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RATRUN. (C)1988 Jeff Cohen. Version 1.0.

RATRUN is a three-dimensional maze game. Instead of a normal two-dimensional
maze, you will see the maze as a mouse would see it trying to run through
it: in three dimensions.

The game is simple. Using keys on the keyboard, you can navigate through the
maze, trying to find the way out. The horizon is four steps away; that is,
you can see the part of the maze three steps in front of you. Remember that
you never see the walls or hallways that are exactly on your left or right;
you can only see what is ahead, ahead and to the left, and ahead and to the
right. Using the keys, of course, you can rotate around to see in different
directions. These keys will turn you IN PLACE, not actaully MOVE you.

The {F} key (for Forward) will advance you one step in the direction you are
facing. {L} turns you 90 degrees to your left (counterclockwise), and {R}
will rotate you 90 degrees to your right (clockwise). {T} will turn you
around 180 degrees, so you will be facing in the opposite direction than
before. {H} (for Help) will show you a 2-dimensional topview of the maze,
your position, and the way out. This is cheating, but provided for your
sanity (think of Freud's poor creatures who never had this option!). {Q}
will quit and give you the opportunity to try again in a different maze.

Each maze is randomly generated and will be different EVERY TIME you play
RATRUN. The maze itself is a 15x15 square. You will always start at the top
left corner and will need to get to the exit at the lower right.

RATRUN was written with Turbo Pascal 4.0, and needs a graphics card (see
list below). When de-archived, the following files should exist:

GOTH.CHR Font file
SANS.CHR Font file
*.BGI Graphics Adapter files

You may delete any .BGI files you don't need. The only adapters supported
are those listed. On some systems, the program will work (but not quite as
fancily) without the .CHR font files.

Good luck. Oh, by the way... do you prefer Cheddar, or Swiss?

Jeff Cohen April 1988

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Archive   : RARRUN.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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