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Check your reaction time.
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Check your reaction time.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Documentation for "REACT," a reaction time measurement program

Equipment Requirements:
IBM-compatible computer
VGA graphics capability

This program will measure a person's reaction time to either a sound
stimulus or a visual stimulus. In other words, the time required by
a person's nervous system, brain, and muscles to react to hearing a
sound or seeing a visual change is measured.

The program is extremely easy to use, and includes both numeric and
graph-oriented presentation of data.

From the command line, simply type REACT and hit the key.
A title screen with credits will appear. Touch any key to continue to
an introduction and instruction screen.

This program is and shall remain the property of Douglas Whitehill.
No fee is charged to individuals for personal or classroom use.
No other commercial use of this program is granted.

This is my first release of this program, and the first time I have
released a program for use by the general public. I am a middle
school science teacher, and I have produced and used a number of
programs and utilities for my own classroom use for many years.
(I cut my teeth on a little Sinclair personal microcomputer ....
remember those tiny things?)

This program was written in Microsoft QuickBASIC v. 4.5.

I'd appreciate any and all comments on this program!
You may reach me on DELPHI (UserName SCITEACH),
or by mail:

Douglas Whitehill
142 North Circle Boulevard
York, PA 17402-1001

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