Dec 082017
Raptor V1.0 Money Editor.

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RAPTOR v1.0 Money Editor !

All the cash in the world is YOURS with this
Money editor. Buy Those WEAPONS and Play One
Of the BEST games of this Year With EASE !
Requires Raptor 1.0 Shareware Version !
Written By Wonder-Soft!

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Raptor V1.0 Money Editor.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 251 196 deflated
RAPEDIT.DOC 551 307 deflated
RAPEDIT.EXE 41230 30549 deflated

Download File RAPEDIT.ZIP Here

Contents of the RAPEDIT.DOC file

This is the Raptor Money editor version 1.0.
I created this program with the information provided on Software Creations
bbs on how to edit the save file with a hex editor. To use this game
simply copy rapedit.exe to your raptor game directory.

Raptor Save files are in the format of (Char XXXX.FIL) where XXXX= a game #

I created this program to let those who dont have Hex editors to give
their characters a "FEW" extra bucks 🙂
Enjoy and dont forget to register your copy of Raptor !

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