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Version 3.00 has a few additions to it which include :
1) Distance selection
2) 100mph race capabilities
3) car lenght measurement grid scale

PCjr users you need to set up a ram disk. This makes RRRace Time compatible
with the PCjr. You then can run it off a floppy but a RAM DISK must be
setted up.

At the RACE TIME menu set Caps Lock on.

[S]elect car - Selects a car to race
[M]ore cars - Displays more cars
[T]oggle sound - Toggles sound on/off
[L]enght - Race lenght
[E]xit - Exits to DOS

Select two cars to race each other and the computer will simulate
the race according to each car selected.

RACE TIME keeps track of how many Wins or Losses each car has every
time you race them, before the race performance specs are listed
on top of the screen. Hit any key to start race.


Clock 2.04 < elapsed time in race

Approaching 90 Mph 100 Mph < Car 1 is approaching 90 MPH
Car 2 is approaching 100 MPH


End of race results are displayed on the mid right portion of the
screen. It displays who won and the type of win.

If any car exceeds its own speed data or goes off the scale the race is
over and the computer evaluates who won.

After the race is over press any key to return to the car menu.

Acceleration Curves

The more the curve slopes downward the car is getting weaker in
acceleration therefore approaching top end.

NOTE : Any comments or ideas that would make this program better
would be appreciated.

Pie Chart

At the end of each race a pie chart is displayed showing a relation
of the takeover distance the the winning car recieved.


Each grid line represents a car lenght, at the end of the race both
cars will be marked at the end of each bar, measure the tip of the
winning car to the tip of the loosing car to determine car lenght

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Archive   : RACE300.ZIP
Filename : RACE300.DOC

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