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A nice little solitaire game for windows.
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A nice little solitaire game for windows.
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Contents of the RANHIST.TXT file

The following changes are available by Version 1.09

Solved bugs:
o bug: clicking screen at start-up causes break !
o bug: text on deal-button not restored at undo next-game
o bug: "slow" click on video-panel is (sometimes) ignored.
o bug: sometimes no acceptance of numeric-keys (eg after Help)
o bug: ill.func. at switch from other app when not in main window

New features / updates
o Support of non-VGA displays: EGA and SVGA (800*600 to 1920*1440)
o Undo of a deal
o Restart from a "marked" point in the game.
o Export to (resp. view from) an ascii-file of a recorded game.
o Video-replay.
o Tournament play.
o Compact button-panel.
o Cheat levels.
o Postcardware memo.
o New CardBacks.
o Smaller initial OptionsForm.
o Tree-structured help-information.
o Congratulations at success.

The following changes are available by Version 1.10

Solved bugs:
o bug: ill.func. at drawing ribbon on NEC 5D (>640x480).

New features / updates
o Some cosmetic adjustements in behalf of non-VGA displays.
o "Nicer" card-back selection
o Quicker congratulations-ribbon
o Enhanced Postcardware memo.

The following changes are available by Version 1.11

Solved bugs:
o bug: cannot scale down a maximixed postcard.
o bug: canceling a create admin may clear another administration.
o bug: nr-games on command-line > 999 is not recognized.

New features / updates
o A simpler (and more straight foreward) - handling.

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