix "Unexpected Interrupt"
errors and joystick jumpiness.

1) Unexpected Interrupts

To fix Unexpected Interrupt errors that occur on some
machines, this patch includes version 1.8 of DOS4GW,
which will be copied into the REBEL\ directory on your
C: drive. This replaces version 1.92, which shipped
with Rebel Assault 1.0. Version 1.8 seems more
compatible with some machines. However, if you have
new problems after installing this patch, you can
copy DOS4GW.EXE from your CD and run the patch as
directed to take advantage of the joystick fix only.

2) Joystick Patch

To fix joystick jumpiness, this patch includes a new
version of ASSAULT.EXE, which will be copied to the
REBEL\ directory on your C: drive. In addition, the
joystick shooting controls have been made less

If you still have joystick problems, make sure only
one joystick port is enabled on your machine,
preferably the one on your sound card. Also, center
the trimmer adjustments on your joystick to make sure
you are using its full range of movement.

3) Installing

From the floppy, type INSTALL.

4) Running the game with the patch.

Now in the future, run the game by typing 'REBEL'
from the REBEL\ directory on your C: drive,
NOT from your CD drive.

We would like to hear from you if this works correctly.
Please feel free to drop us note via fax or mail telling us how it worked
for you. We appreciate all of your help with this.

LucasArts Entertainment / Product Support
Voice (415)721-3333 Mon-Fri 8:30-6:00 PST
FAX (415)721-3482

DOS/4GW Protected Mode Run-Time Version 1.8, 1.92
Copyright (c) Rational Systems, Inc. 1990-1992

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