Dec 072017
Doom randomizer, mixes up objects on the levels.

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RanDOOM is a utility which will
randomize the placement of objects
in the DOOM playfield. Additionally,
RanDOOM has some smarts about the
manner in which it will randomize
things - it's designed to never
leave you with a pillar blocking
the exit, or a keycard on the
opposite side of the door from where
you start, or to erase all the
DEATHMATCH warp-in spots with other
objects preventing DEATHMATCH
network play, or to replace the
endgame bosses with other objects
(thus preventing the completion of
an episode). In short, RanDOOM should
always leave you with a playable level.

File RDOOM12.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Games and Entertainment
Doom randomizer, mixes up objects on the levels.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BERZERK.W 1435 636 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 601 349 deflated
GHANDI.W 1729 665 deflated
KILL.W 2825 1024 deflated
PAD.W 1493 675 deflated
RANDOOM.EXE 33836 33182 deflated
RANDOOM.MAN 6357 2404 deflated
RANDOOM.W 1607 845 deflated
RLAND.W 2417 750 deflated
STEALTH.W 1483 662 deflated
TCM.W 1718 661 deflated

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